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Moana - In The Allure


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Turn Down the Lights but Light the candles, sit, relax, and free the mind before pressing play.


Dark night winter music that takes you a hypnotic journey. Orgasmic screams pierce the air, at times John Bonham style drumming leads you into swaying trances, spirit prickling cascading waterfall rhythms enter your soul.


Moana’s vocals guide you through into an underworld of power, passion, ritualistic good will and sweet, sweet love.

Allow yourself to be immersed and by the end the chances are you will have been captured and will never be the same again.


Smoke That Thunders” rises from the lake, haunting and enchanting before moving into battering darbuka influenced rhythms in a delightful manner.

Flying from the high towers the darkly impelled “Dracula” bites into the nervous system taking mind, body and soul in one gigantic bite.

A quick track run down begs to be delivered, with the spell that has been cast refusing to let go before I bare my soul.


The Cultess” bounds into life, all powerful then erupts with the volcanic powers of orgasmic pleasure. Leaving you breathless and wanting more.

Jumping along the jagged shores “Scarab” takes gargantuan bounds and leaps into the skies far above this world before returning into the smoke filled, frantic nether world of fears, curses and demons.


A vibrating echo expands into the pumping heart that is “Sister Winter”, twisting and cutting with frost like intensity.

Blood Moon” maintains the hypnotic trance that you do not dare argue with.  Powerless as it twists and taunts, weaving dream like pictures in your mind.

 “Feral Umbilical” coils up like a serpent and questions if a modern day Zeppelin has been born. The question loudly hisses and refuses to be placed back into the casket.

Industrial sounds erupt in “Elixa” without being out of place.

Promise” is evocative and a soul tingling tour de force of Moana’s haunting vocal power. It explodes into a finale of cat scratching fever.

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