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U2 Tribute Night, North Freo Bowling Club

Stuart Orchard, James Miitel, Kenny Austin Band Fri 08 Jan 2016

Not the anticipated way to start 2016 by Hey you accept what The Universe offers. Tonight was a stellar line-up of local talent paying tribute to the phenomena that is U2.First time at the North Fremantle Bowling Club and with a cosy, friendly atmosphere and great bar prices a return visit beckons

Stuart Orchard

First up was Bono, sorry, Stuart Orchard, who pulled off great versions of U2 songs with the stand-out being ‘One’.Giving always prizes for U2 questions and calling up Kenny Austin to guest on a duo Stuart had the small but enthusiastic gathering roaring in approval.

James Mittel

James Mittel brought the North Freo Bowling Club back to earth with a choice mix of U2 covers and his own original compositions. James kept the night moving along nicely.

Kenny Austin Band

The Kenny Austin Band was adversely affected by the tragic Waroona / Yarloop bush fires.


Their bass player being stranded down south but thankfully not unharmed. However with the depth of Freo / Perth musical talent a stand-in bass player was found and the band improvised magnificently.


The only challenge being if you shut your eyes getting over the vision of Bono being replaced by Bob Dylan or John Couger such is the strength of Kenny Austin’s vocals.A fun way to start 2016.


Axiom Event Rosemount Hotel,North Perth

Avon Yoner,The Durongs, Moana, Legs Electric, Apollo's Son, The Southern River Band Sat 09 Jan 2016

Avon Yonder

The Avon Yonder three piece kicked off proceeds in the main band room. Like a butterfly flying on a summer breeze they brought a light sound but with a sharp guitar and vocals with the power of the sun.

Their thirty minute set was a great way for the Axiom Girl By The Whirlpool event energy to start to flow.


Unknowns - TBA

The sound scape started to get more complex as The Durongs took to the stage. A four piece with rolling drums, layered keys & guitar and a bass that had a deep roll of a wild ocean they added some heat to the energy levels and took the building gathering on a stormy trip.

They were well received and no reports off persons lost at sea were reported at this early time in the proceedings.



Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the sea Moana pounced like a stalking shark. With a bouncing bass, thunderous drums, frenetic guitar sounds and commanding vocals this unit leads you into an ethereal hemisphere. The force was taken to boiling point with this powerful sound scape making you convulse and twist with the building momentum.


With the incessant energy of a hungry cat the engaging dynamism left you mauled, ripped, bleeding and begging for more. 


Legs Electric

Launching their 2016 off one of the hardest working bands around Perth cast their ‘Black Magic’ over the growing band of maximum rock n roll aficionado’s that had gathered in the main room.

Laying out their brand of classic rock the barnstorming quartet, fronted by Motorhead chested Ama Quinsee paying tribute to the legend of Lemmy, these bad ass angels of rock kicked it out with a high energy set.

Playing with double amped dynamism they cut, thrust, delivered and conquered.


Apollo’s Son

About halfway into my first encounter with Apollo’s Son I was tripping out to the all-embracing soundscape when I had a moment of clarity. I was listening, and watching, the new Led Zeppelin.

Alright my mind has been known to take such flights of fancy before, placing bets on the “next big” thing and falling on my sword and into the preverbal custard so to speak.

However there equally occasions when my instincts have been proven to be outstandingly on the mark …think Baby Animals, John Butler for example.

In short get to their next gig and find out for yourself.


The Southern River Band

Ripping into it from the word get-go The Southern River Band unleashed their brand of southern rock in an unmerciful fashion.

With Rambo strength bass, hardest hitting drums of the night, a stage right guitar that supported and gave the rhythm rhyme and a lighting fast shredder on lead guitar who spoke also as fast as he ripped the SRB were flying high on supersonic mode.

Closing out with a crowd sing along chorus in “Ain’t Gonna Be Here Long” that also featured a jaw dropping solo one hopes that the said front man of SRB does a Lemmy and not a Hendrix/Steve “Steaming”  Clarke on us and is here to share his major talents for many a day.


Western Australia Southern Rock done like a chook on the barbie – you know it’s right !!  



At this stage I departed as then emotional musical sacrament left me drained. What a magnificent way to start 2016 !!!

The Southern River Band, Indi Hotel, Scarbourgh

Marmalade Mama,The Durongs, Sat 16 Jan 2016


Marmalade Mama

First Marmalade Mama by name, Ginger Baker by nature and lashing’s of Cream to flavour. With a sizable following crowding out the bar area Marmalade got stuck into their set with vigour.


This three piece power trio rocked with vitality and volume. With a sound that certainly gives a nod of respect to Bruce, Baker & Clapton their original compositions give the individual members the forum to display their musical dexterity.


At one stage the drummer & guitarist swapped instruments giving a slightly different lighter sound but no less intense.Demonstrated by the reaction of their joyous following, not to mention their excellent set, they are certainly a name to watch out for.

The Durongs

With a stripped back shuffle blues sound and a gravel edged voice reeking of soul The Durongs were a perfect vibe for this hot night.


A four piece of guitar/vocals, guitar, bass and drums they took us back to basics weaving their musical magic with exquisite and precise touches. Guiding the listeners through their interpretations, a base lesson in laid back boogie was arranged.


Although the majority of the steaming crowd had retreated to the magnificent beer garden The Durongs melodic, tuneful and melodious energy made for sweet sounding backdrop to this hot night.


Following a tribute cover of a Willie Dixon number a sax player joined The Durongs on stage and added to their sweet sound scape, closing off an enjoyable set. Defiantly a name for Blues aficionado’s to watch out for.

The Southern River Band

Like a lightning bolt flash The Southern River Band hit the stage with their high energy boogie rock drawing the refreshed assembled back into a packed main room.


With a dynamic high energy front man / singer / lead guitarist, rock solid bass, rhythm guitarist who fills, riffs and joins the unit together and a drummer who beats hard and drives the energy on The SRB can be summed up in one word – KILLERS!!.


Deep South boogie 12 bar with a touch of blues and lead breaks the cut to the core, shred and make you bleed blue are the ingredients to these bad ass boys brew. With plenty of inter song banter The SRB connect with their audience with the main aim of the game to fly on a rocket shop and have a good time.

Without a doubt this was achieved with guys and gals moving and grooving with an energy flow that united the mass energy as one.


Think double dose Georgia Satellites with Molly Hatchet shooting a 38 Special and your ending in the right direction.

So if you’re looking for a good time catch The Southern River Band at a venue near you today.

In closing full kudos must go to the Indi Bar Production Manager & Booking Agent Rene who as well as connecting the dots on this excellent line-up also got the mixing desk right on the night. A rocking venue to catch your fave band at.


Surf Rock Fiesta, Indi Hotel, Scarbourgh

Dangerous Island, Dom Mariani and The Majestic Kelp,The Day of the Dead, Sat 23 Jan 2016

With some eight months passing before this line-up of Surf Rock Extravaganza got together it was with expectant anticipation of a surf rock overload this mini fiesta was approached. On a night a full moon was rising anything could happen.


Danger Island

The three piece Danger Island lived up to their name with some dangerous playing while they surfed musical islands on the Indi Bar stage. With some light, complex and expansive moves they set the night up for this Surf Rock carnival.

Dom Mariani and The Majestic Kelp  

With an immense reputation being brought to the stage local Guitar Legend Dom Mariani with his Majestic Kelp hit hard and in the face.


With a strong twelve song set The Kelp then proceeded to take the assembled from the beach to the swamp and back to the beach again. Travelling a magic carpet to a field of underwater mushrooms the Kelp washed onlookers down with their heavier brand of surf rock thickening up the atmosphere.


The five piece of drums, bass, rhythm, lap/acoustic/rhythm and the infamous lead guitar laid down an unforgettable musical interpretation of surf and swamp in downtown Scarbourgh.


Only one word to describe this display - Majestic !!

Day of the Dead   

On a night of a full moon rising The Day of the Dead rose to take the near full house on a resplendent spiritual journey of remembrance and honouring.


Like a mad Mexican bad ass surf break we were taken down and thrown around with a lucky thirteen song set doing the cerebral damage.


With a different sound to the previous two units but still unmistakably in the surf rock genre this four piece lit up the night with a firework display of frenetic fretboard work and crazy off stage guitar walks.


Eight months was worth the wait for this majestic celebration of guitars surfing the soundscape.

Mojo's 19 Feb

Moana Hibernation,Mojo's Bar, North Fremantle

Vin, Lana, Moana, Apollo's Son, Fri 19 Feb 2016


A punk poet with Bod Dylan angst Vin prowled the stage relentlessly. Playing with raw passion and electric energy no one couple doubt the intensity of the first performer.


Rhythmic, layer sound of beats wrapped in clouds. If this what floats your mind then Lana will sail you on down the river in peace and tranquillity.


Staking the stage like a hungry tigress no one is safe from the ferocious energy that Moana transmits.


Flanked by a non-stop bassist who twists, turns and writhes in unison with the dancing bottom line and a guitarist who rip, shreds and tears at your nerve endings Moana pounces to capture her unsuspecting prey.


Drums, solid and pounding, driving the ensemble on deals the final hand. A couple of numbers in the lights were turned down to make it easier for Moana to stalk their quarry.


Never short of surprises that keep you guessing Moana was joined by the finest rock n roll skin tight, arse bite, pant maker on flute for a couple of numbers. Mother Moana added texture to the thought provoking grooves that their collective set makes you bump, grind and move.


Sadly this may be the last we see of Moana as the guitar/bass go their own way for a while. One can only hope Moana continues the drive and passion in the near future and keeps her spaced out sex rock flowering like twisted rose in a lunar moonscape.

Apollo's Son  

Apollo’s Son entered the fray with the lead guitar and bass moving from Moana making a transition into a heavy rock/blues/jazz influenced sound.


With organ sounding keys and power drumming adding to the mix their sound is original but influences of Zeppelin can be heard.


Masterful control of their instruments produced a powerful, classy set of originals songs to close off the night.


Sunday Session - Katie J White, Fremantle Arts Centre

 Sun 21 Feb 2016

Katie J White Solo   

With the Fremantle Arts Centre courtyard filling up Katie J White took to the stage with an icebreaking solo set.


With only her acoustic guitar the blue sky sun filled piazza was a perfect setting for Katie to show case her exception vocal talent not to mention song writing skills.


The quality of her voice really came to the fore on the last number of this short but inspiration suite when Katie discarded her guitar and only had her voice as an instrument to communicate her energy and soulful expression.

Katie J White Solo   

With the Fremantle Arts Centre courtyard filling up Katie J White took to the stage with an icebreaking solo set.


With only her acoustic guitar the blue sky sun filled piazza was a perfect setting for Katie to show case her exception vocal talent not to mention song writing skills.


The quality of her voice really came to the fore on the last number of this short but inspiration suite when Katie discarded her guitar and only had her voice as an instrument to communicate her energy and soulful expression.

Katie J White Band   

With the eclectic audience well and truly warmed up by the paradoxical ice breaking intro collection and the hot rays of the Western Australian relentless sun the Katie J White Band took to the stage pumped and primed.


Katie was looking trim and taught as she funked up the bass bottom line and strutted her stuff with exceptional musicians by her side.


With a two set show the collective of guitar, drums, keyboards and bass/vocals laid out the brand of funk rock soul in a high energy manner. Leveraging from their solo EP there were also new, old and a cover of ‘Superstition’ to get those that felt the energy to get up and shake their booty.


Harbour Sunday - Datura4, Fremantle Maritime Museum

 Old Blood, Sun 28 Feb 2016

Old Blood   

With soul sucking intensity the vocals of Old Blood twist the intestines and leave you in a soaking sweat.


Or was it the sun beating down on a blenched deck of the Fremantle Maritime Museum?


If you’re as unsure as me then check out Old Blood for some raw and authentic blues n soul with front man with the vocal pipes of Joe Cocker meets Aaron Neville and long gone smoke filled venue guitar at a venue near you.


Riding high on the critical acclaim of their latest release “Demon Blues” Datura4 had the Fremantle Maritime Museum full to capacity as the set sail on the rough and turbulent rock blues sea they navigate on.


Kicking off with the tired and tested “Just Wanna” the title track of “Demon Blues” was up next. The solid barrier of dedicated fans stage front of local guitar legend Dom Mariani attested to the esteem he is held in.


Dom was ripping up a storm with another Australian Rock legend Greg Hitchcock as the crowd were getting down on the sounds.


Stu Loasby and Warren Hall tied up the rhythm on bass and drums respectively and are a solid team on “Aint No Friend” backing up Dom and Greg to the hilt.


Great venue, great bands on a great day. Long may the Habour Sunday’s reign in Fremantle on sunny Sunday’s.


"I Smell Rock'n'Roll" - Legs Electric, Indi Bar

 Dirtwater Bloom, Tequila Mockinbyrd, Fri 29 July 2016

Dirtwater Bloom   

Playing blues boogie shuffle their way the gravel throated front of four piece Dirtwater Bloom laid it out pure and simple.

Some excellent guitar work supported by harp, bass and drums a gaseous layer of rock ‘n’ roll was expunged from the dirty water of blues and spread into the Indi Bar, planting the seeds for the next act.

Dirtwater Bloom were well received by the filing house in a generous style.

Tequila Mockinbyrd   

On their first trip to WA the three piece riff machine of Tequila Mockinbyrd swooped down and hit the unsuspecting audience like a hit of Jose Cuervo. 

A tight musical unit they demonstrated their pedigree when technical difficulties hit their six string guitarist. However thanks to the bass/vocals and pint sized powerhouse drumming team they kept it going until all sonic’s were restored and operating.

This hard hitting trio certainly made friends in WA before heading off on a European tour.


Legs Electric  

Returning back to one of their favourite venues where it goes off Legs Electric played a blistering set that had all up front shouting for more.

The rowdy and rocus reception Legs Electric received belies the deep sense of appreciation the packed house extended towards the second all female band of the night.

With a no holds barred approach to raising the roof with their brand of #maximumrocknroll move energy was generated and reverberated around the venue.

In keeping with the generous spirt of the night the vivacious vocalist whose mighty vocals fills out the sound, Ama Quinsee, was joined by Craig Jovanovic of Maverick to lead a rosing cover version of AC/DC’s “Sin City”.

The rocking and rolling audience appreciated the tight licks, stupendous solo’s, manic drumming, rampaging bass and soaring vocals in this energetic set.


"A Whole Lotta Rosie" - Hells Bells, Rosemount Hotel

 Maverick, Legs Electric, Fri 26 Aug 2016


My timing was off as on the night I turned up half way through the opener’s Maverick set. However Maverick’s timing was defiantly not off as this together spot on unit were pumping out their brand of West Coast Rock.

With boogie rock licks, fancy fretwork solo’s, pumping bass, solid drumming and ultra-strong vocals these guys are the real deal.

Working on a debut album slated for release early 2017 catch this unit around town and help support this rock machine.

Legs Electric 

From one fermenting rock machine to another rock machine that is well and truly on the boil. With roots based in classic seventies rock Legs Electric spread, grow and twist engulfing all around with their infectious energy, musicianship and ability to hook you on a hook line that could pull in a Great White.

Laura McCormack is a six string assassin, a killing machine that brings it in on a fretboard fling on razor sharp guitar strings. She brings you too your knees, dishing out chops with a precision delivery that’ll make your ears bleed and eyes sting.

Supported in true sisterhood style by rampaging bass runs courtesy of Abby and frenetic, frantic devil drumming by Kylie, this dynamic duo beat you into submission. The Sonic Soanes Sisters pull it all together and leave it loose at the same time.

Fronted by voice that goes with the rock star personality and looks Ama Quinsee leads from the front on this wild charge

Playing select numbers from the #maximumrocknroll EP, the odd surprise cover and a couple of newer compositions theirs is a cosmopolitan set for the HAIR (nice work ladies) shakers and head bangers around.

A solid, tight, kick ass set from one of the hardest working bands around Perth, get out to see them soon and help #spreadthelegs where Rock Hard satisfaction is guaranteed!!

Hells Bells 

If there is there a harder working rock band around Perth then it has to be Hells Bells. A cover band that supports original music to the extreme Hells Bells must be one of the premier AC/DC bands in WA, if not Australia.

Drawing mostly for the Bon Scott era with the all-time classic Brian Johnston numbers (think ‘Back in Black’ & ‘Thunderstruck’ to name a few).

This band is tight and solid with each member clearly loving their part in bringing these events to rock music loving public. It’s not so much a “show” but a baring of rock ‘n’ rebel souls that are on display during their time machine extravaganders.

During the latter stages front man Wayne called on Ama Quinsee to share the stage and a song (Sin City ?). Rod Pearson (lead guitarist) did several crowd walk arounds and playing from the bar that fulfilled the expectations of all the audience, including those from the legal system, or on the run from said system, alike.

Those that braved the elements on this rainy winter’s night certainly got the just deserts with two encores. This was due to Hells Bells for playing past the bell and well past the ‘official’ finish of ‘Let there Be Rock’.

For those that like a ‘High Voltage’ night out get to the next Hells Bells show around Perth town and beyond.

The Green Room Collective - Fibonacci Centre, Fremantle

 Shaun Corlson, Leah Grant, Rob Walker, Grace Sanders, Marlyn Wynn, Sat 29 Oct 2016

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