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Concert Live Audience

18 Mar 22 to TBA

With their name paying homage to the Gary Moore era Lizzy Black Rose took us on a trip of down memory lane that covered all formations of the legendary Thin Lizzy.
The Brian Roberson/Scott Gorham “Live and Dangerous” classic line up was featured with the opener “Jailbreak” and other numbers dotted around the set list (think Bob Segars “Rosalie”, “Massacre”, “Dancing in the Moonlight”, “Cowboy Song”, “Don’t Believe A Word” and their biggest hit “The Boy Are Back in Town”). 
The fledgling trio of Eric Bell, Brian Downey and the Man Himself, Philip Paris Lynott was featured with “The Rocker” and if my memory still holds, a closing encore of “Whiskey in a Jar”. 
Phil’s work outside of Lizzy was noted with his collaboration work with Gary Moore, “Out in the Fields” being featured.
The Snowy White line up, complete with Snowy’s walking kicks, appeared with “Chinatown”. 
The Gary Moore line up was demonstrated by a sparkling rendition of “Waiting For An Alibi” and, bringing the words to life, “You Can Do Anything”.
The parting line-up of Thin Lizzy that showcased the lighting speed of John Sykes was not left out, with “Cold Sweat” flushing a rush of nostalgia.
Being lucky enough to have witnessed Thin Lizzy on two occasions (the 1981 “Renegade” and 1983 “Thunder and Lighting” tours) I can attest to the fact Black Rose keep the flame of Thin Lizzy alive playing with panache, perfection and Rock N Roll Love.

Titans of Rock – Part 1

Black Rose

Port Brewery, 18 Mar 2022

Having previously experienced some of the members of COVIdale in the live and raw, that was enough to entice me to this gig. 
With the powerful vocals of Ama (Legs Electric) being by flanked by six string maestro Leon (Ragdoll) and some Big, Bad and Beautiful Bass courtesy Simon (Maverrick Firebird, Psychonaut) I knew this was going to be epic.
And They did not disappoint with the other two members (lead guitar and drums) also being outstanding. In short this was an epic gig with amazing renditions of Whitesnake classics covering the many intonations of Mr Coverdale’s band.  
These “Bad Boys” (and Girl) were “Ready n Willing”, and despite “Crying in the Rain”, were begging the gathering to “Give Me All Your Loving”. This was dutifully done but once again they were “A Fool for Your Loving” even if there’s “No Love in the Heart of the City” to be found. 
However “Love Ain’t No Stranger” and COVIdale took it “Slow N Easy” as they asked the musical aficionado’s to “Slide It In”. It was a joint case of “Here I Go Again” as we went “Walking in the Shadow of the Blues”. These “Children of the Night” were soon to be on their way and departed into the “Still of the Night”.
If you can leave the 1983 Castle Donnington Cozy Powell drum solo with visiting helicopter (yes I was there) behind in my opinion quite simply the best Whitesnake cover band in Australia, if the not the World – change my mind!
I was blessed to have witnessed Whitesnake on another three occasion (Edinburgh 1984, Melbourne 1994 and 2008) so I can truthfully say, that in my opinion, COVIdale are the Real Deal.

Titans of Rock – Part 2


Port Brewery, 18 Mar 2022

Ballbreaker play Bon Scott era AC/DC with guts, flair and outstanding skill. With a bonnie scot lead singer leading from the front and back, Kath’s vocals are perfect for the job. It’s left up to her mighty musician partners in crime to serve up the sweet rock goods in style. 
It’s a perfect package with Krissy (Angus) strutting and flashing mad solo’s. Selina (Malcolm) builds the framework with those rockin riffs and occasionally rip’s. 
Jade (Rob, Paul, Mark, Cliff) keeps in tight laying down those lines with Lauren (Colin, Peter, Phil) driving it hard and on time.
With the courtyard of the Port Brewery (formally Railway Hotel) resembling a Rock N Roll casualty ward the fans lapped it up as the High Voltage sounds Walked All Over You.
Special mention must be made of the great sound and light show for all of the bands. But there was more!
At the bequest of those madcap Rockaria Heads, guesting as DJ’s for the night, and leading the chants for more Ballbreaker returned to  follow their encore (“Whole Lotta Rosie”) with a epic version of “Highway to Hell” that featured Jon (Black Rose) and Ama (COVIdale) sharing the vocal duties. 
Want a night. If you wanted Rock n Roll Blood You Got IT! (just like the real thing Edinburgh 1982, Castle Donnington 1984, Melbourne 1991).

Titans of Rock – Part 3


Port Brewery, 18 Mar 2022

Opening a premier heavy metal/rock event can be a daunting task but Prognosis Negative stepped up and stepped in. Hard and heavy, this five piece unit are in the anthemic metal mode that ventures into death metal genre. Great vocals fronting talented musicians set the Milk Bar buzzing with their passionate six song set. With a new single out these “Dark Defender”s of the Perth metal scene are bound to be active around town. Check them out.

Vocals - Kenny Allen
Bass - Kyle Baker
Guitars - Alec Makarein
Guitars - Adam Tartano
Drums - Lachlan Rusin

Metal DownUnder – Part 1

Prognosis Negative

Milk Bar, 02 Apr 2022

JamArt have a message in their music and don’t hesitate to confront taboo subjects. With their musical talents on display they don’t hesitate to mix it up heavy riffs and prog rock beats. With singer Julia guesting on on song they are music for the mind. Check them out around town.

Metal DownUnder – Part 2


Milk Bar, 02 Apr 2022

With the preceding acts already setting a high benchmark. during their atmospheric intro Icarus Lives appeared to summon up the Heavy Metal Gods and Goddess. They received Their Blessings as the third billing musical unit at the Metal Downunder Gig musical played a rip snorting set. 
With their high energy riffing, female lead vocals, furious drumming, melodic speed solo’s and bad ass bass they resonated with a NWOBHM layer foundation supporting eighties thrash peaked by nineties grind and stomping rock of the new century.  
Icarus Lives and the full metal package.
Aria Scarlett, twin lead guitar attack of Cameron Michael & Cohen Dennis and the thundering rhythm section of bass player Chris Ayling and drummer Naomi Treacy.

Metal DownUnder – Part 3

Icarus Lives

Milk Bar, 02 Apr 2022

Five-piece Giant Dwarf bounced around with their heavy groove infecting the Perth Metal DownUnder Milk Bar gathering. The Twin guitar attack of Russ and Richard feeding the fires and injecting a strong performance front of house vocals Arron. Scoot kicking it up and all driven along by Lukes powerful drumming. 
They projected a strong case to support their fuzz while Living the Dream.

Metal DownUnder – Part 4

Giant Dwarf

Milk Bar, 02 Apr 2022

Upping the Death Metal quotient fourfold Ashen got upfront and released their heavy sound like a slap to the ears. Maintaining the high standard of musician skills from the previously cited bands theirs is a force full aural operation.
Their high performing energy was reciprocated by the moshing and head banging music aficionado’s. 
Formed in 2019 and with one critically acclaimed ‘Godless’ EP release under their belt much more can be expected from Ashen in the near-coming future.

Metal DownUnder – Part 5


Milk Bar, 02 Apr 2022

High skilled energic metal riffs powered by explosive drumming and rampaging bass fronted by amazing vocals that go from unapologetic pig-squealing to fair dikum Aussie. 
Kimura grab your attention and suck you into the black hole of mosh pit stomping or alternatively pin you up against the wall.
Fusing their cited influences of Whitechapel, Devildriver, Lamb of God, Slipknot & Pantera Kimura have built a following and will continue to do so with shows like these.
With their fourth album hitting the airwaves these Perth natives are bound to continue the upward momentum. 
Josh Kelly, riff machine guitarist, Ian McAllister, bottom end slapping bass player, Kyle Baker, and grooving drum basher, Gordo Steinberger.

Metal DownUnder – Part 6


Milk Bar, 02 Apr 2022

When Silent Knight’s ten year plus history is aligned with their international festival appearances, and then coupled with four plus releases it can be justifiably argued they are considered Perth’s leading speed/power metal act. That and the quality of their songs up, recorded  and performed in the live raw environment, presents a strong argument why they are held in high esteem in the Metal World.
Tonight’s headlining performance added to their case.
Nonstop on-stage movement featuring dynamic instrumentalist interplay and the searing vocal talents of Dan Ritter were ingredients for a top shelf performance. This was also the live debut of a new drummer who didn’t miss a beat and drove the unit into the Knight. 
Completing the Silent Knight are Stu McGill (guitars, vocals), Cam Nicholas (guitars, lead), Cameron Daw (bass), ‘new man’ (drums).
An excellent evening of live music to showcase the multifaceted talents in the Perth Metal scene.

Metal DownUnder – Part 7

Silent Knight

Milk Bar, 02 Apr 2022

Backed by three musicians Joe rolled out his dulcet tones and gentle harmonies to the early birds. With a voice reminiscent of Bono in harmony thus was on opening treat for the musical afficionado’s in attendance. Joseph’s parting gift was for everyone to “enjoy their rest of their lives”.

Thursday Party – Part 1

Joe Goldsmith (and Band)

Mojo’s Bar, 14 Apr 2022

The Manic are a talented six-piece musician mix fronted by charismatic front man who offers a compelling performance of story, song and movement.
To the side but by no means sidelined are keyboards and volin/keyboards/vocals that add depth to this intoxicating performance. On the other side are the rock guitar duo of lead and bass, with the driving drum beats deftly and tastefully executed in an exotic manner. Joining for one number King Blue’s voice, Skye, demonstrated it was an all inclusive show.
A fully integrated concoction of indie-punk-dance-rock leaves an absorbing and forceful impression, with the music devotees in attendance utterly enthralled.

Thursday Party – Part 2

The Manic

Mojo’s Bar, 14 Apr 2022

Bringing the energy down to smooth and sophisticated level Ken Paolo led the Space Cadets into a silver tongued space. It was a soulful performance of rhythm and blues with a deft touch of jazz. The shows MC and the bouncy Skye (King Blue) joined on backing vocals for one number.
It was a well received by the members of the dance floor fraternity.

Thursday Party – Part 3

Ken Paolo and the Space Cadets

Mojo’s Bar, 14 Apr 2022

King Blue are a ball of energy that bounces around and reverberates with the intention of a spring bunny.   Spreading the love vibes in musical waves that envelope the soul, springing forth the enteral guitar fuelled hip swinging sounds.
A shout out to the stand-in guitarist on his first live performance with KB.
A great set to close a lively, vigorous and spirited evening of live music. Kudos to Mojo’s for great sound, lights and magical Covid19 safe bar staff.

Thursday Party – Part 4

King Blue

Mojo’s Bar, 14 Apr 2022

A great tribute band that covers all Thin Lizzy line-ups with a fine selection of classics – see photos for set list.
Excellent skills to satisfy those hard-core fans.
Also see full review of previous gig @ (19 May 2022) to give you the full picture.

Fond Farewell – Part 1

Black Rose

Beaconsfield Hotel, 23 Apr 2022

eaturing a singer with a set of pipes the closest I’ve heard to the legendary Bon Scott tonight’s gig was a bitter-sweet evening as Bon’s Salute brought a final curtain down on a career.
A great selection of Bon era AC/DC classics such as  “Livewire”, “It’s a Long Way to the Top”, “The Jack”, “Whole Lotta Rosie and “TNT”.
They even have a Malcolm look alike on rhythm.
Seasoned musicians they played with skill and precision, making their two sets fly past.
The music aficionado’s in attendance reciprocated in kind with the energy waves rebounding. While it was not a packed house as there are Covid19 restrictions in place it was a good turn out for Bon’s Salute Last Stand.
Featuring a couple of guests on drum for a number each they also brought on a young air guitarist who was making all the right moves. Time will tell if he’ll be the next Angus Young or Lemmy Wilson (Melbourne in-joke).
Kudos to the sound and lights bloke who help with the fantastic show. Finally, reignition to the venue and bar staff. 
Bon’s Salute may be gone but the Spirit of Live Music Lives On.

Fond Farewell – Part 2

Bon's Salute

Beaconsfield Hotel, 23 Apr 2022

Datura4 have conjured up a mesmerising creation that explodes and ignites the sprit forward, towards the never ending quest for the perfect boogie.

This recording gets to the source.  The first opus kicks off with an eight second intro that could be mistaken for a nod to Skyhooks and Status Quo before bursting into a relentless, perfected timed and buoyant number. 
Pushing off into free fall space “Going Back to Hoonsville” is a mighty statement. A return to youth that fades out but never dies as leading light Dom Mariani (vocals/guitar) and the amalgamation of minds know as Datura4 (Wazza Hall-drums, Stu Loasby-bass, Bob Patient-organ/piano, Jozef Grech-guitar) boogie into the distance.

Drums by Wazza kicks off the blues swagger anthem that “Secret Society” is. Here Bob starts tinkering with your head, bringing his deft touch on keyboards to the fore. Here is also where Jozef slides into the groove.

“Open the Line” is a blues induced riff dance sixties groove that you feel The Stones would have killed for. This is also fades into the distance driven by Wazza and in a live situation this is another one that could go on forever.

“Bad Times” messes with the mind as what could have been an Eddie Van Halen intro kicks into a solid boogie number that uplifts, smiles and has, yes that word again, swagger.

Bursting out “Black Speakers” is a dark, deep blues groove that is menacing. Constricting and heavy this one explodes in to a guitar freezy with Dom/Jozef burning it up.

The only CD running order change from the Splatter Vinyl is where title track “Neanderthal Jam” moves up from vinal closing to CD track six. This a lighter feel to it that paradoxically is spurred on by Stu on the bass. Here he underwrites the contract and lets the music do the talking while Datura4 continue scaling the hairy mountain.

“Hold My Life” bounces the aural view like a Highland jig. Special guest Howie Smallman laces the flavour with a Gaelic flavoured blues harp (if such a thing exists).

Bursting back with a frenzied, breathless number “A Worried Man’s Boogie” is priceless and flexes an upbeat harp.

“Digging My Own Grave” is heavy and urgent, running through black, back alleys of your mind. Twin guitars let loose a la Wishbone Ash/Thin Lizzy in this persuasive, invaluable and essential musical masterpiece.

The first of the CD extra tracks is “Fish Fry”, a stomp along groove that enquires, asking questions and brings Bob into soothe the mind with his exquisite touch. A jagged mountain ridge river where salmon jump.

Closing the CD “Drive-By Island” has, as the name suggest, a sunshine drive groove that expands beyond the boogie and sails into the “boy-to-man” dreams. It picks up and runs on the desert beach driven by a sunny, echoing solo that is dangerous in the extreme.

Datura4’s fifth album is nothing short of a masterpiece that just begins to capture the eloquence and danger of their live performances. Where the boogie just begins to never end ………

Fried Boogie


Neanderthal Jam (2022)

The Dysfunctional Ones youthful energy and love of playing shines through in the live environment. 
With a two guitar-drums-bass/vocals line-up their interpretation of heavy rock blues delivers a twisted, primeval, toe kicking sound scape. Augmented with back braking solos and fret board action where the owners barley control their fingers here is another up and coming band breaking out in the Perth music scene.
A small but dedicated flock of early birds made in in for the Rock Party kick-off and were respected by lead voice/bass Kyle. They responded by lining stage front.
A perfect way to flush away the #stripperlove come down blues. Word is a debut CD is being recorded with three tracks down. Sounds like another antidote is in the post.
Art of Dysfunction are: 
Michael Menna - Lead Guitar 
Kyle Haydock - Bass and Vocals 
Ashley Gallop - Rhythm guitar 
Royce Mack - Drums

Stripper Love Come Down – Part 1

Art of Dysfunction

Charles Hotel, 13 May 2022

Paying homage to the nineties rock gems Government Grunge are the Perth go to grunge cover band. 
Opening and closing with a Nirvana song (Aneurysm and Breed respectively) The Smashing Pumpkins were up next (Bullet with Butterfly Wings). See photos for the full set list.
With a charismatic front man and skilled musicians, they delivered a well-received set. The music aficionado’s could sit back and relax to some well-played live music.

Stripper Love Come Down – Part 2

Government Grunge

Charles Hotel, 13 May 2022

Legs Electric kicked off their eight-song set with the dark “Sold Ya Soul” and hooked you the excellent fret board work of guitarist Elana. Operating as a four-piece one guitar unit Elana skills shine with her exceptional work. 
As they move into the more up tempo numbers the infectious grooves makes you want to move, nod the head and swing the hips.
Ama’s strong vocals and shining persona boost up the energy with Erin (bass) and Kylie (drums) driving them along. 
Legs Electric put in another diamond performance/ Another statement to add to the reasoning they are the leading all girl band rock band playing originals in Western Australia.
Winning over fans when and wherever they play Legs Electric will keep on rocking into the sunset.
And what was more the Stipper Love Come Down Blues were kicked out of the Park.
Many thanks to Ama for the pre-gig Mona Lisa Setlist portrait shot.
Legs Electric are Elana (Guitar), Erin (Bass), Kylie (Drums), Ama (vocals).

Stripper Love Come Down – Part 3

Legs Electric

Charles Hotel, 13 May 2022

Electric Mary are a composite heart and soul rock band giving it all, giving it hard and playing it fast.
With Rusty’s outstanding rock gnarled and emotive vocals fronting the unit they are a winning machine. The outstanding fret board work of Brett Wood in unison with Pete Robinson dished out pulverising riffs and electric strike solos. Brett changing a string mid-song with the band not missing a beat highlighting the skill level of these seasoned performers. 
The bare foot bass drive machine Alex Raunjak binds, pushes and pulls the guitar team. The Man at the Back on the Stix Attack, Spyder, put in one of the most powerful displays of drumming I’ve seen in recent years. With a spot on sound the use of drum fills and integrated percussion was outstanding.
With a twelve song set list drawn from their rich five album/five EP recorded history the music aficionado’s hauled them out for another encore to finish the night.
Returning to Perth after a five year absence Electric Mary put in an outstanding hard rock n roll performance. Their energy drove me in the merch desk where purchases where made to reciprocate the Thanks for blowing off those #stripperlove Come Down Blues.

Stripper Love Come Down – Part 4

Electric Mary

Charles Hotel, 13 May 2022

Satisfaction Guaranteed are making a name for themselves with high energy performances that front songs of quality good time rock. Tackling each gig like it’s a headlining stadium show this unit have stars on their shirts and stars in their eyes.
Their singer, and part time keyboard player, is as dynamic as they come. His energetic bounds reminds me of a sprightly Mick Jager delivered with the assuredness of Freddie Mercury. A jumping jack flash who gets around and the puts the combustion into Satisfaction Guarantee’s ostentatious.
But it doesn’t end there, as the blaze is carried through the rip n tear breaks of the clean sounding guitar that explodes. The bass and drums are a law unto themselves as they drive along, building their house of rock.
Hailing from Bunbury catch them when you head south or when they are up in the Big Smoke.
Line up is Ethan Robinson, Tommy Host, Will Gordon and Johnny Rogers but who plays what? Who cares cos they bleed Rock n Roll.

Energy Eruption – Part 1

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Milk Bar, 04 Jun 2022

A perfect wedge between the high octane bands in this evening’s soiree the Wayward Johnson led the Adjustment out to play a breath taking eight set bracket.
Peaceful vibes for the community by a community of its own as the seven piece ensemble lines the stage.
Carrying a country rock ambiance they rock it along or slow it down with their authoritative integration of their instruments. 
Each song carries a message that is left up to the listener to grasp and interpret as they deem fit. Personnel faves being “Fast Lane”, “Duck in a Row” and “State We’re In”. 
If you like Steve Earle you may well find the Wayward Johnson and the Adjustment to your taste.
A country rock ensemble that finds time to breathe.

Energy Eruption – Part 2

Wayward Johnson and The Adjustment

Milk Bar, 04 Jun 2022

The venerable Volcanics exploded with a sixty minute set of hard driving, edgy rock. Propelled by twin guitar sonic riffs by Tommy and Greg the Ledge, the boom blast knocks you against the wall. The kinetic energy of singer Johnny then pulls the audience towards the stage as the heavy and humble bass (Levi) and drums (Alex) crunch starts the semi tribal rock stomp. 
With five albums out, stretching back to 2007, there catalogue of music to smash and grab from is a comprehensive expression of their art form.
Tonight’s show revealed The Volcanics are still at the peak of their game as they rocked into the night and left the Milk Bar music aficionado’s happy and sedated until their next fix.
The Volcanics are:-
John Phatouros (vocals)
Alex Megaw (drums)
Tommy Hopkins (guitar)
Levi Caddy (bass)
Greg Hitchcock (guitar)

Energy Eruption – Part 3

The Volcanics

Milk Bar, 04 Jun 2022

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