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Nannup Music Festival #28 03 to 06 March 2017

Another Nannup festival, a plethora of magnificent artists/bands, workshops, venues and performances, together with what seemed a limitless abundance of musical talent there was something for everyone to discover at the 28th Nannup Festival.


It was impossible to cover every one but here are some of the acts that I was privileged to come across.



                                                                        (click on photos for photos via Facebook)

Amphitheatre, Friday 03 March


Little Georgia


Family Shoveller Band


Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission

Morgan Bain

Random Saturday Arvo

Tigerville, Saturday 04 March


Bec Sandridge

The Southern River Band

Amphitheatre, Saturdayday 04 March


Lucy Peach

Tash Sultana

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