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Early Birds – Part 2


Milk Bar, 16 Sep 2022


Following on from those electric legs power blues rock trio kept the Rock a Rolling in tonight’s segway slot. Bard, singer, guitarist Sascha fuels the fire that burns are these three carry the torch for the hallowed sound that sprung from the sixties.

Precise, fluent and free to roam as the spirt dictates Moonlighter were running hot. With a great sound and lights the “on-the-night” improvised set of originals (one cover of “Fire”) laid the bridge and had the gathering engaged.
See photos for full set list.
Moonlighter are Sascha Seabourne-Carlin (guitar) , bassist Connor Hart (bass) and drummer David James Brennan (drums). Don’t forget to click the buttons below to fully immersed yourself.

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