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Legs Electric - Two Sides

Firestarter Distribution​

The wait has been so, so, soooo long …. And now it is Over … with bated breath and slow nervous, trembling movements the Disc was placed into the tray, ‘close’ and ‘play’ pressed …. the taper was ignited, the fuse set burning and ….. We Have Lift Off ….

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rockers and Rastafarians, Lovers and Fighters, Princesses, Princes and Paupers, Saints and Sinners …. I can testify that the wait was worthwhile … and this Release Delivers !!

With a rock solid production the foundation is laid for the Ladies to Lay Down, get in a groove and do what hurts the best.

The sound is big, meaty and bouncy, Who would have guessed? Kylie Soanes works out the drum kit with energetic fervor, simultaneously holding down the beat and exploring the full realms of Her office.

Beware Drummer at Work.

Working in unison with Her rhythmic mate, Erin Gooden holds the foundations of the fort with a vast, cosmic throbbing bass that flows like molten metal.

Guitar slinging Elana Haynes welds it together with mastery skill of chunky riffs infused with ripping lighting rod solo’s that burn and melt, like flowing red hot rock lava.

​With the solid but moving framework, remaining tight as it travels, the creative process is set to motion to free the spearhead of this group of Valkyrie Maidens to do her thing. Ama Qunisee lets Her vocals rise and ride over, up and down, in and out of the sound, integrating it together, infusing and increasing the power quotient two fold, and the passion! Ama’s vocals rove, roam and explode setting the listener on fire.



So with the summary scene setting done and overview over with, lets get down and dirty, roll up the sleeves, get into the details and explore what this five track EP is all about.

The brand spanking new “Dark Paradise” lifts off with precision and Tony Iommi  fueled intensity. Ama flexes Her vocal muscles and you know it’s On.

Ohh the Power.

Although previously release as a single “Wanna Riot” gets a work over and comes out shinny, bright, strong and new. This rocking number moves along with the speed and precision of a Japanese bullet train with Skid Row on board and a bottle throwing Crue bringing up the rear. This song is Dangerous with a capital D.

Another newish number “Shine Right Through” floats along in a Cream like groove but whips and lashes out, leaving you red raw, busied and battered.

Long-time favorite “Strange Addiction” finally gets committed to a recording, unleashing the rock tight unit. The first few bars pulls you in to the power pop beat before the full power of it's crushing sound is unleashed and grinds you into submission.

The mystic opening of “Kingdom” rises like swirling clouds of a waterfall mist, then like a hunting female wolf pack Legs Electric descend, rip and tear, taking no prisoners. Tasty guitar work fuels this song, along with the Valkyrie blood thirsty cries of Ama.


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​​Legs Electric prove they have the Power to split the Rock Atom, proving there’s “Two Sides” to everything.

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