Heading 3

Talented and Enthusiastic


Mojo's Bar 23 Oct 2020

Zorah are an enthusiastic talented four peice giving it their all with complex songs that build a story.

A Good Habit

Special Feelings

Mojo's Bar 23 Oct 2020

Dressed for the occasion and dedicating their show to the “Power of the Pussy” Special Feelings got down with laid some chilled out jazz vibes. They won the musical aficionado’s over to their way of thinking.
Special Feelings might become a bad habit of mine.

Delivering The Goods

Black River Ransom

Mojo's Bar 23 Oct 2020

Black River Ransom are a formidable hard rock three piece. They deliver the goods in no uncertain terms and always on their terms.
Their vibrations got in the audience and uplifted them with an atomic force. Like a full force loving machine Black River Ransom were in constant rocking, movement mode on stage.
Definitely a band to keep on eye, or two, on.

A Juxtaposition of Spirituality

Moana Mayatrix

Mojo's Bar 23 Oct 2020

A Moana performance is a juxtaposition of spirituality. Calmness at the centre of the storm while Moana is the eye of the storm herself.
A gyrating form of non-stop movement, fluid and evolving, erupting like a sensual volcano.
Emerging on stage to a rapturous welcome, backed by a rhythmic vibration from her band, Moana conjured up musical spirits with a chanting spell. Powerful indeed.
The next 40 minutes or so were an explosion of anthemic spell bound energic rock wrapped and mixed with superb musical skills all round.
Controlled guitar mayhem, sonic layered bass tying it all together, driven by hard hitting drumming and Moana’s commanding vocals that go into orgasmic heights.
Drawing from Moana’s previous releases the performance built to a crescendo with an explosive version of the new single “Kingdom”.
The euphoric audience would not let Moana and her band go until they played their version of “One More Song”.
A successful single launch indeed.

AC/DC Rocks - Part II

Back in Black 40th Anniversary

Beaconsfield Hotel 10 Oct 2020

With a high benchmark to follow “Back in Black 40th Anniversary” performed like Olympic Champions and pulled off a world beating performance.
Celebrating the anniversary of the release of “Back in Black”, the second highest selling Rock album of all time, they pulled a master stroke and continued with the building of AC/DC’s church.
With Bomber leading from the front with strong, emotive vocals they hammered the message home with some of Perth’s top musicians. Once “Back in Back” was played end to end being masters of their trade also some Bon classic’s were rocked out (see song list photo for details).
With a great sound, pyro show and a packed venue they justified their status as one of Perth’s top pub bands.
Great band camaraderie displayed by Brett guesting on the encore and rest of Bon’s Salute sticking around to witness the events.
What a night of AC/DC Rocks, doing AC/DC members past and present proud.

AC/DC Rocks - Part I

Bon's Salute

Beaconsfield Hotel 10 Oct 2020

AC/DC Rocks built a church to AC/DC at the Beaconsfield Hotel, Fremantle.
Bon’s Salute opened the preceding’s and as the name suggests these rockers specialise in Bon Scott AC/DC era. Featuring a vocal dead ringer singer named Brett, they’re a bunch of “Livewires” who know “It’s A Long Way to the Top” but they Want to Rock n Roll.
With a 13 song set list (see photo) of classic Bon the assembled congregation were rockin’ in the preverbal isles.
They set a high bench mark for Back in Black 40th anniversary to follow up.

Fun(k) House


Lucy's Love Shack 02 October 2020

The venue was full to the bar as the Scatterback
boys got up to strut their stuff at Lucy's Love Shack
. They unleashed their brand of Guitar Sovereignty fueled by a bunch of catchy riffs, funked up bass and power drumming. It got hot and sweaty as room pulsated with their love vibrations oscillating Lucy’s Love Shack. This unit is up and coming with star quality.
Pulling up a guest singer for one song they flew through their set and the assembled congregation would not let them go until they played a encore.
They turned the Musical Church the preceding bands built into a Fun(k) House. Yeah!

Heavy Metal Thunder


Lucy's Love Shack 02 October 2020

Hunk were moving in many guitar rock directions but when they started getting heavy the dance floor filled at Lucy's Love Shack

Funky Tea

Camomile Queen

Lucy's Love Shack 02 October 2020

Continuing with the display of virtuosity skills Camomile Queen

Jazz Moves

Baka Gaijin

Lucy's Love Shack 02 October 2020

Opening artists Baka Gaijin
laid their jazz influenced love vibes down and free to roam on the small gathering that had assembled in Lucy's Love Shack
. This four-piece band of love cats let loose, poking, prodding and shaping the energy waves as only they can.
It was a well-received set and when they brought it to a close the loyal following that dig their musical vibes took a step back for the next set of music aficionado's to move forward. And so the next chapter in the Scatterback
single launch book unfolded.

Howling At The Moon - Full Moon

Dan Howl and Abbe May

Freo Social Club, 18 Sep 2020

With the music aficionado's, party people and all others well and truly warmed up Dan Howls turned up the energy even more.
With a blues based funky rock set Dan blasted heavenwards. Joined on stage through the night by Thea on sax (The Tommyhawks), the Friendliest Rock Star in the World, Abbe May (vocals and guitar) then Lightin Jack (guitar) it was a collective performance.
When Abbe ascended onto stage with the lights turning red, was it a sign the Devil had joined Ms May?
The audience participated supporting band members stage dives and crowd surfing.
With another show added a repeat performance, with more twists and turns is due for 02nd October.

Howling At The Moon - Shining

The Tommyhawks

Freo Social Club, 18 Sep 2020

Despite a seven month lay off The Tommyhawks showed no signs of rust and put in a beautifully melodic set.
Built around their ‘Underground Raptor’ release they got the audience up close and moving adding to the party atmosphere of this soirée.

Heavy Metal Heaven

Legacy Alive

Lucy's Love Shack 05 September 2020

If you like you metal fast, sharp and crisp then Legacy Alive will meet your auditory wants. Playing to a COVID19 capacity crowd they hit the right spot with a virtuoso twin guitar attack set backed by vibrant bass and forceful drums.
With a playlist featuring the old and new, their standing in Perth’s rock community could be measured by the high proposition of fellow musicians in attendance.
Considering the small stage it was a Dynamic Exhibition of Excellence in Action @ Lucy's Love Shack.

Howling At The Moon - Rising

Lightin' Jack

Freo Social Club, 18 Sep 2020

Lighting Jack put on a Blues masterclass in the opening set of the Covid-19 Sold Out Dan Howl gig at Freo Social last night. Supported by Cal Kramer (Southern River Band) on drums, free ticket and Jack Daniels they whipped up a storm and the music aficionado's got rowdy.

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