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Metal DownUnder – Part 7

Silent Knight

Milk Bar, 02 Apr 2022

When Silent Knight’s ten year plus history is aligned with their international festival appearances, and then coupled with four plus releases it can be justifiably argued they are considered Perth’s leading speed/power metal act. That and the quality of their songs up, recorded and performed in the live raw environment, presents a strong argument why they are held in high esteem in the Metal World.
Tonight’s headlining performance added to their case.
Nonstop on-stage movement featuring dynamic instrumentalist interplay and the searing vocal talents of Dan Ritter were ingredients for a top shelf performance. This was also the live debut of a new drummer who didn’t miss a beat and drove the unit into the Knight.
Completing the Silent Knight are Stu McGill (guitars, vocals), Cam Nicholas (guitars, lead), Cameron Daw (bass), ‘new man’ (drums).
An excellent evening of live music to showcase the multifaceted talents in the Perth Metal scene.

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