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Heading 3

Full Moon Party– Part 1


Amplifier Bar, 07 Jan 2023

Fremantle three piece indie rock band Reefeater got hot, sweaty and stripped as they kicked out their indie spinning rock songs. An energised set warmed up the sound waves and gathering live rock music aficionado’s

Full Moon Party– Part 2

Giant Dwarf

Amplifier Bar, 07 Jan 2023

In summary Giant Dwarf are an aural acid trip, a guitar inspired sonic wall of sound the twists and ignites your brain.

Full Moon Party– Part 3


Amplifier Bar, 07 Jan 2023

Seawitch put in (another) live wire performance, sharing their spirited, top quality rock songs with dexterity, proficiency and flair. They raised the ambiance to another level, with their passion being replicated by the gathered live rock music aficionado’s.”

Santa’s Sinners – Part 1

Junction Records, Fremantle

Mojo’s Bar, 17 Dec 2022

Those Music Buffs from Junction Records Fremantle conjuring up a musical soul-pop-rock storm, keeping it freashhhhhh and spreading the vibing DJ love between sets and delivering Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Santa’s Sinners – Part 2


Mojo’s Bar, 17 Dec 2022

Three-piece Rinehearts delivered a foot tapping, thirteen song set of rock-along indie inspired tunes. The well received set warmed up the music aficionados and keep the party bubbling on the boil.

Santa’s Sinners – Part 3

The Chevelles

Mojo’s Bar, 17 Dec 2022

Kick ass Aussie power pop – indie – punk style rock with more hooks than Bon Jovi exploded on stage to a packed house at Mojo’s bar. Even Santa dropped in dispensing a tray full of shots to rock the party.

Under the Covers Big Bash

Undercover Big Band

Milk Bar, 19 Nov 2022

The Undercover Big Band broke out into the light, sharing their interpretation of classic fifties, sixties and seventies pop songs. Played with a layer of swing jazz the Beatles, Queen, Abba, Gloria Gaynor to name but a sense of being. The talented ensemble (eleven musicians and fours assorted singers) play with passion, skill and swing to the delight of the gathering.

Gidgestock Community


Gidgegannup, 14 - 16 Oct 2022

Gidgestock is a three day community based event with the profits being split between the West and East Gidgegannup Volunteer Fire Services and the Leukaemia Foundation.
Steve and Jo Mitcham open up their property, working tirelessly to get it in festival condition.
Jim McQuire filters the bands who all volunteer their time to play free of charge and makes the hard choice for the festival bill.
Volunteers give up their time to help with the smooth running of the event such running stalls, site coordination, sound and stage lighting. And of course there is the traditional free Sunday morning breaky.
A music lovers event for lovers of life.
Note: Sunday morning performers were unfortunately missed due to other demands.

Stormrider Like the Wind


Badlands, 01 Oct 2022

This year’s Stormrider Heavy Metal gathering was an unprecedented success, bringing together differing genes of some the musical rock talent circulating around Perth at the moment.

It was a joyous occasion with music aficionado’s, musician’s, rock press celebrities mixing and grooving to the many varied beats.

If you’re brave enough to venture into the detail don’t forget to click the buttons for the pics and event info.

Birthday Bash – Part 1


Lyrics Underground, 25 Sep 2022

Unicorn’s Jenna Hardie’s strong voice guided this guitar/bass duo pairing through a heart-warming set list of Unicorn’s strong songs.

Birthday Bash – Part 2

Legacy Alive

Lyrics Underground, 25 Sep 2022

Uplifting lighting strike rock that has chiselled a ten year history into Perth rock scene lit up Lyrics Underground.

Birthday Bash – Part 3

Band of Missfits

Lyrics Underground, 25 Sep 2022

A weeklong festivity chain of events celebrating another trip around the sun for Band of Missfits powerhouse Kym Redmond inspired another dynamic performance from this rock song unit.

Birthday Bash – Part 4


Lyrics Underground, 25 Sep 2022

Quite simply MAGE melted my brain. They are a compelling Hard Rock Experience.

Early Birds – Part 1

Legs Electric

Milk Bar, 16 Sep 2022

Fresh from blitzing the Kiss Perth Arena show Legs Electric got Back to the Bars to show why the stole they show. A hair mass Rock Out with hooks that slice and riffs that groove the power rock source.

Early Birds – Part 2


Milk Bar, 16 Sep 2022

A power blues rock trio that strip it back to the source and bare their souls to the Hendrix/Cream/Blue Cheer genre. Yes the guitarist (Sascha) is reaching that status, not to mention bass (Connor) and drums (David).

Early Birds – Part 3

Delilah Rose

Milk Bar, 16 Sep 2022

Delilah Rose and her Band of Rock Ladies were on top form bringing swinging country rock burlesque show to the Milk Bar. Drawing in music connoisseurs, fans, family, musicians and bar flies to share the Love and musical vibes.

Rock Dogs – Part 1

The Dimmer Twins

Mojo’s Bar, 09 Sep 2022

The legendary Dimmer Twins deliver a set of twisted dreamy songs that blow the fuses. They sent Mojo’s into a blackout journey, but their professionalism brought the early birds back into the light.

Rock Dogs – Part 2


Mojo’s Bar, 09 Sep 2022

A configuration updated PMX blew into the winds, delivering a rocking set that delivered a punch with cowbell attached.

Rock Dogs – Part 3

The Volcanics

Mojo’s Bar, 09 Sep 2022

Dancing dogs, headbanging clowns, consummate musical skills, driving angsty rock and volume. This show had it all. The Volcanics erupted in their natural environment, on stage and in the raw.

Playing to Win - Part 1

Moth Street Artists

Clancy’s Fish Pub Freo, 20 Aug 2022

Despite being a lead guitarist down the show must go on for the Moth Street Artists. Outstanding powerhouse vocals courtesy Jasmine, along with acoustic guitar, added texture to jumpy, eccentric jumpy rock that had electricity running through the musical veins.

Playing to Win - Part 2

Legs Electric

Clancy’s Fish Pub Freo, 20 Aug 2022

Legs Electric are on fire, storming through a devastating set of catchy rocking riffs that grab you by the throat. Firing on all cylinders and fresh from supporting Spiderbait the pervious night they about to knock Kiss off the Top Spot in two weeks time at Perth Arena. You have been notified!

Playing to Win - Part 3

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Clancy’s Fish Pub Freo, 20 Aug 2022

Launching their five-year plan to take over Freo Bunbury four piece Satisfaction Guaranteed proved they are the ultimate rock n roll party band. Playing a mix of originals and covers with musical perfection and with a dynamically energised performance to boot they got the crowded house swinging was in the aisles

Moana’s Kingdom - Part 1

Lazer Gator

Indi Bar, 19 Aug 2022

Lazer Gator ripped into their hip hop trip hop rap jazz funk rock thing, dealing it out raw, with menace, and no comprise. The early birds took delight digging the tripping beat.

Moana’s Kingdom - Part 2


Indi Bar, 19 Aug 2022

Seawitch exploded forth, setting of a chain reaction with the gathering who prayed at the alter of female fronted volcanic rock. Heavy, hard and vintage rock denoted with the energy of youthful joy

Moana’s Kingdom - Part 3


Indi Bar, 19 Aug 2022

Moana give an epic performance of the classical anthem magical rock that left their devotee following mesmerised, gratified, and satisfied.

Black Magic Love - Part 1

Legs Electric

Stirling Arms Hotel, Guildford, 30 Jul 2022

With a temporary back fill drummer to cover the non-negotiable demands of early childhood Legs Electric hot the sweet spot. Their brand of original seventies/eighties classic guitar driven energy rock opened the night of this stellar line-up and got the early birds flapping in agreement.

Black Magic Love - Part 2


Stirling Arms Hotel, Guildford, 30 Jul 2022

Turning up the volume Datura4 split the rock atom with their heavy boogie fuzz blues. Playing a rocking set that stirred up the airwaves, they raised the vibration level that left the gathered music aficionado’s ready to explode.

Black Magic Love - Part 3

Art of Dysfunction

Stirling Arms Hotel, Guildford, 30 Jul 2022

Using this gig withs it stellar line-up to launch their ‘Black Magic Love’ single in the stratosphere Art of Dysfunction shook the foundations and played a devastating set. Their primeval heavy rock blues blew up the attending congregation away with their power, skill and performance that left the gathering praying at their musical alter for more.

Cat on the Prowl – Part 1

Rachel Rose

Clancy’s Fremantle, 01 Jul 2022

A strong voice with melodic strumming’s shining a light on the dark places.

Cat on the Prowl – Part 2

Rose Parker

Clancy’s Fremantle, 01 Jul 2022

With a Covid19 Stand In Superstar on Guitar to save to day the fabulous Rose Parker played a blinding set country rock with swing, style and panaz.

Cats on the Prowl – Part 3

Legs Electric

Clancy’s Fremantle, 01 Jul 2022

After ten years of being an entity Legs Electric prove they have undying love for playing live. Delivering a set full of passion, vitality, top notch rock songs and brightness they proved they are as relevant today as when the busted into the scene.

Cat on the Prowl – Part 4


Clancy’s Fremantle, 01 Jul 2022

Surviving the ravages of Covid19 and back as a fully fledged fourpiece Unicorn successfully launched new single ‘Cats’ at Clancy’s Fremantle. Playing a set of jumpy, angst fuelled rock pop break up songs they delighted the night.

Genesis Revisited

Steve Hackett

Astor Theatre, 26 Jun 2022

Steve Hackett brought together some amazing musicians that not only revisited, but resurrected, two Genesis recordings, one live and one studio. ‘Seconds Out’ and ‘Selling England by the Pound’ were played in their entity with spectacular lights and an all-enveloping sound. It was a such privilege to bear witness to this international performer leading his ensemble to Perth on their last night of their Australian tour.

Fremantle Winter Nights

Electric State, Star Arcana, Band of Missfits, Magic Chicken Fudgetoe, Sweat

Swan Basement, 25 Jun 2022

RTR FM brought together a fantastic, eclectic collection of electric rock band showcase of five bands to dish it out in the Swan Hotel Basement. It was hot and sweaty as the five units delivered their musical messages.

Liberated Love – Part 1


Mojo’s Bar, 24 Jun 2022

Down to a Covid19 stripped threesome Unicorn flashed it in with a toe tapping rock beat set, warming the night up.

Liberated Love – Part 2

Lincoln MacKinnon and the Wrecking Train

Mojo’s Bar, 24 Jun 2022

With a melodic powerful voice fronting electric, swinging country rock with sax Lincoln MacKinnon and the Wrecking Train crashed the Mojo’s station with good time vibes.”

Liberated Love – Part 3

The Floors

Mojo’s Bar, 24 Jun 2022

Heavy grunge blues fuzz box rock n roll, a band for Lemmy, The Floors Liberated the Love and let it flow into a bouncing Mojos Bar.

Composition Chemistry – Part 1


The Aadvark Bar, 11 Jun 2022

Talented Blues Rock Young Gun Trio twisting it out with their interpretation of the genre.

Composition Chemistry – Part 2

Delilah Rose

The Aadvark Bar, 11 Jun 2022

Burlesque shenanigans cooked up in the Country Rock BBQ kitchen.

Composition Chemistry – Part 3


The Aadvark Bar, 11 Jun 2022

Mad scientists of aural vibrations unleash a sonic boogie bonanza.

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