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Green Machine – Part 4

Electric State

Amplifier Bar, 29 Jan 2022

With electric energy crackling in the heat, set in motion by the preceding acts, Electric State hit the stage running hot.
Vocalist/guitarist/megaphone user/interviewer/crowd conductor Rob amped up the Amplifier gathering who were already rippling with eager anticipation.
Kicking off with “Get In You” they stuck the rock sock down your throat and ran “Riot” with the next number.
Launching their primal opus “Green Machine” the #greenmachine himself (Bill) hammered into the “Government” and keep driving the pace throughout the set.
Russ (guitar) and Paul (bass) gave us all a lesson on burning fretwork. Rob was out the blocks earlier, as his dynamic spirit dictates, and went on the “Run” into the packed gathering.
One-on-one interviews are one element of his performance chemistry and for once I was not to escape the mad scientist.
When asked what I thought of it so far all I could bellow, dropping several semitones, and letting it rip like rock falls on A Flat Minor in a Tasmanian pit, was “Light It Up”.
And “Light It Up” they did as the musical maestros didn’t miss a beat with the out of tune roaring. They keep Rob on track as he went off track just like a “FMH” (F@$king Mad Hoor - my interpretation).
It was a rock dog audience community affair with Janice the megaphone and her sisters coming out while helpless members got dragged up on stage. In fact the invited audience performers were a “Mirror” of the band themselves.
Sharing is caring and even the cowbell bell duties were shared by the active participants at this love in gig.
With the dedicated following belting the songs out verbatim in choreatic, choir like terms the anthemic quality of the hard rocking songs rung true. The best being “We’re Just Blood”, as well as the William Wallace freedom song, “Fed By The Algorithm”.
The set list was in fact the running order of the “Green Machine” itself. And while I may have rearranged the order slightly the trick is buying a CD, or doing the Dirty Download, and finding out where I went wrong.
The prize will be a request to attend the next gig. Of which this hard working band have already penned in a next date (25th Feb, Lynotts Lounge).
This was an EPIC set so all that was left was to stare into “Tomorrows Sun”.
In a year of uncertainty one thing is certain in 2022. At close of business on 31st December this blockbuster extravaganza of a hard rock release will be one of THE Rock Releases of the year.
#greenmachine #seeyounextgig

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