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Archived Reviews Aug to Dec 2015

Newport Record Club /  Fly-By-Night

The Sinlge Ladies (NRC) / The Castaways, Lefty, Rob Walker, Thur 27 Aug 2015 


Losing my Newport Record Club virginity so to speak a fortnight ago with the awesome ‘Siamese Dreams’ I was keen to get back. Despite the best intention’s a mix of dates/bands entailed I was committed to a “Beyoncé” night!


As the stage lights were raised the eight or so strong group, The Single Ladies, assembled on stage. Opening with a very slick instrument section, very strong vocals from the lead and harmonious backing they received a rousing reception form the mainly female audience.


It may have been that there was too much oestrogen in the air but by the end of the first number I just couldn’t do and had to scoot for shelter. I’m very confident a great night was had by all and the next sessions are defiantly on my radar for a return visit.


When the concept of the Newport Record Club was rolled out I must admit I was a bit ambivalent. However don’t ‘discard before you try’ as the standard of musician’s on both nights was of such a high standard that it does really bring the recorded music to life and takes you through the looking glass of reality and into dreams (or vice versa as the case maybe).

Seeking refuge in the Fly-By-Night Fly Trap cellar it was appropriate that The Castaways were the first ensemble I caught.


Featuring an acoustic strumming lady lead vocalist, Mark Knopfler sounding electric guitarist and some tasteful percussion the trio plays a mix of originals and covers.


With strong vocals and focus on melody they a smooth and sophisticated act spreading some love

Next up was solo artist Lefty who also played an assortment of originals and covers. However tonight we were treated exclusively to a set of covers ranging from Blues standards to folk.


Mainly focusing on Bob Dylan Lefty engaged the small audience with his harmonica playing, fingers walking the frets and his soothing voice complementing the vocal segments. Additionally Lefty regaled the intimate setting with inter song tales of bikes and beers. This was a very entertaining set from a born entertainer.

With his world class voice Rob Walker was back in saddle leading the audience on a wild ride.


He took us down to meet the devil and reminded the cosy gathering that the Devil is such a fun guy but there always is a price to pay. Then taking us up to fly with angels such is the roller coaster ride that is a Rob Walker set. With drum pedals synchronising the beat Rob’s driving acoustic playing is second to none.


Playing almost exclusively original’s his classic rendition of Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’ popped up. To most a storming interpretation but to Rob, perfectionist that he is, a ‘little’ rusty. For the final extra song a back table watcher / listener jumped up and joined in on flute. It was a beautiful thing!


A great night’s musical entertainment to be out and about on what felt like the first warn spring evening in Fremantle.

Morgan Bain-Mojo

Morgan Bain, Mojo's Fremantle

Moana / Old Blood, Fri 28 Aug 2015 


With some hard work opening band for the night Moana set up, got into it and set the creative, musical energy flowing for the night.


With a raw but clear edged guitar sound echoing of the likes of space rock Uli John Roth and, at times the pioneers of Heavy metal Black Sabbath, Moana moved and flowed as a collective with the vitality of youth.


Lead vocalist Mona had a voice in the high range and was cat like in her delivery. This was best displayed when at one point the rest of the band left stage and Mona surrendered to the spirit and delivered a powerful performance vocal control and harmony.


The band returned to progress the rest of the blistering song list and becoming entwined with the cosmic vibrations.

Old Blood

Old Blood are out and about in the Perth circuit and deliver their brand of blues with such honesty and integrity that it’s impossible not to get caught and enwrapped in their sound. Vocalist Tony Papa-Adams relinquishes his passion with Joe Cocker like intensity.  


Guitarists Eudo Ekic and Jukes Peet interchange solos and swap licks challenging each other to take the assembled higher and to play with fire. The bass (Shaun Liddell-Jennings) and beat (Tayor Ray) held it together with dexterity and pace laying the foundations to build the Old Blood church. Praying to the passion of the blues Old Blood have it in theirs.


They well and truly got the filling Mojo’s crowd gyrating, dancing and shuffling, thus stroking the fire and building the heat for the final exploding act.

Morgan Bain

Morgan Bain is a consummate songwriter and musician and so it is only natural that his band (Teischa-keyboards/vocals, Adam Springetti-six string electric bass & double bass, Adam Pearson-drums) are performers and instrumentalists of the same high standard.


His song writing skills are attested by the multiple West Australia music awards, acknowledgements at overseas song writing competition’s and such songs as the acclaimed “Why Don’t You Stay”.


However it is suggested the best way is to find out yourself and listen to releases such as the EPs “What You Believe” and the self-titled “Morgan Bain”. These contain many gems such as ‘Hold On’, ‘Fire’, ‘I Think I’ve Got You’ and ‘In The Middle’.


Full of soul filled emotion and majestic musical frolicking from the aforementioned performers who, in the live situation, translate these titles, and more, brilliantly and comprehensively.


This gig marked the launch of a new single ‘Lift You Up’ and the packed venue attested to the success that is finally coming Morgan’s way.


Suggested influences of Charlie Sexton and J Mascis may be cited but these propositions serve no purpose other than to frame a context where Morgan releases his own individual and unique style.

During the gig it was announced that Triple J had aired the new release, thus sharing the collective’s talent across Australia.

It is a privilege to witness the genius in action and indeed it is a universal gift to be able do so in our own back yard.


Morgan is also an engaging front person and connected with the gathering serval times as he ensured everyone was still having a good time. During one such interlude the story of haunting ‘Deep Hollow Howl’ was revealed to be concerned with a pet dog he once had, with also a slight associated with a past friend.


As mentioned before the best way is make this discovery for yourself and grab a release and/or make a journey to the next Morgan Bain event.


Datura4, Mojo's Fremantle

Maverick / The Volcanics, Sat 29 Aug 2015 


Forget Southern Rock as a new genre of rock ‘n’ roll was rolled out by the opening band at Mojo’s on Saturday night. You could call it Western Rock or WA Rock but its Maverick by name and Maverick by nature. These four guys are doing it their way and coming up with a new sound that while being familiar is also dynamic and new.


Or is this just always the case of rock ‘n’ roll and I’ve just given up on defining the undefinable magic in music?

With energetic drumming from Nick Dudman, a bass line that constantly moves up and down the fret board courtesy of Simon Hallet, and riffs, leads & solo’s the cut through the air with electric, precision like intensity from Craig Jovanovic and Mark De Vattimo this band is cooking.


One of these renegades also supplies perfect pitch classic rock, circumvented with blues, lead vocals but I’ll leave you guessing which guitarist it is. The best and maybe only way to find out is catch them live at their next gig.


Playing with a tightness that belies this unit’s freshness to the Perth gig circuit this unit is slowly building up a following.

From the excited and animated reception they received from the early comers at this gig this set surely added a few to their fan base.

The Volcanics

With a name like The Volcanics there is only one way this band can come at ya … and that’s exploding, raw energy in your face and red hot to Rock.


The have a sound that pays homage to those that have gone before such as the MC5, The Stooges and Radio Birdman.

With never diminishing high energy that pulled in the building crowd, got in their heads and spat them out on the dance floor to keep that energy moving.


A great set to keep the night flowing.


The launch of Datura4’s latest release ‘Demon Blue’s was the prime driver to be down at Mojo’s this Saturday night.


With a line-up of such pedigree of Dom Mariani-guitar/vocals (The Stems), Greg Hitchcock-guitar/vocals (The Verys, You Am I), Warren Hall-bass (The Drones) and Stu Loasby-drums (Button Cool Suit, Superscope, The Majestic Kelp) a full house was anticipated and full house was what Mojo’s got.


With an integration of seventies sounding rock and hard blues this indie unit is timeless as the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. Ripping into it with drive and vigour that youngsters of today would be proud of they maintained the energy though out. The power flowed into the jumping audience and back again to keep the dynamism maintained.  


Three new songs (‘Fools Goldrush’, ‘Greedy World’ and ‘Be Like You’) from the ‘Demon Blues’ release were aired in the twelve number set list. Among the other themes were ‘Pissing Up The Wall’, ‘Demon Blues’, ‘Journey Home’ and set closer ‘Out With the Tide’.


This gig had it all from volume that still has my ears ringing a day later, to over excited fan fracas in the stage pit and a minor ‘stage invasion’ by an exuberant fan taken iPhone photo’s. Pending the closure of the set she return to take charge of the mic and exhort the crowd into demanding Datyra4 to return.


And return the did after announcing the exuberant friend / fan was now an honorary member of Datura4.


With a two song encore of ‘Uphill’ and ‘Another Plant’ Datura4 blasted the assembled into another planet and into the night.


Rock ‘n’ Roll Lives On !!

Them J

Them Jackdaws, Swan Hotel, North Fremantle

Delilah Rose and the Gunslingers / Kenny Austin Music, Sat 12 Sep 2015 

Delilah Rose and the Gunslingers

Those boots were made for rocking, so when these cowgirls and cowboys rode into town and saddled up at the Swan Hotel, North Freo looking hot and ready for some quick draw action you could have cut the air with the anticipation that was hanging in the air.


Delilah Rose and her Gunslingers strode purposefully onto the stage took aim and fired a salvo of country rock integrated a hint of gypsy style beats and dancing flute.


A stand out tune was “Hard Rock Woman”. Being in the wild west of Australia it was dedicated to the FIFO workers out there. Throw in some yodelling cowboy and it all over to so as Delilah Rose and the Gunslingers got back into the saddle and rode off into the night.

Kenny Austin Music

Kenny Austin brings with him a layered complex sound and so it was no surprise that it was a somewhat crowded stage in the Swan Hotel bar. What with drums, bass, percussion Congo’s, two rhythm/lead guitarists and the sound shaping wizardry hardware on the floor plus Kenny himself there was barely room to move let alone breathe.


But not only did they breathe but somehow Kenny found the room to move and let the magic flow. With the accessible but complex songs Kenny leads the band with a strong stage presence as the Kenny Austin Band metamorphosis into Kenny Austin Music thus realising a vison and dream.


With melodies that are tinged with passion of John Cougar, Kenny and the fact the artists have their own unique style to express themselves the outcome is the musical energy flows accordingly. The packed bar responded the energy resonated back to the stage in the form of loud cheers and shouts of more when the 40 minute set was ended.

Unfortunately time constraints did not allow an encore so the only way to get more is to purchase the EP “Live and Unplugged” or get out to their next performance.

Kudos to the backfill Swan soundman Ben for getting a good mix out, running through the sound checks effectively and efficiently and keeping the automated light show running smoothly.

Them Jackdaws

Sound check complete Them Jackdaws dived straight into it. Unleashing foot stomping blues and rock with the amazing guitar skills of Adam on those that were unsuspecting. Some nice work on the slide and some interesting echoing effects resonated with this listener.


The powerful voice of Jo belted out and hit home with a force.  Those of the audience that were outside when they hit the stage actually thought it is was Abbe May stretching her vocal chords. The multi-talented Jo who was center stage also supported on rhythm guitar. At one stage she swapped to the drums allowing the also gifted Ciz to take on the secondary six string. 


With an energetic liberation of the eight song set list where the drumming (Ciz) was solid, hard hitting and percussive when needed and Kev tied it up on bass.


Them Jackdaws were given a resounding send off from the bar patrons and are an interesting unit to keep in mind for a night out.


Babyjane, Velvet Lounge, Mt. Lawley, Perth

The Silent Deed / Foul Play, Fri 25 Sep 2015 

The Silent Deeds

The Silent Deeds opened this evening’s sound scape performance as a late replacement for Maverick. Big shoes to fill but they did so with musicianship, showman ship and aplomb.


The Silent Deed’s song style is best described as acoustic rock with edge. The four piece got the growing crowd going with originals compositions. However also full of surprises as a Queen cover song popped up halfway through the set. ’Another One Bites the Dust’ was dedicated to all the drinkers out there.


A slower ballad type was committed to the memory of Phil Hughes RIP titled ‘63 Not Out’. They then went into cruise control to finish off with a couple of stomping rock numbers.


Featuring strong vocals, excellent guitar that at times touched on a U2 sound and solid and competent bass and drums The Silent Deed stated their case in very loud terms and got the night rolling.

Foul Play

Following a voice over taped introduction a la Iron Maiden Foul Play ripped into their set with passion and energy. Another four piece, but this time totally electric.


With a harder edge this was rock with integrity driven by power drumming, fluid bass, driven classic or filled with ripping solo’s and rock vocals that weren’t screaming or damaged.


Foul Play steamrolled through there their set. Nearing the end they thanked those that came down, The Silent Deed for going before and Babyjane for giving them the set. Getting a great response back from the assembled this is a unit to watch out for.


With this gig marking the launch of their new single “Do Ya” the event also gave the packed venue a world first premier of the video.


“Do Ya” itself has a sound of Metallica meeting Guns N Roses. Considering Babyjane’s past history with Mike Wagner (produced Metallica among others) and that ex Guns N Roses gun slinger Gilby Clarke produced “Do Ya” then this seems to be a fair call.


The video was a pictorial and audio integration of live band action with a trip into the corporate world gone mad (but wasn’t it always?) backed by blasting, fist pumping rock riffs that keeps the Babyjane train on track.

But hey let’s go into reverse for a bit and fill you in on the Babyjane story so far. Formed in Perth in 2008 and receiving a word of mouth buzz since then justified by the 2011 release “Are You Listening” now we are ready for the next chapter.


With the afore mentioned video reaching its conclusion a roaring response from the venue was received which bodes well for future sales. This must have gave the band a satisfactory smile and a boost for the show.


Kicking off with “Quicksand” Andy Smith’s vocals, which are on par with Don Dokken, to the fore the bands tight playing was soon apparent. With Andy also on rhythm guitar, John Gerasolo on lead guitar, Nik Kats on drums and Paul Judge on bass, backing vocals they rock in unison.


Smooth and slick they riff up a storm on titles such as “NY Queen”, “Back to Babylon” (an acknowledgement to Bernie Torme I wonder?) and “Rain”.  “She’s Just a Liar” is easily accessible in Sixx AM’s rock-pop melody mode.


Despite the stage lights going off mid set being the consummate professionals Babyjane carried on regardless and despite a few seconds of initial confusion continued flawlessly. All through the night the sound stage front was clear and loud so kudos to the venue sound desk.



With the full show back “Make It Sick” was powered into. This one is a head banger’s delight and those gathered up front responded accordingly.


The band slowly the pace with a salute to AC/DC by way of their “Ride On” blues.


Played live “Do Ya” comes across as a more bruising affair, with a rampage of muscle drumming, riotous bass lines, shredding solos and charging riffs.


Babyjane then finished the set by asking “Are You Listening” and the crowd responding with a collective and affirmative “yes” demonstrated by a swarming venue.


With bands such as Babyjane and Ragdoll getting acclaim stateside, Legs Electric getting east coast acclaim and a plethora of other talented units on the go surly it’s about time Perth becomes a focus for the music industry?


Don’t believe me? Well got out and about and hear for yourself and let me know the results.

Seb Bach

Sebastian Bach, Astor Theatre, Mt. Lawley, Perth

Legs Electric, Sun 27 Sep 2015 

Legs Electric

Legs Electric returned to what seems to be their second home in Perth, the stage of the Astor Theatre. If they had any nerves going on inside you couldn’t tell as they came out all smiles but focused and ready to rock.


Starting spot on their allotted time slot Kylie Soanes started driving the rhythm joined by her bass pumping sister Abby and her other sister from different mother, the extraordinary Laura McCormack on extra electric guitar.


As the rhythm’s climaxed the tambouring clapping, foot tapping and boot strapping Perth Angel of Rock, Ama Quinsee strode on to do her thing and strut her stuff. Her stuff is fronting a kick ass maximum rock n roll band with her powerful vocals and flowing stage presence.


Legs Electric then gave us the “Kingdom” but to get to it you have to use a “Temporary Road” and use a little “Black Magic”. At times you might “Wanna Riot” but hold on tight and “Shine Right Through” and “If” your lucky someone might pull your “Trigger” and give some “Illicit Love”. Although you might think “She’s (or He’s) Like A Saint” the devil is inside and fuels their “Strange Addiction”.


Legs Electric took us on one hell of a ride throughout the set and distributed their love on this rock ‘n’ roll trip that they are on. It’s a fist pumping, riff rocking, bass rolling, drum propelling, vocal injecting fuelled journey to the far side and back.


From the reaction from the assembled it was hard to tell who were already their fans and those that were in the process of converting, such was the favourable response. And so closed Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll chapter One for the evening.

Sebastian Bach

The start to chapter two was a bit sticky with what appeared to be technical sound difficulties delaying the scheduled start.

However once sorted Sebastian Bach fired onto the stage and immediately set to play, demanding the assembled to shout and jump.


It was a full on nonstop maximum rock ‘n’ roll attack led by one of the finest voices to ever be in heavy rock. And thankfully still is today. Seb has lost none of his power and the famed non-stop energy is still there.


If my recollections serve me well (taking notes was totally out of the question at this headbangers ball) numbers from Seb’s post Skid Row releases opened the set. Then it was into “Big Guns”, “Slave to the Grind”, (the Ausland181 anthem) “Monkey Business” and “The Threat”.


There was an impromptu change to a post Skid Row number where the title of “American Headbanger” was changed, and dedicated to, (the) “Australian Headbanger”.


At times the wave of energy was slowed down for all to catch some breath with numbers in the more slower vain being introduced. The heart rending ballad “I Remember You” was run through with passion. “Eileen” was one of the numbers from “Sub-Human Race” to be aired along with, to these ears, one of the most beautiful songs ever written, “Breakin’ Down”. It’s gentle, guitar picking and harmonious vocals lulling you into peaceful state of mind before its nuclear powered vocal explosion blasts you into a higher stratosphere.


It’s not just a one man show and the ex-Skid Row voice brought with him a band of enormous quality, experience and demeanour.


On the bass is Rob De Luca who also plays with the semi-legendry UFO. It speaks volumes when it was he who was chosen to replace the figuratively speaking god father of Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris, Pete “Waysted” Way, in UFO’s current line-up.


The man at the back on the stixx attack is Bobby “The Beast” Jarzombek who plays with metal stalwarts Fates Warning and the current unit of the singer who took Judas Priest to fame, (Rob) Halford. Interesting to note he was also the second ever drummer to play at England’s Monster of Rock Castle Donnington festival, then owing the drum stool for Riot in August 1980.


Brent Woods is well acclaimed six string maestro played with the Vince Neil band amongst others.


Australia, and Perth itself, appears to hold a special place with Seb. He related the story of when at one point in his life he was homeless in LA, that is was an ex-pat Perth lady who gave him a roof over his head. This also was the closing performance of the Australian tour and it was honoured by the wearing of an AC/DC t-shirt.


“18 & Life” also popped up with the band closing the set with the Skid Row anthem “Youth Gone Wild”.


By this time the band was dripping with sweat, with the bass and guitar masters stripped down to their torsos. Seb was soaking in sweat with his physical exertion and vocal gymnastics, as were many in the audience. Such was the participatory nature of the band / spectator interaction at this Sebastian Bach gig.


With the crowd willing another number they returned for a thunderous rendition of AC/DC’s “TNT” that sent Sebastian spinning off the stage like a Tasmanian tiger. Hopefully he’ll wouldn’t continue to spin out of control and will return to these shores to rock another day.


And so closed chapter two of this evening of maximum rock ‘n’ roll that left all with smiles and good feelings. Hallelujah, Let There Be Rock !


Legs Electric, South Street Ale House, Hilton, Perth

The Terradactyls, Sat 17 Oct 2015 

One weekend supporting rock ‘n’ roll royalty in an iconic Australian venue, next one playing on the bill of a biker’s festival and the one after is headlining a pub gig. Such is the life of a hard working band and as one of Fremantle’s famous sons lamented “It’s A Long Way to the Top If You Want to Rock ’n’ Roll”.

Just a small snapshot of the gig life of Legs Electric as they work their way towards the success that beckons. Already being noted in Perth music press for their musicianship and song writing capabilities, making them Perth’s “go to” support act for international rock bands.


The South Street Ale House is a new band venue that makes clever use of space and offers the classic pub stables of good beer, good food, pool and has the familiar horseshoe bar.

Three piece support act The Terradactyls warmed the night up with their brand of blues infused rock with a hint of melody. At times they reminded me of You Am I’s sound.


It may have been easy for some to treat this is as “just another” gig but for these rock n roll devils disguised as angels each show is an event to be savoured. Such is their love for live music and their passion to share their interpretation.


Tonight’s packed house were given a double helping of #maximumrocknroll as two of sets were on the menu and served up with raw passion and energy. Each helping with its own mix of originals from the “Maximum Rock’n’Roll” EP, plus other earlier compositions, a new song, the past ripping single ‘Wanna Riot”, covers of the Kiss, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Barnes, Clearance Clearwater & AC/DC variety, guest singers and crazy crowd action.


Barefoot powerhouse drummer Kylie Soanes drives the Legs Electric beat and was thumping up a storm. She soon had her own personal following on the “other side”, with the landing outside the stage window being packed with head bangers following nodding in unison to her blows.


They later returned, bare chested, each with syllables to make up the “Legs Electric” stencilled on their torsos. Such is the commitment of their following.


Holding and moulding the bottom end, tying it together is the baddest bass playing sister on the scene, Abby Soanes. Her fingers do the talking.


Due to the venue sound restrictions six string attack legend Laura McCormack was unable to set up her Orange multi-decibel blasting rig. Although volume may have been down for the venue size her Marshall amp did the business with the ripping solo’s and riffs coming over clear and severely nerve cutting.


The voice that is THE VOICE, Ama Quinsee, powered through the night air with precision intensity, cracking open even the most harden of souls. Ama’s inter song banter also built a strong bond with those filling the venue, enduring her to fans and converting any Legs Electric virgins attending.


Though the stage was floor level and cramped the addition a small drummer riser allowed their stage presence to be amplified as each artists individual moves intertwined with their individual musical skills.



The voice of local rock band Maverick, Craig Jovanovi, took the lead on AC/DC’s “Sin City” thus sharing the good energy around. Running out of time the second set was brought to a conclusion with a roof raising and wall shattering version of Led Zep’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll”.


Before and after the gig the friendly band chatted and mingled with their friends and followers alike making them one of the most accessible, down to earth up and coming rock acts around.  


It may have been just another gig but tonight’s show was another notch in their collective belt as they continue their climb to The Top. That will surly happen as this self-contained unit that is Legs Electric Love to Rock ‘n Roll.


A great night of fun and friendship for the venue, people and purveyors of #maximumrocknroll.


Norfolk Lanes Youth Festival, Fremantle Esplanade

Figurehead / Paulie P / The Southern River Band / Katie J White / Red Engine Caves, Sat 31 Oct 2015 

I found the rather unique setting for the stage with a minor search as it was crowded between the Esplanade Youth Plaza and the train tracks.

Upon arrival it was immediately worth the search with the cool music tracks laying out a cool vibe.

As the day progressed this festival had it all…… read on!


Figurehead are a young, pop rock band with bite and drive that have been making waves in the rock pool this year. With an alternative rock sound that was like early You Am I these up & comers were doing the rounds promoting their debut single this year.


Playing with energy these snappy tunes are a good time sound and they were having fun doing their thing in front of their small, but dedicated following.


Since August they’ve been recording and are getting setup for an EP release. Watch out for these young dudes going places.

Paulie P

Figurehead Denmark Local Paulie P (now Perth based) was next up sharing his hip hop word.


Joined by his partner in crime they dished out a rapping set that had the small crowd up and dancing and for one (young) it all got too much and she rushed the stage.


The boys took it straight up and security were straight on the job. Order was restored for good time to get better.


Enjoyable set and another hard working musio to watch out for. His ripping new CD is out is now well and truly out the bag.


The Southern River Band

If you like some southern fired rock meeting some AC/DC boogie then you’ll love these guys!


The Southern River Band came out looking the part and soon showed that (yet) another West Coast Rock ‘n’ Roll band is red hot and on fire.


This four piece rock with a solid drummer, rolling bass, a lead guitarist that was a photographer’s dream and a chilled out cat on rhythm rocked the rock and licked the licks.Their moves were backed up by a lighting hot lead guitar that cut and ripper like Jack on heat.


Turning up the volume for “I’ll Be Out of Here” they let loose and blasted the small but growing crowd into rock n roll submission. Slowing down the pace for the last number “Dreamtime Up” The Southern Rock Band didn’t slow down the energy wave they were riding.


What an awesome set on a Saturday arvo under the blue, blue skies of Fremantle. You have to catch those guys around town before they spontaneously combust at their next gig!


Katie J White

FKeeping the funk rock mood going one of the finest voices around town came down and with her All Star Band to let The Spirit Free.


Playing a six song set, the majority of numbers from the fantastic self-titled EP. The funk – reggie-sax-rock sounds intermingled with the layered keyboards, with Daniel Hearn’s thoughtful guitar that added a grittier edge to the sweet sounds of Katie’s soulful vocals.


The set listing of “Gypsy”, “Truth”, “River”, ”Warrior”, ”Nothing to Decide” and “Kiss My Neck” was a winner and played with joy, energy and spirit abounding.


Also originating from Denmark this festival was turning into a Fremantle-Denmark twin town musical meeting of minds.

Red Engine Caves

Manning the drum kit was the multi-talented Callum Kramer from The Southern River Band’s. Just like the previous six string assault he hammered home a message.


Distinctly heavier than the previous bands – think Black Sabbath meeting Budgie and Soundgarden at a Motorhead gig with AC/DC acting as road crew - then you’re getting close to the kind of energy wave that was going down, around and out here.


This Fremantle trio got the crowd up and dancing to the rocking heavy funk boogie. Unfortunately with the sun going down I had to do a runner before the prescription sunnies closed shop.


However now that I made this bands, and other acts, acquaintances I should be looking out for these, to steal a phrase from Legs Electric, “maximumrocknroll” bands.



Legs Electric, Beaufort St Festival, Perth

 Sat 14 Nov 2015 

Due to the somewhat perplexing non-moving queue to get into the stage area it was a dash to stage right when the PA was turned up, lights went on, drum beats started, the guitars started to riff and rumble and the #maximumrocknroll started.


With the energy building intro of ‘Temporary Road’ the leading ladies of WA Rock burst into their set with bigger ball’s than Bon Scott.


Playing with precision and a vigour that matched the high afternoon temperatures Legs Electric blasted their stratospheric energy skywards flying on the wings of dream land stadium rock and roll.     


The powerful vocals of Ama Quinsee that seem to get stronger with each gig rocketed forth leading the charge and inciting, despite the best efforts of gate security, the growing crowd to gather stage front and get up and close to the band.


Driven on by drumming that defies the laws of nature Kylie Soanes is nonstop around the kit and delivers the power quotient three times her physical size.


Her badass bass playing sister, Abby Soanes, does bass runs that Geezer Butler would have been proud to claim as his own.


Guitar ace Laura McCormack fingers do the walking on the fret board while she flows around the stage interacting with Abby and around Ama. Cutting and shredding with #maxiumrocknroll intent her sound is clean and deadly, straight to the heart.


As the unit blitzed through their set with standout numbers such as “Strange Addiction”, “Wanna Riot” and “Black Magic” they killed it and unleashed so much high voltage energy skywards that within five minutes of their set finishing there were electric sheets and forks of lighting flashing in the heavens above.


The talk on the street post gig was that Legs Electric and have just got tighter and more powerful since the punters had witnessed the legs at the semi legendary Uriah Heep support slot at the Astor just around the corner.


For several of the attendees best band of the Beaufort Street Festival 2015.


In closing I would like to dedicate the spirit of this piece to not only the French music fans that were needlessly slaughter at the Bataclan but the innocent civilians of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Egypt et al who have needless died at the hands of dickhead leaders who don’t truly appreciate the magic of music.


Def Leppard

Def Leppard, Redhill Auditorium, Perth

 Baby Animals / Live Sat 21 Nov 2015 

Baby Animals

The Baby Animals hit the stage amped up and ready to rock. Dave Leslie was all smiles as he and Suze DeMarchi rolled out the opening chords to ‘Rush You’.


They ripped into their set with high energy fuelled by DeMarchi and Dave Leslie giving the power chords power. Bass Dario Bortolin lays out the solid bottom line with flair while the Mick Skelton replacement drummer (didn’t catch name but have seem him before with other units) holding it tight.


With the number of smiles around the Baby Animals were loving opening the evening on a perfect Perth afternoon as the sun was beginning its journey down to meet the sea. It was a murderous set and those that did come early were well rewarded by a high drive professional suite of songs that had killer attitude done with a smile.


With Live’s first tour to Australia with Chris Shinn this selection for supporting Def Leppard’s tour had several heads been scratched, including mine.


However from the full area and singing along vocals from the gathering this set was a success.With the ‘Throwing Copper’ hits of the likes of “lighting Crashes’ and ‘Dolphins Cry’ being aired the response was huge.


This turned out to be an inspired choice of a support band.

Def Leppard

After a few decades or so of playing arena size shows the Redhill Auditorium may have been a slight reduction in size for Def Leppard.

However as the support acts passed by and the stage set was reassembled for the main act I got the feeling this was going to be a SHOW !!.


And so it was full of great playing, outstanding lights and graphics, hit songs and smiles. The band were on the move around the stage all night and the sound was loud and clear, reverberating in the Perth hills. Rick Allan’s drum solo was a highlight and the response he drew from the audience was immense.


Opening with a couple of newer songs the multi selling hits from ‘Pyromania’ and ‘Hysteria’ were aired as fresh as they first rocked the air waves. Joe Elliot thanked Australia for buying the latest release ‘Def Leppard’ as it had hit number five in the album charts and praised the venue.


By the end the band walked the stage front thanking the fans. This was a great complementary line-up of acts on the night Def Leppard brought Arena Rock to Redhill Auditorium.



Jon Toogood, Indi Bar, Scarbourgh, Perth

 Rob Walker Sat 28 Nov 2015 

Rob Walker

With the Devil at his back and wearing the Devil’s Shoes Rob Walker galloped out onto the Rock ’n’ Roll plains at the Indi Bar, Scarbourgh.


Driven by the drum foot pedals Rob’s incessant compelling force extrudes outwards and onwards. Playing a mixture of originals and covers (eg ‘Rocket Man’) he world class voice extruded tales of torment and joy.


During interlacing story telling interludes Rob received a great reception from the small (AC/DC sucking up the energy?) but growing crowd of drinkers, movers and shakers. Having come across Jeff Martin’s devilish manner (see Ausland181 news release 23 Apr 15) his dedication on “The Devil Rides Out” was fully appreciated.


To get a taste of Rob’s rock ‘n’ Roll life visit his Facebook page and find out what’s going on.


Jon Toogood

Jon Toogood is a musician with a vast history of success and touring linage. Fronting the NZ rock band Shihad for the past twenty five years plus Jon has been around the world and carries the “almost cracked the States” tale that many a muso would be sympathetic to.


Tonight found Jon at the Indi Bar on his solo acoustic tour of Australia. Playing a mixture of Shihad/ Pacifier originals and covers Jon proved he’s a rock performer with soul.


Entertaining the now packed bar with tales of song writing inspiration and his general thought process put a happy smile on many of the faces at the event.


Stand out of the covers where Australian Crawl’s ‘Reckless’, a dedication to the recent passing of Motorhead’s Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor with an outstanding acoustic cover “Ace of Spades” (yes, had to be heard to believe it was possible) and closing with an encore of AC/DC’s “Long Way to the Top”.A great way to spend an illustrious night of live music.


Palace Of The King, Charles Hotel, North Perth

 Supporting the Screaming Jets Sat 05 Dec 2015 

Palace Of The King (POTK)

Sometimes you have to go to the end to start at the beginning!! And so for this piece I had to do so.


For any support band to have the audacity to cover Deep Purple’s “Space Trucking” but then to carry it off in a superb manner with all members of the band contributing faultlessly, then that says it all and leaves you speechless and breathless.


“Space Trucking” was the second last song of their nine song support set and it highlighted the band’s musical talents in an unassuming but heroic manner. Their brand of classic rock that has echoes of the masters of the seventies.


To paint a picture think of a Led Zeppelin painted a shade of Deep Purple, flying over a Mountain to get to the town of Montrose on a Black Sabbath day if the week and being guided by a Budgie then this starts to get to the core of the sound scape POTK conjure up.


However their sound is not old and jaded but played with a freshness of youth on their original compositions, mostly from their latest album “White Bird – Burn The Sky”.


This six piece of drums, keyboards, bass, two guitarists and a former guitarist on lead vocals they roll out the rock with thunder and lightning flashing. Tim Henwood has made the full time transition from a stage right lead guitarist (ex-Barker, ex-The Superjesus) to centre stage and displays a mighty set of rock vocals at the power range of Brice Dickenson but not as grating to these ears.


Fresh from a European tour this return outing to WA had the Place Of The King winning over a full house with their excellent brand fusion driven outstanding rock. One word … Excellent !!


The Screaming Jets, Charles Hotel, North Perth

 Supported by Palace Of The King Sat 05 Dec 2015 

The Screaming Jets

The packed house at the Charles Hotel was a tribute in its self for the Trojan rock story that is The Screaming Jets.


Twenty five years on and still doing what they do best, playing straight ahead balls to the wall rock with a twist. The twist being front man Dave Glesson’s lyrics and quirky antics along with their guitar craftsmen ship. Scott Kingman and Jimi ‘the Human’ Hocking rip it out, while the bass of Paul Woosen is as big and beefy as ever. With Mickl Sayers there is no mucking around on the drums. Hard, heavy and on it at every beat.


With a set list of new and old favourites the played with fire and determination and were greeted in the same by the filled Charles Hotel.


Following AC/DC’s sell out the previous weekend and tonight’s packed house if Rock is dying the question is who is trying to kill it?With bands such as The Screaming Jets rock will roll on until the world’s end.


Considering the state of the Middle East conflicts at the moment The Screaming Jets may will see the end of the world …. However until then they’ll be rest assured to Keep On Rocking with style and panache.


Kallidad, Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth

 Sunday 13 Dec 2015 


Another milestone in Kallidad’s, to date, two year satellite journey was accomplished last Sunday afternoon when the played the prestigious Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC).


Even though they have hardly time to breathe Senor’s Jackinko, Raven & Bang Bang are so in tune with trip they don’t want to get off the never ending train at the moment.


Using their philosophy of karma the policy of “non-planning” tours but using invites as the spring board and “pay-what-you think-it’s-worth” for merchandise seems to be working. Judging by the success of their Australia and European sojourns and tours, playing their brand of high energy flamenco guitar thrash-rock, there is method in the madness.


With a new EP “Prestige Revealed” hot off the press the trio are certainly hard at work.


Playing a two set show they started off like a cauldron simmering to the boil. The filled FAC courtyard sat back and soaked in the ambiance and energy. With some die-hard fans dancing stage left they, the band and the now boiling musical magic incited the audience to get on up and shake it.


Performing new and, judging by the face painted fans, some well-known numbers the never static guitar duo strode and flowed around the stage. Senior Bang Bang also transcended from boom box to drum kit adding to the mix.“


The Wild West” was dedicated to their “second home” of WA. The boys from Bondi are sure making waves in the live scene and return to play Clancy’s 30th Dec.


With the second set it was all guns blazing with the stage front packed with all ages moving and grooving. We were also treated to a brand new number never played live before and it was welcomed with open ears.


By the end of the set the younger members of the assembled were invited on stage to end the party, finishing in a joyous manner prior to their second gig of the day at the Indi Bar.


Defiantly one for the FAC Sunday Session Hall of Fame !!

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