Rock Rover, Fremantle, Sat 13 April 2019

 Southern River Band

The Southern River Band juggernaut, rego SRB 6108, rolls on and pulled into the Rock Rover pitstop last night. Hooking up with the Hard-Ons/Rose Tattoo on the WA leg of their current Australian tour SRV won over the small, but growing in numbers, hard-core dedicated rock crew that got up and went out to this Rock N Roll Church. 

The only thing faster that front man Callum Krammer’s between song lighting wit and repartee is his lighting fingers that cut and shred, rip and tear with such venom there should be more blood than Karnet Prison Farm Abattoir’s in the Rock Rover band room.

Playing from their album “Live At The Pleasuredome” this hard working band also showcased a brand new single they’re been developing in the studio’s.


So Hard Rock Boogie is where it starts but there is no end to the hills and musical valleys they explore as they ride this hairy wave.

With The Devil laying the tracks and Jesus on their right there’s no stopping this runaway train on its journey.  If you dig thare thang, get behind SRB, climb on board and join SRB as the train becomes a plane and takes off into the skies.

 The Hard-Ons

Hard, fast, uncompromising, thrash-metal-punk that drew blood. Played to professional perfection by a legendry Australian iconic unit.


This was a brutal brain damaging set. Outstanding !!

 Rose Tattoo

On the physical and mental level Rose Tattoo are a legendary Australian band who came to receive this status as a hard living rock band who flourished due to their outstanding raw, gritty and quality rock songs.


Throughout the years no one matter the line-up you were guaranteed a rock solid renditions of this masterpieces and new songs to match. And tonight’s performance was no exception.


On a spiritual level a Rose Tattoo show also cleanses the demons and returns you back to earth. As demonstrated by Angry when the spirit takes him and puts him into a trance like state. For those of you thinking this may, or may not be an act just remember who wrote “Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock’n’Roll”.

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