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Pete Way Obituary  

07 August 1951 to 14 August 2020

It was with much sadness that the news of Pete Way’s passing was met with at the Ausland181 HQ.

However, is was also with much joy that the memories of the Legendary Mr Way were then reflected upon. For they will remain with us until the end of civilisation, and when you and I have passed.

Pete Way was such an inspiration spirit to those that frequented the Rock World of the 70’s and 80’s. This spirit also carried well into the Nineties and Noughties for some. 

Pete’s ferocious non-stop on-stage movements were of the “WTF!!” category. His bass playing style augmented, and supported, some of the legendary guitarists of the that era in the form of Michael Schenker, Paul Chapman (RIP), ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke (RIP) and Brad Gillis.

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In my mind the rock orchestrated ‘Love to Love’ (UFO) is the most underrated, but enduring, pieces of Rock compositions and live performance pieces ever to have existed.

Pete’s poignant bass playing while intertwining with Phil was, and is, one of the most enduring rock art masterpieces.


A few years prior to his passing Pete’s memoirs were published in 2017.

A Fast Ride Out of Here’ is a phenomenal tale of his life, of crash and burn, but rising again.


Always his dignity remaining intact and his good-natured soul returning to his physical form.

Indeed, Bon Scott’s last photo was taken with Pete Way.

Bon Scott (2).jpg
Pete and Bon

While Def Leppard may have planted the seed with ‘Wasted’ on their first full length opus and Bernie Torme’s (RIP) ‘Turn Out The Lights’ made sense of my behaviours it was Pete’s group operating under the magnificent moniker of ‘Waysted’ that gave the checked flag instruction of ‘Go-Go-Go’ in my brain.


Pete’s style of dress and looks were inspirational to many rock acts. Think Rick Savage (Def Leppard), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), et al.

Personally, they dictated my choice of pin stripped stretch jeans and red jeans in the eighties.


As the eighties decade turned into the nineties when a bar maid of the ‘Corner Hotel’, (Richmond, Melbourne) offered to cut my hair it was the Pete on the back cover of “No Heavy Pettin” cover that was the style I wanted.


Under a smoke influenced session for all parties it was the best haircut I ever got.

Sadly, due to the influences of a jealous boyfriend the hair stylist session was never repeated.


While living in the confines of the Scottish Borders, it was reading the NME and Melody Maker. of London Marquee gigs and impromptu rock star guest appearances and jams, that ignited my senses. However they seemed out of reach dreams.


When The Laws of the Universe dictated a relocation to London it was Pete and his ‘Waysted’ gang that made dreams come true.


A ‘Waysted’ marquee gig, with guest appearances by Steve Harris and Bruce Dickenson (Iron Maiden) were the first indication dreams can indeed come true.


Regrettably, I never met Mr Way but there was a Saturday afternoon in Kingston, London, while wearing my ‘Mechanix Tour 1982 T-shirt', a Pete Way double glided past with a female in tow.

While my small shocked brain was figuring out the “is he/isn’t he” question my mouth stayed shut while he passed.


However before disappearing up a side street the figure turned around to as if to say “Yes it was”.


It was only a few months later, through associations from ‘The Clarendon’, that I learnt that indeed Mr Way did live in the area.



It was also of photo of a full flight UFO (Pete, Phil, Paul) in action (Edinburgh Playhouse, 1982) that made me think I can “do this”. Many years later, after many twists and turns, with the establishment of this dream also came true.


In honour of this memory the very same photo is featured in the Facebook banner for’s marketing front.


Yes, Pete you Defined the Indefinable and your Spirt will never Die. While you implored us to “Save Your Prayers” we stand and Salute You.

Long Gone’ but never forgotten we will ‘Follow You Home’.

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