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Archive Reviews #3 - Jul - Aug 2015 - see below

“Going back to the source” are the words that spring to mind for what would have been Bon Scott’s 69th birthday (09 July 1946) weekend remembrance celebrations. At some point in his Freo days Bon resided at the Leopold Hotel and would take the “Highway to Hell” (the Canning Highway) to party on at the night club ‘The Raffles”.


The Canning Highway had received that nickname due to the high incidents of motor vehicle fatalities that occurred, usually on weekends.

Thus no better venue could have been chosen by AC/DC cover band Hells Bells to perform this week end.


Opening act Maddcatz are a brother/sister fronted bass/drums/guitar trio. From the opening chords you could tell this unit were slick and hammered home the “classic rock” sound. Guitarist Jake Bignell knows his craft with his solo’s being hard ‘n’ heavy and his solo’s crisp and clean.  The following locks and Gibson Byrdland style guitar may have been contributing factors but I could not get a Ted Nugent like comparison out of my head. 


Meanwhile on bass “Mad” Maddi Bignell was stomping up a storm. Fiery red hair and burning bass lines tided the sound up and together. The hard hitting drumming from the back keep Maddcatz on track. A great start to the night.


At one point Maddcatz were joined by the Hells Bells rhythm guitarist Mal Osbourne on stage for a number. A nice display of Rock ‘n’ Roll camaraderie that was to be a feature of the night

Bon Scotts 69er, Leopold Hotel

Maddctz, Legs Electric, Hells Bells, Leopold Hotel, Bicton, Fri 10 July 2015 

Bon Scott 69

The lights dimmed and through the darked light the familiar figures of Legs Electric could be made out. With their ‘backs to the wall’ shadowy stances on view the tribal rhythms built up to a crescendo. You could feel the tension build as this rock ‘n’ roll dam was about to burst its banks. And “Boom” it was on for young an old!!


Unleashing like a viper the bands energy and enthusiasm tore into the building gathering of rock music aficionado’s via a solid wall of blistering riffs, lightning fast solo’s (Laura McCormack), bass lines that ran over you like a Tiger tank (Abby Soanes) ,  vocals that pinned you to the wall (Ama Quinsee) and drum beats to hammer in the nails (Kylie Soanes).


The band’s stage presence is becoming more and more confident without being over bearing with Ama moving cool and confident without strutting. Her vocals are as powerful as Pat Benatar’s and Bon would be proud of the talent his (adopted) hometown of Perth is producing. The drumming had an extra kick in it and that may have been due to the fact that Kylie Soanes was on a drum riser and rose to the occasion accordingly.


The band ripped through their set in what seemed no time, such was the good time rock vibes being blasted out. The familiar numbers from ‘Temporary Road’, ‘She’s Like A Saint’ to the rocker ‘Wanna Riot’ where all there.

As per the previous set the Rock ‘n’ Roll friendship between the bands was displayed by Hells Bells vocalist Wayne Currow joining in for a rousing cover of an AC/DC’s “Sin City” (?).


In some ways it is hard to fathom how Legs Electric continue to improve with each performance. With a forthcoming five date tour of NSW at the end of the month one has to question if the Eastern States are ready for Legs Electric?


However one has the feeling the NSW rock community will rise to the occasion.

Following a brief take down and set up break the lighted dimmed and the throng surged forward to meet Hells Bells head on stage front.


Within a few riffs you could tell this guys are seasoned veterans and play with expertise associated with such. Front man Wayne Currow is a real performer, whipping up the crowd to fever pitch. The main aim was for everyone to have a great time.



This also translated into the band having a great time as well. Keeping it tight and on spec the boys drove through an energetic set. Although they also cover Brian Johnson era songs in their set for this occasion they keep to the Bon Scoot classic’s ‘Riff Raff’, ‘The Jack’ where Wayne picked out a friend in the audience to direct the song to, ‘High Voltage’, ‘Rockers’, ‘Dog Eat Dog’ and of course ‘Let There Be Rock’.


All the AC/DC elements such as Wayne talking the lead guitarist Rod Pearson on his shoulders ala Bon and Angus. It’s interesting to note Bon actually stole that idea when seeing the band Georgie in the UK in the early seventies. Of course Georgie’s lead singer was none other than Brian Johnson who filled in for the deceased Bon.


For the final encore (which shall have to remain nameless as all adherence to dutiful note taking had been dispensed with as I was swept away on the wave) they were joined by the supporting vocalists ‘Mad’ Maddi Bignell (Maddcatz) and Ama Quinsee (Legs Electric) which brought the house down and the music for the night to a conclusion.


A special note should be made of the excellent sound and lighting of the venue which added to the occasion.

All in all this was a night of Maximum Rock’n’Roll, entertainment and fun. I’m sure I even detected a hint of the Michael Schenkers in a few of the Hells Bells guitar breaks!


Just to close off I would like to dedicate this piece to Bon, the performing bands and also to the long gone Clarendon Rock Club London. The spirit never, never, ever dies but it might just metamorphosis into another form.


Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll!


(Some) Hidden Treasures, Week #2, Fremantle

Shit Narnia, Matt Cal, David Robersonand the Kiss List, Natalie Gillespie, Thur 09 July 2015 

The youthful packed Buffalo Club welcomed the Shit Narnia with open arms and the Shit Narnia embraced Buffalo Club. Kicking off on full throttle and full of punk angst this looked like a hard core set with the lead singer getting onto the floor and into the audience action.

However after a couple of songs they moved into a real melodic thyme that displayed the musical talents of the four piece (bass, guitar, drums, vocals) unit.

The punk pace picked up again and some moshing even erupted at the front of the stage.

Due to commitments at the National I ventured off into the night leaving the punk princesses with their youthful energy effervescing on heat.

A well worded and beared MC at the National revved up the audience at the upstairs venue for the talented Matt Call Trio.

Matt Call and his compadre (may have been Chris Parkinson) on harmonica. Laying down some blues musically in the vein of Jeff Lang and vocally of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vender meeting John Butler Matt produced and excellent set of heartfelt story-telling and rhythms and harmonies.

The much antedated chronical of a trio became a reality when a local Fremantle legend Jean-Guy Lemar joined the duo on harmonica thus making it ‘real’.

A great set displaying the talents of Matt, Chris (?) and Jean-Guy and promoting his new CD ‘Live at The Ellington 2015”.

The well worded, bearded and did I neglect to say hat wearing National MC built the throng up to fever picture for the next set. Introducing David Robertson and the Kiss List as a the best Kiss since Gene Simons (or did he?) the four piece of acoustic/vocals, drums, bass and fiddle/violin came out and breathed peace, love and harmony into the National.


Their harmonised vocals and melodic sweep the assembled on a magic carpet ride that was as smooth as silk.

They received a warm response from the music fans on a cold winter’s night.

Achieving the impossible the National MC hit the stage with arms outstretched to implore the growing onlookers to rise up to even greater heights and welcome Natalie Gillespie.


The vibrant and evergreen Natalie and her impressive band soon got grooving and moving and raised the temperature from the first chord.

With the supremely gifted Dave Brewer on guitar the licks clicked with style and precision and solo’s that lifted you to the moon. The funky bass of Roy Martinez (?) kept the bottom line simmering. The driving drum beats snapped and harried like a terrier and sustained it all on time.


The foundation was laid for Natalie to position her sweet, soulful and fiery vocals on top. She gyrated and moved in sync with the tuneful tones reaching out and getting the gathering dancing on floor by song four in the eight number set.

Displaying the “Courage to Love” Natalie best promotion of her new CD was to let the music do the talking, let her wonderful voice do the singing the Universe do the rest.


Natalie Gillespie and her captivating band accomplished the improbable and got the National audience to reach those greater heights that the National MC beseeched.


A shining and brilliant conclusion to week two of the Hidden Treasures festival of magic, music and song.    


(Some) Hidden Treasures, Week #3, Fremantle

Surf Rabbits, Flooded Palace, Joni In The Moon, The Regular Hunters,

Kenny Austin Thur 16 July 2015 

.Surf Rabbits by name and it appeared Surf Rabbits by nature. With a punk meets alternative rock meets surf sound this five piece rode the surf high and dry, swerving and veering as they produce their own deviating rock ‘n’ roll. With a hyperactive lead guitarist the self-proclaimed loud band are musically like rabbits running and bouncing, startled and always changing direction.


With a Debbie Harry sounding vocalist the blitzed through their thirty five minute set with raw energy and humour.


If you’re looking for a good time rock’n’roll of the loud kind then go no further than the jumping, bouncing Surf Rabbits.

With a gentler sound Flooded Palace flooded the packed Buffalo Club with harmonious country rock that has shades of Neil Young.


With punching sing along choruses the Flooded Palace are a great band for to swing and rotate to.

The Navy Club filled to what seemed bursting point when Joni In The Moon took to the stage and then preceded to take the gathering to the moon and back.  With a multi keyboard sounds, rolling percussion and spirted vocals the five piece ensemble created magical healing to those that were inspired.


Joni noted how writing music helps here deal with the struggle of life and dedicated the soundscape that was created to her daughters.


With two backing vocalists, one also on keyboards, the harmonious resonance was aided and abetted by two equally talented musicians on digital sounds and drums. Indeed these two musicians swapped instruments several times through the night.


For those that like a more smooth and dreamy carpet ride you won’t go amiss joining Joni in The Moon. Their new CD is available at mechanising desks or by contacting the band.

With the electrifying performance of The Regular Hunters it took some of the National Hotel music aficionado’s by surprise when front woman Leigh Miche announced this was their first live performance with the new bass and keyboardist.


The intricate guitar and layered keyboards interwove with the robust bass and hard edge drumming to provide an exquisite staircase for the beautiful vocals.


At times I swore there were two vocalists such is the complex style of the Leigh demonstrates.


Promoting a new CD EP The Regular Hunters are value for money proposition for those that what an electric infused soulful dance. Defiantly a band to catch when out and about.


Following an eloquent introduction from the grandly hatted and beared National MC Kenny Austin and his band hit the stage with a dash and hurtle. The five piece integrated with a rough edge smoothness that displayed their individual musical talents.


Solid bass spiced with ripping runs, rolling drums with a big sound that belied the size of the kit, dancing samba drumming, electrifying lead guitar and an acoustic loaded vocalist with his own distinctive style this group were all class.


If John Cougar Mellencamp and Bob Dylan ever joined forces they may end up riding the same road as Kenny Austin.


One composition “My Friend the Enemy” conjured up images of riding the endless plains accompanied a band of Sioux warriors such was the majestic ambience of the undulating harmonious ride some were taken on. 

By the end of their set I was left me feeling like I had been run over by a heard of buffalo’s such was the stampede of music delight and magic.


Indeed week three of hidden treasures uncovered yet another collection of precious musical gems and talent.


(Some) Hidden Treasures, Week #4, Fremantle

One Tiger Down, Legs Electric, Phil Walley-Stack, Apocalypso Ensemble,

Grace Barbe, Thur 23 July 2015 

Once again the Buffalo Club served up an entrée to the evening’s entertainment of quality par fineness and brilliance.


One Tiger Down are a tight four piece unit that have a clean, crisp sound and are driven by mid-range vocals that are friendly to the ear. The bass lays a solid foundation with no pretentious and the drum is spotless and crunchy without being brusque. For those that are into it some excellent work on the cow bell!!


The lead guitar has shades of Eric Johnson and touches on the technical finesse of Vai. The lead was sometimes swapped over the rhythm/lead vocalist who maintain the Eric Johnson theme as his vocals have the same resonance.


The quality of musicianship and tightness leads to jazz background although none of the music itself takes you on the journey.

A great act to catch when they are out and about.

If the Buffalo Club stage may have been a bit cramped to the venues they have played recently the prominent ladies of Perth rock displayed no signs of fretful concern. Displaying the professionalism fuelled by their love of the playing live the ladies put on a show that was maximum rock’n’roll, nothing more and nothing less.


Ripping through a revised set list they delighted a full house that consisted of “familiar faces” and, by judging by the reaction, new converts.


Voice Ama Quinsee was the consummate performer thanking the assembled for coming out and supporting, the other bands for adding to the night, the Buffalo Club venue and support staff. With a powerful voice and persona to suit you get the feeling this a star in the making.


Of course it’s not a one woman show with the six string attack being handed with precision and accuracy by Laura McCormack. Even though the stage space was limited like a prowling cheetah she was always on the move crossing for side to side.

And it can’t be done without bass and drums and the deadly sister partnership of Abby and Kylie Stones held it together and keep it tight with each contributing with their individual style and skill.


Legs Electric love of playing live shines through at every gig.


If Maximum Rock’n’Rock is what you want then Legs Electric deliver with style and class each and every time.

Following the Buffalo Club the Navy Club was like the calm after the storm.


Gentle, skilful and soulful guitar playing and singing from Phil Walley-Stack and his 12 string partner aligned the senses and brought you back to earth a gentle landing.


Such is the diversity of the Hidden Treasures Fremantle music festival that you find a gem under every (stone slate) roof.

A performance of exception beauty and dream time vibrations.

The packed stage area of the PS Art Space venue was home to the Apocalyspo Ensemble who were whipping it up salsa and conga style. They had the audience moving, grooving and swaying to the beats.


It was an energetic space to be in and on.

The energy of dance, soul and general good feeling and love was maintained and taken to a higher level with Grace Barbe and her band. Mixing it up with a combination of African percussion, reggae, pop, rock and latin flavours Grace displays her talent as a gifted song writer lighting up the stage.


With her excited and animated stage presence that reaches out and induces any watchers to automatically become enlighten with the spirit of dance.


The energy that was expelled throughout the set filled the space with warmth, affection and tenderness.

The following day word out on the street was that the Stuart Orchard Band had nailed it in the National Hotel. Unfortunately I missed that performance.


There was only so many gems this miner could uncover in one night.


The Floors, Mojo's Fremantle

Old Blood, Fri 24th July 2015 

Old Blood was mixed with some new blood as the guitarist stage left was a new member to this blues based unit. The new addition certainly did nothing to distil down the musical delivery.


With a front man full of raw emotional soul and blues the five piece played through the seven song set list that was tight but equally loose. This was best demonstrated by the extended finishes that was like being at a well-polished jam session.


The start resonated with a Cruel Sea like vibe but within few numbers switched into full blown Texas blues session. Their following swopped down stage front to claim the dance area.


The packed house boogied on through the remainder of the set.

The Floors swept the house clean with their thirteen song that put a demonstration of trio power rock of the highest quality.


With power house drumming from Ash Doodkorte that constantly pumped and drove the compositions, the bass playing of Ryan Dux laid a complex and strong foundation with power house plays.


The guitar and vocals of Luk Dux (another sibling music team in Perth?) provide the riffs and solos that fused it all into a perfect fashion. Using technical wizardry when necessary the raw and rough edge required for such a rampaging unit was well and truly taken care of.

At one point when Luk had to change a string we were treated to a pounding drum and bass musical jam pummelling.


They have their own sound which was, to these ears, consisted of taking the best out of Soundgarden, Cream, Robin Trower, Budgie and Motorhead, boiling the mix up and dishing it out hot and heavy.


Even through the crowd had thin slightly but thankfully to provide a pit for those that stayed, we were treated to something special within that great venue that is Mojo’s.


Ragdoll, Velvet Lounge,Mt Lawley

Summerset / Legs Electric  Sat 25th July 2015 

Summerset were already into their set and had taken command of the Velvet Lounge stage when I slipped in the door.


The four piece were handing out their brand of riff rock with style. Their ages belies the technical skills and song craft they possess. Lead vocals from Olivia were strong and more experience will allow here to build up a more decisive stage presence.


They maintained the momentum throughout the set and hammered it home with the last two numbers being stand outs. They definitely left a great impression, and a promise of success to come.

Legs Electric were up next and this unit is on fire at the moment. What can be said that has not been said before in recent multi-media releases? The distinctive sound and stage presence reeks of maximum rock’n’roll with the ever changing set list keeping the energy raw and high powered.


Playing on an even narrower stage than the previous Buffalo Club gig they still maintained their flowing moves and style, musically rebounding from each other’s charismatic playing styles.


The smaller size venue certainly did not bring a smaller sound with the volume being up and loud without being dirty or distorted (even with the mandatory old codger earplugs). Legs Electric pumped it to the max during the eight song set list.


We wish them well on the forthcoming NSW tour.

In between sets DJ Crude was spinning some quality rock tracks and so when it came to introducing the quality that is Ragdoll he picked his words well.

The gig was designed to promote the (already) much acclaimed single Rewind Your Mind”. However it also show cased the extraordinary musicianship of this hard rock trio. Just when the previous night I thought “The Floors” redefined power rock trio’s the next night it’s Ragdoll’s turn. Such is the depth of musical talent in Perth. Has it always been like this?


Drawing on material from the previous release “Here Today’, “Ragdoll Rock” and “All I Want is Everything” the Ragdoll trio blitzed through the set sounding like double their number.


Not sure if the pre-gig coffee at Zeo’s added extra bite into Cam Barrett’s drumming but he was hitting the skins loud and proud. Like a Tarzan of the drums he led the way giving direction to Ryan Rafferty (bass/vocals) and Leon Todd (guitar).


However his cohorts in crime are certainly no monkeys. Leon’s energetic solo’s and frantic lead breaks were mesmerising, with Ryan’s pitch perfect vocals and furious bass tying up the story.

Witnessing this trio in the raw you can quite easily see how they are receiving success on stateside tours.  


Several times Ragdoll thanks the support bands and the assembled for coming out and making it one of the best gigs they’ve enjoyed.

 This gig epitomised the never ending flow of energy flow from new, up and coming and successful bands to the audience and back again. Hard work that crescendo’s into an outburst of feeling positive and wellbeing through the magical power of raw, hard edged maximum rock played with exception skill and clarity.


However it can’t be experienced unless you leave the comfort of home on a chilly winter’s night get out ‘there’ and into it.



This is also the spirit behind the creation of Ausland181 and keeps the fires burning.  

Here’s to Maximum Rock’n’Roll.


(Some) Hidden Treasures, Week #5, Fremantle

The Disappointed, Apache, Louis Inglis, WastedSons, Katie J White, Thur 30 July 2015 

I was disappointed that I missed the start of The Disappointed at The Buffalo Club due to a new (for me) journalistic faux-pax (taking the camera without the lens attached!!).


However you can be sure that The Disappointed weren’t disappointed I was late and neither were the building numbers of those that had gathered on the wintery night for the final round of Hidden Treasures Fremantle music festival.


The Disappointed were certainly not disappointing in the performance and sound. A jittery, chopped sound but one that flows with harmony and choruses this five piece have everything going from accomplished musicians to an entertaining front man full of electric, on-edge energy.


Reminiscent of early eighties guitar rock-pop sound but with their energy keeping it raw and relevant for today. Finishing off with some numbers you can oscillate and move to they also introduced a new single due out in September.

One to look out for and an excellent way to start of the night.

This turned out to be Apache’s second last gig and for those that they attracted in through the door they didn’t disappoint.

With the songs being announced by the working titles that worked through a set list full of loud, scratchy and distorted guitar.

With Jim Morrison echoing in the vocals there’re departure from the music scene will be a loss that like their rock loud, contorted, expressive and full of angst.


The filling Buffalo Club responded with equal enthusiasm and gave a response that was well deserving.

For something more relaxing it was found at the National Club. Louis Inglis was into his acoustic set by the time I arrived. With soulful vocals and playing to match Louis was soothing, rhythmic and relaxed but boosting up the energy levels when required.


Even though the conversation level may have been up the National Hotel drinkers proved what multi-faceted skills they have by returning a hearty round of applause as end song hit its finalising chords.


Definitely a name to watch for when you’re looking for/in this mood on your travels.

Following an introduction by the most eloquent music compare you’ll find this side of the black stump the hard bitten bunch of blokes kicked off their set. With more swagger that the Rolling Stones the Wasted Sons rocked through their set redefining that genre of rock.


Tighter than backpacker’s budget they laid it as the played it with perfect honesty, compassion and understanding on what makes swagger rock’n’roll swagger.


All the individuals had crafted the skills and styles from ‘totally on it’ drumming and bass that had me transfixed with its’s power and authority, to the afore mentioned vocals that took you down and guitar that took you higher.


Watch out for the Wasted Sons and get to them before they get to you!!

Katie J White and band are building a following and upstairs at the National was at bursting point when they hit the stage. An improvised jam as a final sound check cleared way for the Beared Accomplished Speaker of Introductions to pave the way for Katie J White to do her thing and her band to do theirs.


The name of the game is high energy soul-funk-rock of the highest calibre. Opening with “Warrior Woman” this unit magnific got the assembled moving into the already cramped dance area. They proceed to got down to swing, move and funk the night away to Katie’s powerful vocals and funked up bass.


Just when you think drumming could get any better, Scott, the man at the back on the stix attack provided it could. Daniel Hearns was playing as well as ever and, along with the excellent keyboard playing, provided the necessary layers to build this church.


The high octane energy was lit and on fire for the whole set and even had the National balcony dancing for the full second half of the set.


Katie J White and her band were a choice act to bring this year’s Hidden Treasures to close for this scribe and punter.

The Shops

The Shops, Mojo's Bar, Fremantle

Arlo Esnat  Sun 02nd Aug 2015 

A three piece band playing calepso style music greeted me as I came through the Mojo’s door. You could almost feel the warm breeze wafting through the palm trees so serene were the sounds that were being emulated.


They also had another string to their bow as I saw something never seen live before. Two basses, albeit on capo clip, funking it up simultaneously.


I never caught the name of this three piece but hopefully the photos will help with a positive identification post gig of the usual Fremantle suspects.

Arlo Esnat are a duo, or is it trio (?), who definitely confront and force the boundaries. With a keyboards/vocals/sound on one hand, a Johnny Deep look alike guitarist on the other and an actress cum model cum artist floating around they are almost indefinable.


An infusion of urban art, poetry and cosmic vibes they left an impression.


Sound wise think boom box beats, Dave Gahan sounding vocals and an echoing guitar are you are starting the journey that Arlo Esnat are on.

Promoting their debut EP CD The Shops are a down to earth pop rock trio who are full of pulsating energy.

By the third number they had provoked the dance floor space into a moving, interweaving and rotating active mass. With the guitar then set to ‘arena sound’ the unit then proceeded to keep stirring the pot and get the atomic stroke happening.

With almost jazz influenced drumming driving the pace, bass injecting the bottom end with a big cuddly sound and the responsibility of leading the fray resting with guitar/vocalist it was a fait accompli.


Paying homage to those that have passed before on the road of pop-rock a number was dedicated to Hank Williams.


Sharing the love was non-stop with special guests Rachel (vox), Alan (sax) and Jeff (dance moves) all getting up on stage with The Shops trio.


It was a hell of a party and one hell of an EP launch. So got to your nearest shop today and grad a copy of ‘The Shops’ and you’ll be dancing in the streets in no time at all.

Strange Addicition-LE

'Strange Addiction' Launch, The Boston, Northbridge

 Maverick / The Caballeros / Old Blood / Legs Electric

This being my first visit to The Boston by the time I corrected my navigation errors Maverick were already well into the set. These guys were on fire as the pumped out their brand of South Rock Western Australian style.


With perfect pitch vocals over the solid, rampaging bass lines, enthusiastic and powerful drumming the cutting raw edged guitars over laid the powerhouse rhythm section with hook lines and eagle soaring lead breaks.


This tight unit of Craig Jovanovic (Vocals/Guitar), Mark De Vattimo (Guitar/Vocals), Simon Hallet (Bass/Vocals) and Nick Dudman (Drums/Vocals) served it up hard, raw and with dynamo energy.


A great draw card to open the night with. In case you missed them they are playing Mojo’s, Fremantle this coming Saturday 29th August.

Having not seen The Caballeros before the best dressed proto punk band surprised with their polemical attack on garage rock. Led by a hyper energised front man, Jake “Dr Green” England, on vocals the Dr spent more off the stage than on. These guys know how to have a party. They had the collective audience dancing stage front with their raw edged brand of rock that steam rolled all that dared to watch.


Bringing Clare to guest on vocals for a song they just kept on sharing their gentlemanly love on through the knight……..hint:-> go goggle ‘Caballeros’ !


So if you’re up for the challenge catch The Caballeros before they catch up with you.

If the Cruel Sea was to overflow and flood Texas when the waters subsided then maybe, just maybe some Old Blood might be left to wash away the blues.


With a voice that belies his youth Tony Papa-Adams lays out raw, smoked filled harmonies that reach into your soul and makes it bleed red raw. And when you come up for some breath the guitars of Edo Ekic and Jules Peet reach out to grab you by the neck and pull you down under again.


Old Blood got the filling house gyrating, rotating and deviating to their reverberations that resonate with the soul n blues nation.

Legs Electric

Fresh from their triumphant five date tour of New South Wales the devilish angels of rock returned to home town Perth. Not only was it a celebratory return but it also marked the launch of the new single “Strange Addiction”.

 The Boston was a venue that befitted such an elated evening with the elevated stage making an accessible focus for the exalting fans.


Sound check complete there followed a jubilant introduction from the Wanted Management leading light that led to the first public event screening of the accompanying new video. When the sound desk mistakenly set off the Urban Mix soundtrack Gregg jumped into the organised chaos and put out this fire to get the Legs Electric mix back on track.


Then it was all on for one and old as the Legs proved there’s Electric in their veins. With a confident but egoless bravado the Angels brought heaven and hell to earth with their majestic, triumphant brand of rock fit for arena sized stages.


If Aerosmith were to meet Heart cum The Runaways dating Blackfoot in an elevator then this may give you some idea of the clean cutting, adrenalin fuelled, sass with a hint of sleaze rock that bubbles up from the Legs Electric fire.


With a changing set list and the ‘Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll’ EP still ringing in my memory the old adage of ‘less photo’s more notes’ rings true with this ‘wanna be’ music journo. Already classic’s ‘Trigger’, ‘She’s Like a Saint’ and ‘Wanna Riot’ were all giving an airing I’m sure. I’m positive there were even a couple of new songs that were fired out in a salvo. However it could just be my memory is that bad and I welcome any correction.


One thing I do know is that drummer Kylie Soanes was given a chance to show her musical muscles and gave a thunderous drum solo that displayed that power that fuels the Legs engine room.


Bassist Abby Soanes was rampaging as ever, filling out the bottom line as her fingers ran rebellion but in harmony with guitarist Laura McCormack as she shredded and cut it into two then three then four.


‘The Voice’ Ama Quinsee was on form as always, with her strong, powerful vocals and moves that proves she just ain’t no dancer. Nearing the end of the set Ama eloquently put the proposition that this was a night of “orgasmic maximum rock ‘n’ roll” thanks to the preceding bands and resonating energy between Electric Legs and there feverant fan base. There were no arguments to that closing statement!


Concluding composition for the night was the new single “Strange Addiction”. Not being a musician I can’t say what they have done to this song except taken it apart, reconstructed with engineering precision and come up with a new sound that is tight but loose with room to move in between.


If it was a plan to leave without an encore then it certainly worked as those that gathered were left grasping and gasping for more. Catch the next gig in Perth and get to see Legs Electric strut their stuff. These rockers are the real deal and if you haven’t got the message yet catch them in Perth while you can.


With a new partnership with Social Family Records label (Suze DeMarchi/Sarah McLeod/She Who Rocks) for the video this may  mean their days in Perth will soon be days of lore and quickly become days of yore.

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