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06th Dec 21 to 26 Feb 22

The Road-trippin’ musical foursome proved they were Sunday Girls with another flawless, passionate set to close the evening’s event.
The prophets and philosophers of classic rock, keeping the hair where it belongs, co-opted a ten-song set of high energy gems that got the heads a shaking and hips a swinging.
With a well lubricated Ama (vocals) leading from the front, spreading an aura of Legs Electric wellbeing, they were in unity and on song. 
Kylie driving the beat, camera shy Erin stomping up a storm while Elana builds the riffing structure, nailing the roof with electric solo’s. Together they built a Rock n Roll church.
Kudos to the Rosemount for excellent sound and lights, with birthday wishes extended to Around the Sound for putting on the event to celebrate their fifth anniversary of being.

Electric Storm – Part 6

Legs Electric

Rosemount Hotel, 06 Dec 21

The band for who venue’s put up barriers to protect the audience were in a mood to party from the get go. Fresh from playing numerous gigs around Perth town their explosive energy, skill and joy is perceptively positive and easily visible, to the eye and ear.
Early on lead singer Rob descended upon me like a Giant Panada, engulfing a field of bamboo vascular bundles. The thought of sanctuary of the photographers pit was breached, lines were crossed, and so were legs, as Rob performed lap dance number one. No where is Safe!
Soon after Rob was out and about interviewing the audience, serenading event promotor, Around the Sounds leader Andrea, from her lap, Then engaging and inducing the gathered musical consorts in sing a longs aplenty.
Electric States indie-alt-rock inspired riffs (Russ), driven along by a buoyant, bubbling Bill on drums and wrapped in a solid effervescent bass lines (Paul) were cooked to perfection .Tender red blood meat dripping with blood and myoglobin, Just like a tasty Frankinator Scatchard BBQ meat plate. 
.Electrc State’s “Green Machine” debut CD is already in the bag, so  make sure you get along to the launch at Amps on Australia Day weekend and keep the Electric State Team smiling.

Electric Storm – Part 5

Electric State

Rosemount Hotel, 06 Dec 21

The extremely talented Cecila Brandolini led her four cohorts on her musical journey of melody, light and life. The audience were pinned to their spots , held by awe and respect. 
Even the Heavy Rock Brigade at the back were held on the edge of their seats with the vibrant rhythms and vocals.

Electric Storm – Part 4

Cecila Brandolini

Rosemount Hotel, 06 Dec 21

Bad Weather brought the dance party to the Rosemount with their pure pop rock jive filling up the mosh pit with teeny bopper like dancing queens. Around the Sound’s brain child band line-up highlighted the deep and breath of Perth’s musical talent.

Electric Storm – Part 3

Bad Weather

Rosemount Hotel, 06 Dec 21

Original pop rock at it’s best with indie punk vibe, foot tapping beats, harmony vocals and sizzling guitar rip’s Easy Jean are the coffee bean buzz in Perth.
New member Connor, brought the guitar wizardry to this good time and angelically groovy unit.

Electric Storm – Part 2

Easy Jean

Rosemount Hotel, 06 Dec 21

In their first public performance the Matriacapella Party, with a number of the songful unit finding their voices. Amongst them the brain and founder behind Around The Sound, whose fifth anniversary was the nexus of this event in the first instance, Andrea Thompson.
A gentle flick of the switch to let the electric current flow.

Electric Storm – Part 1

Matriacapella Party

Rosemount Hotel, 06 Dec 21

With the seventies sounding rocking chords of “Initiate” ringing out Seawitch were let loose and off the chain. Led by a gyrating, swinging and pouting Fiona Horne, who seemed to metaphorise back to the nineties, was on song with vocal and whirling moves. 
All four tracks from the outstanding debt ep were given a run through with the band sounding good. Unfortunately at some point the demons of technical difficulties stepped in. 
Being the professionals they are these were overcome allowing the remaining new compositions to rock out. With the Tony Iommi tones Spiff was bridging the valley while the rampaging bass from Brad dug in the supports leaving Matt to hammer the rivets in.
Fiona’s new hair shone out in the light, leaving it a Dark Night when they bowed out after the closing song. By the resounding cries of the dedicated and new followers they are bound to back.
Line up: Fiona Horne of Def-FX fame (vocals/guitar),her partner Dave (Spiff) Hopkins, formerly of The Hellmenn (guitar), Brad Miller (bass, 16’s), Matt Hamilton (drums, The Secret Weapon).

Rock Out – Part 4


The Aardvark, 11 Dec 2021

With a six string hunter forever on the prowl, driven by the spirit of the legendary Paul McCarthy on drums, a smooth bass machine and the statuesque Paige McNaught on vocals, guitar and cowbell, YES, Cowbell this set was a winner.
Six song masterpiece of evil hooks, guitar grooves and bouncy, foot tapping beats this indie style unit had a style of their own and rocked the joint.
The musical gifts of Perth just keeps giving.

Rock Out – Part 3


The Aardvark, 11 Dec 2021

Six piece Potato Stars squeezed on to the Aardvark stage and still found room to move and groove to the indie beat of punk rebellion and loud love.
A set list of choice local covers (think The Victims, The Stems and Scientists) and their own magnificent ode to Covid-19 thus unit has a perverse recording history going back to 2000.
Lead by the spirit of a twisting Iggy Pop long may this mash-up of  heavenly bodies Rock.

Rock Out – Part 2

Potato Stars

The Aardvark, 11 Dec 2021

Coming up through open mic nights, making the right contacts (you know who you are) and managing her owns gigs, tours and transport all ensures that it’s the passion that’s at driving wheel.
Savanah Solomon’s clear and powerful voice draws you in like a warm jacket in the midst of winter. The rhythmic vibrations lead you on a maze that uplifts the spirit.
Now a solo performer Savanah is making your own way and carving out a path in the musical wonderland of WA.

Rock Out – Part 1

Savanah Solomon

The Aardvark, 11 Dec 2021

Never having seen or heard of End of Fashion before I was shocked and startled by then end of the first song. By the end of the set I had entered into a mode of blissful, festive and jubilant discovery. 
Being unaware of their reputation the full house demonstrated I was yet again behind the eight ball as this four-piece powered through a gigantic set of high energy rock-pop dancing in the dark quality compositions.
They have an unclassifiable sound but the two guitars/bass/drums/vocals melt and mould into a combination of spontaneous and impulsive musical delight.
 Playing a roughly eleven song set with a three song encore End of Fashion rocked, danced, and jived the Rosemount into a sweaty, hot frenzy of prenominal two X chromosomes variety.
Another outstanding Music Machine night from the gift that keeps on giving, Perth’s musician community.

Music Machine – Part 3

End of Fashion

Rosemount Hotel, 08 Jan 2022

With Ashes of Autumn pulling out due to Coivd19 complications at the last minute The Silent Deeds stepped up and got the funk rock-pop boiling over.
Having recently moved up to a four-piece Cory’s gang have a beefed up vitality that is reflected in the virulent, contagious songs. They got the building audience moving and grooving with Jake firing from the guitar hip to buzz the rock contingent.
Matt keeps the funky bass on the raging while Andy’s drummer style has the Neil Peart via Dave Grohl (check out the influences) energetic sound.  
For me stand out songs among the radiant collection are “Come Alive”, “Ghosts” and “The Race”.
Great set to keep the Silent Deeds stadium funk rock fire burning.

Music Machine – Part 2

Silent Deeds

Rosemount Hotel, 08 Jan 2022

Never to shun the opportunity to play live Electric State if you attended this gig you would find out the reason why.
They are a four-piece unit that have a collection of high energy rock gems that pump it up and rock out. With a nineties sound in the transit lane of “Soundgarden meeting Alice in Chains while having a lemonade with Black Sabbath“ you know to fasten your seatbelt for this musical ride. 
With an Ozzy Osbourne madman character on vocals/guitar/megaphone Rob gets out into the crowd conducting roving interviews, on stage megaphone audience forums and cowbell jams while sinuously hammering out top notch rock vocals.
Russ riffs away with infectious, catchy chords and a guitar sound that packages it into a rock boom box. Paul on bass/vocals stamps it out getting the low end bouncing around, while Bill hammers it out tigerishly and tirelessly on the headlining acts kit (the #greenmachine kit is reserved for Electric States top billing gigs – read on).
It's no wonder Electric State won multiple state musical body WAM nominees for various awards. For those in doubt that the words above are a lie the gig photo link below justifies the enthusiasm. 
Don’t hesitate to make a date for their debut “Green Machine” CD launch at Amps on 29th Jan.

Music Machine – Part 1

Electric State

Rosemount Hotel, 08 Jan 2022

Metamorphosising from the previous bands this five piece guitar driven unit Sky Cave love playing live and having a party. So this EP launch for “The Weir” proved to be another excuse for an epic event.
They have a diverse range of shade in their playing skills, stretching from heavy blues rock to getting their groove on with rock blues pop dancing tunes.
Already building up a following this gig proved to be no exception, a block busting extravaganza of great music and fun times on a hot night in a cool bar. 
Kudos for Rene putting on a great sound and light as always at the Indi.

Masked Raiders – Part 5

Sky Cave

Indi Bar, 21 Jan 2022

Making a welcome, and long overdue, return to the gig scene Moonlighter played a nine song breathtaking set. A classic rock three piece line-up they play a polished set of originals rocking blues. There may have been the odd cover but is my mind locked into previous gigs (?).
With maestro guitar wizardry and drums it is not a surprise that the comparison to a Hendrix/Cream sound arises. Notwithstanding their mix of energetic youth gives their output a fresh sounding twist. 
Definitely a band for all ages.

Masked Raiders – Part 4


Indi Bar, 21 Jan 2022

Local Fremantle three-piece indie punk band Reefeater got hot and sweaty as the whipped up the music aficionado’s into surf breaking waves. With a revised audience swimming in from the pool area they got the mosh pit moshing with fast and furious bump and grind. A over excited fan even gave crowd surfing a go such was the energy. Excellent pub rock band.

Masked Raiders – Part 3


Indi Bar, 21 Jan 2022

After a brief hiatus The Wedges are back in the live environment kicking it out loud and heavy. 
As a five member unit these astute musicians fill out the sound with a keyboard/guitar and vocals/guitar duo adding to the bass/drums/guitar lineup. It was also the drummer’s last gig with the band and did not miss a beat. 
With no musical boundaries restraining them they stretch from symphony metal to grinding riffs and ripping solo’s. The connecting factor being music to bang your head and shake the hair. 
With an enigmatic front person in Molly, the five piece combine musically and make a compelling statement for live rock music. Judging from the audience reaction they are already building a dedicated following. 
Check out their web page for up and coming gigs to catch a bit of this special original rock experience.

Masked Raiders – Part 2

The Wedges

Indi Bar, 21 Jan 2022

The Stunned Mullets don’t care if you like them or if you love, they just love to play. Such is their craze to play music. 
With the Sky Cave bass player filling in and someone else’s guitar this three piece punk band from down South didn’t let anything stand in their way. 
Playing hard and fast tt was an energetic set that went down well with the filling masked up audience.

Masked Raiders – Part 1

Stunned Mullets

Indi Bar, 21 Jan 2022

Delilah Rose is back, rolling out her vibrations and vision into the spectrum.
Starting with unexpected, Delilah and her band marched out in formation, masked up and in step. With dancing moves they unveiled themselves for the gathered musical afficionado’s to see them in their musical raw.
Delilah’s band are a mix of long-time collaborators (Nici Bull aka Midnight Francine guitar/backing vocals/rhythms) and a hand picked bass/guitar/drums trio. 
The Legs Electric duo of Alana (guitar) and Erin (bass) brought the Rock Star quotient into this country rock set of new compositions from Delilah. With a much seen face (Jess) in the drumming scene on the drum stool this quintet gelled into smooth music machine. A few minor hiccups with Delilah’s tunning box could not knock them off course.
With the gig also being the unveiling of new songs from Delilah’s forthcoming album release it was a privilege to be present. Mention must also be made of the burlesque approach Delilah took to here on successful on-stage costume changes. Bringing her vision into the light.
From the rapturous reception Delilah is on a winner with this foot tapping, hip swinging songs amalgamating into a burlesque undulating country rock show.

Roses in Bloom – Part 2

Delilah Rose

Lyrics Underground, 22 Jan 2022

The rich powerful honeysuckle voice of Rose Parker was let loose as her spirit roamed free in Lyrics Underground.
With an album released Rose’s set was focused on the songs from “Under the Sun”. Flanked by grooving bass and electrifying guitar the country rock singer got the feet taping and hips swinging.
Driving country songs dedicated to unchanging love flowed into ballads of mistaken heart break. This set was a winner and certainly proved this Rose is in bloom.

Roses in Bloom – Part 1

Rose Parker

Lyrics Underground, 22 Jan 2022

With electric energy crackling in the heat, set in motion by the preceding acts, Electric State hit the stage running hot. 
Vocalist/guitarist/megaphone user/interviewer/crowd conductor Rob amped up the Amplifier gathering who were already rippling with eager anticipation.
Kicking off with “Get In You” they stuck the rock sock down your throat and ran “Riot” with the next number. 
Launching their primal opus “Green Machine” the #greenmachine himself (Bill) hammered into the “Government” and keep driving the pace throughout the set.
Russ (guitar) and Paul (bass) gave us all a lesson on burning fretwork. Rob was out the blocks earlier, as his dynamic spirit dictates, and went on the “Run” into the packed gathering. 
One-on-one interviews are one element of his performance chemistry  and for once I was not to escape the mad scientist. 
When asked what I thought of it so far all I could bellow, dropping several semitones, and letting it rip like rock falls on A Flat Minor in a Tasmanian pit, was “Light It Up”.  
And “Light It Up” they did as the musical maestros didn’t miss a beat with the out of tune roaring. They keep Rob on track as he went off track just like a “FMH” (F@$king Mad Hoor - my interpretation).
It was a rock dog audience community affair with Janice the megaphone and her sisters coming out while helpless members got dragged up on stage. In fact the invited audience performers were a “Mirror” of the band themselves. 
Sharing is caring and even the cowbell bell duties were shared by the active participants at this love in gig. 
With the dedicated following belting the songs out verbatim in choreatic, choir like terms the anthemic quality of the hard rocking songs rung true. The best being “We’re Just Blood”, as well as the William Wallace freedom song, “Fed By The Algorithm”.
The set list was in fact the running order of the “Green Machine” itself. And while I may have rearranged the order slightly the trick is buying a CD, or doing the Dirty Download, and finding out where I went wrong. 
The prize will be a request to attend the next gig. Of which this hard working band have already penned in a next date (25th Feb, Lynotts Lounge).
This was an EPIC set so all that was left was to stare into “Tomorrows Sun”. 
In a year of uncertainty one thing is certain in 2022. At close of business  on 31st December this blockbuster extravaganza of a hard rock release will be one of THE Rock Releases of the year. 
#greenmachine #seeyounextgig

Green Machine – Part 4

Electric State

Amplifier Bar, 29 Jan 2022

With a clutch of newish songs and a redefined set list Legs Electric appeared more aurally darker, heavier and edgy. Kicking off with ‘Soul Your Soul’ the set list was diced up with old favourites as well as the flash newer numbers. 
They common thread being this flaming torch of rock n roll angst applied to the whole set list. It worked as they rocked the house with a cosmic performance.
Ama’s vocals were a strong as ever, with her stage presence adding to the heat in the crowed room. Elana’s fret board was on fire as she burned it up. Erin keeping the bass bubbling over. 
Kylie’s drumming kept the ten song set on the boil making it a hot rock set.

Green Machine – Part 3

Legs Electric

Amplifier Bar, 29 Jan 2022

Masked up and sticking to the rules Amberdown kicked off a brutal set of metal rock in your face sounds. Drawing on the influences of nineties nu-metal performers Incubus and Sevendust they mix it up with a dash of Peral Jam and Foo Fighters to come up with there own brand of muscular stomping rock.
It was a bitter sweet set. As well as slaying the audience, it was their lead guitarist’s last gig. 
Big shoes to fill but I sure Amberdown will Rise Up to the task and keep the golden rock flowing.

Green Machine – Part 2


Amplifier Bar, 29 Jan 2022

Playing a set of original compositions the first band of this evenings proceedings took the Amplifier Bar early bird audience by their tail feathers and shook them around. 
With a singer/keyboardist that had as much swagger as Jagger and a guitar shredder licking up the chops it was a dynamic show built on energy. Dare I say this was the Satisfaction duo. 
Solid bass and drums tied it all together, under writing the Guarantee.
In total you had this unit living up to their audacious moniker. Even Electric State vocalist Rob Viney was enthused to join them for the last song on mic. This was despite the demonstrations of the security who tried to pull him down.
However other performing band members came to his rescue and talk the Security down leaving Rob and Satisfaction Guaranteed to finish delivering the Goods. 
And already the Electric State storm was gathering.

Green Machine – Part 1

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Amplifier Bar, 29 Jan 2022

Four piece Deep State keep the guitar going in their punchy rock that got the hips a swinging and the audience a singing.
Their set list had eight originals and the one cover, Tom Waits “Going Out West”. All featuring incisive hooks and hip vacillating potential.
Well accepted by the audience doing an impression of hair line this is a band to keep on eye on around the trips in this coming year.

Early Harvest – Part 4

Deep State

Amplifier Bar, 11 Feb 2022

Making a welcome return following some summer storm disruptions Ashes of Autumn erupted like a volcano, delivering their new single, the aptly title “The Time”, as first song in their slot.
The fire had been light and went on to “Burn” with the frenetic rock roaring like a Mount Vesuvius. Five piece stomping guitar rock, fronted by a Pagan like Goddess form, Mel’s powerful vocals summon the Rock Gods and Goddess spirits from near and afar.
Mat’s diligent fretboard work adds deft touches of light and shade with a flick and a twist. 
‘Need to Know’ leads into the psychotic, chaotic “Whispers”. The moving “Minor Issues” feds the emotional “Refuse to Break”. 
Bryn and Jeremy combine in the rhythm machine with the latest  member of the clan, Chris, powering the drum beat into the explosive “Supernova”.
“Enemy” and “Shelter” completed their set to a reception that raised the roof.
Another of the Hot Bands around town Ashes of Autumn burn like Perth’s summer heat.

Early Harvest – Part 3

Ashes of Autumn

Amplifier Bar, 11 Feb 2022

The wicked riffs that Art of Dysfunction create, intimidate, flex, twist and curve are primeval in their virulent groove.
They infect the body and twist the mind with the heavy rock blues intonations.
In an old school four piece formation Kyle leads from the front, kicking those bass runs into shape and growling the vocals like a bear. 
Michael cuts and thrusts, ripping and tearing with back breaking solo’s. Galloping the straight and navigating the bends Ashleys feeds the force on rhythm guitar while Royce whacks the kit.
An historic first as A.O.D. played from an eight song set list, deviating at will and where the spirit dictates. Their hard core following appreciating the twisted track.
A hard-hitting band that makes you want to shake and vibrate in unison.

Early Harvest – Part 2

Art of Dysfunction

Amplifier Bar, 11 Feb 2022

The catchy riff rock of Bohemian Crash opening the proceedings and immediately the early birds got hooked. 
Hooked on the catchy riffs and bouncy bass that complementing the driving vocals of #rockchick Haylee and driving drums from Stewart.
The six song setlist flew past in no time as the shakers and groovers got moving and grooving.

Early Harvest – Part 1

Bohemian Crash

Amplifier Bar, 11 Feb 2022

Incomplete are fast, furious, loud and super skilled four piece electric guitar and drums unit in the punk meets speed metal riffing stratosphere. 
Launching their first full length album (second if you count the ”Make It Right” EP) “Chin Music” this straight shooting bunch played a fearsome set, cutting you like a razor on the chin.
With a solid following at this gig your in a few surprises at they blast their way through a frenetic and frantic sweat filled set.
Jamie Buchanan-vocals/guitar, Peter Moulton- drums/vocals, Mark Rodrigues-lead guitar, Ryan Popa-bass.

Chin Sharp Razor – Part 4


Aardvark Bar, 26 Feb 2022

Energetic guitar rock driven on my youthful energy this three-piece picked up the energy and maintained it at a bouncing pace.
With some of the punter comparing the vocals with a young Skyhooks Shirl you have a feeling they have the potential to go far.

Chin Sharp Razor – Part 3

Surf Shop Cops

Aardvark Bar, 26 Feb 2022

With the recent released #rockslab release, “Green Machine” setting a benchmark for driving, anthemic, guitar rock Electric State surprised all by featuring four new songs in their eleven song set. 
However being surprised at a Electric State gig is no surprise.
Back to the music, among the new compositions “Background Noise” stuck in my head. 
Meanwhile Rob was at his eccentric and oddball best. Off stage walk-abouts, random interviews with the music aficionado’s present, beard quality testing, matching their fifth member, Janice the Megaphone, with a consort for the evening, Mexican stand-off’s with local on-air Rock Legend Frankinator (yes, he and Ryan of Rockaria 107.3 HFM fame were present) for allegedly snuffing out the Frankinator’s beloved cap and all while conducting audience sing-alongs.
Of the current white-hot “Green Machine” release numbers, where all songs are stormers, “Fed by the Algorithm” is a personnel fav, while the Rockaria Heads vouch for “Run”. 
“Get In You”, “Light It Up”, F$#k My Head (FMH)”, “Mirror” and “Tomorrows Sun” were the remaining “Green Machine” items featured.
Maintaining their energy they are also heading into the studio in the forth coming weeks, capturing the energy and up-tempo vibrations for the next release. Riding the Wave Indeed! 
And lets not forget The Cowbell, spreading the love in the closing songs. 
Another riot in the basement, cleansing the space, and all captured in the Gig Photos – click the button below.
Rob- Guitar/Vocals/Megaphone, Russ-Riff Master Guitar, Paul-Rampaging Bass, Bill-Green Machine Drums

Chin Sharp Razor – Part 2

Electric State

Aardvark Bar, 26 Feb 2022

With quirky bass lines integrated with abseiling rhythmic changes the association with Primus is all to enticing. While maybe carrying an influence Triangle Fight dig deep and excavate their own energic sound from the basement depths. 
Melody that makes you jump, dance and bask in the glorious sun. A four-piece guitar unit with four releases already under their belt they are a welcome late discovery to these ears.
Paulo Gonzalez - Guitar & Vox / Martin Gonzalez - Bass / Daniel Silvestri - Guitar / Sofia Varano - Drums

Chin Sharp Razor – Part 1

Triangle Fight

Aardvark Bar, 26 Feb 2022

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