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LEGS ELECTRIC "Tuesday Girl" Video Launch 

Indi Bar, Scarbourgh, Perth, Sat 06 April 2019

 Lightin' Jack

Lightin’ Jack was in the Blues Swamp of the Indi Bar, opening for Legs Electric "Tuesday Girl" single launch.


Deep, gustsy, true and blue.


 The Limbs

Overcoming earlier technical difficulties The Limbs delivered a post punk apocalyptical explosion of violent mood swings encompassing focused multi-disciplined musical skills. The mood got rowdy. 

NOTE: Pix Sets via Facebook

 "Ladies and Gentlemen It's" The Caballeros

The self-proclaimed most hansome band in Perth, and therefore the most hated, got suited up for their Triple D Date with the purveyors of solid rock that hits the sweet spot, Rock N Roll Gals, Legs Electric.


The Calaballeros had to be sharp and their game in the musical train if they had of coming up to par with the Deadly, Dangerous and Delicious Rocking Gals.

With their top shoes on it was best foot forward as the madness of a Calballeros set soon erupted. Non-stop rooting, tooting bad boy jive with the stage bursting with wayward energy that’s good for the soul and is on par with post punk MC5 musical explosions.

At certain points the volcanic pit on stage overflowed and lead singer Dr Jake over flowed into the watching pit and even onto the bar itself.

The set finished off with a double dose of rapping vocals in the pit of insanity as Dr.Jake was joined by one the guitarists, you know the one with the Croatian Name? Or was it Slavic?


Anyway loud, energetic and a hoot to boot, Rock and Roll Gentlemen indeed.


 Legs Electric

As was fitting a video launch the assembled were treated to a premier screening of the new Legs video for the latest single “Tuesday Girl”.


With some A Grade acting to support the B Grade plot the new toon is a rip roaring riff along composition on par with their much loved fave “Wanna Riot”.


The screening done the screen was rolled up and the Legs rolled on and attacked the set list with zest, swagger and a joie de vivre for the joys of riff roaring “classic” rock.


These girls can play and if it was possible they have even stepped up a level in terms of playing a tight and polished set of sparkling rock gems.


This may have been the night where they crossed the line into the realms of a fully functional serious band. For at the closing of the set the joyous gathering demanded more, and not content with a cover but a fully-fledged original number. They duly obliged with one of their classic’s “Trigger”.


With a WA tour lined up to promote the single get out and catch them over the forth coming weeks. Who knows if the deserved national success takes off you may rule the day you missed them.

With a Great venue, a Great set of bands and a Great closure there’s only TWO word's to sum it up – GORGEOUSLY GREAT

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