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On the fateful night they met as strangers, in a downtown rock n roll bar in some deadbeat part of town.

She shone bright in the crowd, almost as if a spotlight from heaven circled her every move.


Even the passing crowd could feel the electricity in the air. They could sense something magical was about to transpire and it brought smiles to their faces in the doom laden COVID-19 atmosphere.


As if on cue they moved to the stage and the flirting began, toying with each other’s emotions from afar.


Moving closer, sharing energy on this explosive night.

Becoming Almost One.


She gave him Her heart, She gave it Her all, blissfully unaware that in this moment His spirit was rebelling, feeling trapped like a ensnared animal, prowling like a caged mongoose.


His maddened eyes darted around, looking for an escape route (pronounced root). 

So They parted ways and He was back in the Doghouse again, back with his fellow inmates at The Bar.


While they welcomed Him back they also pitted the broken hearted Fool, as they knew “The Last Laugh” was already in play.


The Last Laugh - He was unaware that it was always part of Her plan, the fleeting romance, the passionate seconds that seemed like years.


The plan to move onto the next show, the Headlining Act, to Greater and Shinier Stars had already been put into motion long before He had met Her.


She Had Now Moved ON to Bigger and Better people and events that Allowed Her Spirit to Shine to its Fullest Potential.


Yet through it all He knew He had come out the Other End, Strong and a Better Person for all the trauma and pain.


He had come out a WINNER!!


Meanwhile the Crowd went Back to Their Drinks.

Disclaimer: These actual events, while did occur in the physical  representation of the photographed actions, the backdrop story is a result of an over stimulated mind on caffeine. The actors did not actually carry out the intentions as  depicted and the intention is not to bring harm to anyone.

If you wish to proceed with any legal action please contact lawyers Eejit Heidtheball, Iggy Candy and Gerry Bakerstreet & Sons. 

Back in Black 40th Anniversary - The Caballeros / Ballbreaker / Hells Bells  

Rosemount Hotel, Perth, Sat 29 August 2020

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