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Krysler - Chasing Sparks

Dark Roasted Records and Tapes, Bad Apple Productions

The paced keyboard chords that open this latest opus from Krysler also unfolds the pages of a story that draws you into a multi-layered, web of hopes, dreams and emotions of a troubled, but gifted, troubadour.

Chord by chord, track by track you become entwined in Krysler’s tangled music web that is woven.

With raw, impassioned vocals and more hooks that could sink the Japanese whaling fleet this one is a grower that, like cancer, gets a grip and doesn’t let go. Stealthily Krysler creeps in, steals your soul and seeps into every pore.

Relentless in the presentation’s, “Why Didn’t You Stay” winds into “Heartbeat Calling” then uplifts into “Shadows Move” and so on and so forth as the story is laid bare.

Stand out tracks? Hard to choose from the plethora of gems but “Chasing Sparks”, “Soul Deceiver” and the touching heart strings of “A Thousand Stars” are all worthy of consideration.

Krysler – poet, punk, drunk, lover, loser, dreamer, father, traveler. But who really is this complex cardboard cut-out character?

Only you can choose if you dare to cross over, go into the other side of the mirror and risk all !

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