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Nannup Music Festival #27 04 to 07 March 2016

With a beautiful location, around 99 artists/bands, 31 workshops, 9 venues and 268 performances, some of which were free, together with what seemed a limitless abundance of musical talent there was something for everyone to discover at the 27th Nannup Festival.


It was impossible to cover every one but here are some of the acts that I was privileged to come across.



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Kallidad - Amphitheatre, Sat 05 March


Playing Nannup for a record breaking three consecutive years it was fitting this was also Jackino aka Jason’s birthday. And what better a present that playing top spot at the Nannup Festival.


With a hard core following they re-energised the audience following the breath taking previous set by The East Pointers. Not only did they lift the energy levels but raised them to a recording breaking level.


Blistering the night air they storming and strode through they set with Mexican fiesta method madness that instilled and thrilled.


Hola in One !!


The East Pointers - Amphitheatre, Sat 05 March


Enthused to be at Nannup the Canadian trio hit the stage with the intent of kicking up a dust storm. Even in the prevailing spring evening was it possible for a dust storm to be kicked up?


And the answer without a doubt this was achieved and then some.


Powered on by their enthusiasm, energy and the assembled music fans reciprocating in kind the East Pointers interpretation of ‘traditional’ music was easily accessible and FUN!!.


Long may they Rock in the Free World.


Sal Kimber & the Rollin’ Wheel  - Town Hall, Sat 05 March


The Town Hall has become the birth place of many a Nannup legend for myself.


Following on from the “discovery” of Pete Byfield earlier in the day the next couple of experiences were to be more of “the same”. “The Same” being Extraordinaire musical talent with yet more positive dynamism.


With a total of seven musician’s on stage the feeling that this was going to be special was well and truly realised.With intense but joyous emotions the touching of vocals of Sal reached out and grabbed the packed hall by the heart and soul.


They responded by giving it all up for Sal Kimber & the Rollin’ Wheel, pushing them onto their next set.

Sal Kimber & the Rollin’ Wheel  - The Depot, Sat 05 March


Regrouping from their early successful debut at Nannup Sal Kimber & the Rollin’ Wheel rolled into The Depot to do it all again.


Sharing their love and emotion with an audience that just sucked it up it was a double success story.


With an intense lyrical rawness and superb all round musicianship this is one hell of a unit that takes you on a wild ride of Australian country-rock that begs the question how long is it before they become a house hold name.Long may they Rock without the need of supporting furniture into the future.


But when they do guaranteed their chairs will be Rockin’ in unison!!


Pete Byfield – The Depot, Sat 05 March


With a deep and soulful voice that drew me into the Town Hall early Saturday morning the true enormity of this personnel “find” quickly hit me.


With song book story telling reminiscent of Johnny Cash and finger picking work that belied belief it is easy to hear why local WA talent Pete Byfield has already picked up WA Country Music Awards Album of 2016 with hi initial release.


Truly a gifted artist.


Tash Sultana – Town Hall, Sat 05 March


From a crowded stage to a solo stage but one that had as much heart and vigour of the previous act combined.


With technical wizardry and masterful musicianship skills Tash performed magic as she integrated looping recording with dexterous guitar to output her version of dub-reggie-rock.


Add in emotive vocals and you have a talented genius who unleashed her complex soundscapes onto the unsuspecting, but receiving audience.


The Soul Movers – Nannup Hotel, Fri 04 March


Featuring an experienced and stellar line-up of ex-Radio Birdman and Wiggles members with an outstanding force leading the charge The Soul Movers from Sydney did indeed get the inner soul funked up to embrace their energy.


With a magnificent voice to add to the rock over tunes the Soul Movers were indeed a feast for the mortal soul.


Katie J White – Nannup Hotel, Fri 04 March


The funk-rock-soul vibe was maintained and raised to another level with Katie J White and her band following on.


With Katie possessing another exceptional voice and total funk bass lines, the magnificent Daniel Hearne’s psychedelic guitar firing off, resplendent sax, melodious keyboards and a totally new drummer kicking the beat home there was enough for all the assembled to get down on.


The paradox of getting down to get the spirit up is no better exemplified by a Katie J White set.



Woodlock – Amphitheatre, Fri 04 March


The Woodlocks hit the stage as brothers in arms and picked up the energy.


Their beats encouraged the filling Amphitheatre to get up and move with vitality.


The youthful trio from Melbourne were on fire and fully justified why the recent tour of Australia was sold out.


William Crighton – Nannup Hotel, Fri 04 March


Moving to the darker confines of the Nannup Hotel beer garden found the intense William Crighton leading his band in full flight.


With song lyrics that reach out and embrace you with the life force of everyday living this unit hailing from south western NSW were indeed a welcome find to bring you back to earth and face to face with reality.



Steve Poltz  – The Depot, Sat 05 March


Wandering into The Depot it was a joy to come across Steve Poltz give his view on life, love and, if my memory serves me well, scary monsters.


This guy had the gathered in stiches with his a mixture of dialogue, audience sing-a-longs and solo crooning get the set moving at break neck speed


Grace Pitts – Amphitheatre, Fri 04 March


Swooping in from Portland, Oregon via somewhere in Australia the eighteen year old graced the expectant gathering with her original compositions and faultless guitar playing.


The sweet voiced angel who has appeared on The Voice left a lasting impression.


Toobaboo – The Playground, Sat 05 March


To mix it up Toobaboo laid out their high energy accented rhythms and harmonious vocals for a set that was fun, frolicking and fruitful.


You never know what is around the corner at Nannup Festival.


Tom Richardson - Amphitheatre, Sat 05 March


Wandering back into the Amphitheatre it was Tom Richardson I found.


With some rocking acoustic blues he got the foot tapping, especially when joined by a harmonica playing amigo. A great Saturday morning listening.


Gordi - Amphitheatre, Sat 05 March


Wandering back into the Amphitheatre it was Tom Richardson I found.


With some rocking acoustic blues he got the foot tapping, especially when joined by a harmonica playing amigo. A great Saturday morning listening.

Mike F

Michael Triscari – The Playground, Sat 05 March


Fanned by the acoustic vibes of the Amphitheatre I blew into The Playground to catch Margaret River’s Michael Triscari’s last song.


With so much talent around it was impossible to catch it all so I was grateful that I caught at least one song of “Tricky” Triscari.

Chris T

Chris Tamwoy - Amphitheatre, Sat 05 March


Chris Tamwoy saw out my Saturday morning Amphitheatre acoustic experience with his unique style fully justifying his well-deserved NAIDOC award of Youth of 2015.


Apakatjah - Amphitheatre, Sat 05 March


Chris Tamwoy saw out my Saturday morning Amphitheatre acoustic experience with his unique style fully justifying his well-deserved NAIDOC award of Youth of 2015.


Mathas – Amphitheatre, Fri 04 March


Closing off the night one day one I found Mathas rapping out his message with sincerity and proving the hip can hop in the Nannup hood.Something for everyone and a weekend of discovery had just began. 


The Merindas – Amphitheatre, Fri 04 March


With beaming smiles the two beautiful women took to the stage and lit it up the arena with their unstoppable energy and joy.


With backing tapes this soul train karaoke was a winner and it got the small gathering up, moving and grooving early in the day.


Welcome To Country – Amphitheatre, Fri 04 March


A Welcome To Country came from a member of the local indigenous community.


They were generous in their welcome, stories of local culture and words of inspiration.One felt truly blessed by their presence and spirit.


Nannup District High School with Tereza Tamek  – Amphitheatre, Fri 04 March


An excellent way of getting young local talent enthused by getting the Nannup District High School to work with Canadian songwriter Tereza Temek and perform their joint composition.


Nannup Festival Photo Sets – Fri 04 & Sat 05 March

click on photo to access complete photo set




The East Pointers

East Pointers

Sal Kimber & the Rollin Wheel - Set 1

Sal Kimber & the Rollin Wheel

Sal Kimber & the Rollin Wheel - Set 2

Sal Kimber & the Rollin Wheel
Pete Byfield

Pete Byfield

Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana

Soul Movers

Soul Movers

Katie J White

Katie J White



William Crighton

William Crighton

Steve Poltz

Steve Poltz

Grace Pitts

Grace Pitts



Tom Richardson

Tom Richardson



Micheal Tricari

Micheal Triscari

Chris Tamwoy

Chris Tamwoy & Hanger On





The Merindas

The Merindas

Nannup District High School
Welcolme to Country

Nannup  District High School & Tereza Tamek

Welcolme To Country

Joni In The Moon

Joni In The Moon

Nannup Festival Scences

Nannup Festival Scenes
Nannup Scenes
Lest We Forget Nannup

Joni In The Moon - Amphitheatre, Sat 05 March


In a perfect setting with perfect cool weather Joni In The Moon took us there and back with their ethereal sounds. With a stunning soundscape the energy levels were allowed to reenergise with deep contemplation and spirit.


A great set from local Fremantle talent.

Wrap Up Final

Final Wrap-Up


And that was just half the weekend!! Last but not least a huge shout out goes to the organisers, volunteers, MC’s and sound people that pulled the whole thing together and kept it rolling through the weekend.


And if course to all the sponsors for funding it all and finally to all of the magnificently talented acts themselves for making possible in the first instance.


Without them there is no us.


In conclusion, and most important of all, The Monkey was Fed  


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