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Scatterback / Bughunt / Band of Missfits / MATA 

On For Young and Old, Railway Hotel, North Freo, Sat 11 July 2020


As WA continues the Covid-19 phase 4 restriction phase it was on for the Young, Old, The Bold and Beautiful as the live music aficionado’s continued the bounce back before the second wave hits.

So on with The Show.


Scatterback where first up in this line-up featuring young, old and those in between as WA continues the Covid-19 phase 4 restriction phase.

A three piece with catchy rock riffs, bouncing bass and soldi work on the kit this unit made you sit you and take notice.

Their infectious energy lit up the room on this chill winters evening and signed this is a band to watch out for.

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Showing a new lead singer Bughunt are back in the chase.


With an impressive voice along the line of Elvis Costello Bughunt got the small but dedicated audience up and dancing to their swinging groves.


A sax is always a winner and so they done their work with joyous energy abounding.

NOTE: All Pix Sets via Facebook
Band of Missfits

With their first live set back on the streets since the Covid-19 lock down the Band of Missfits showed no signs of rust and got in amongst it from the word go.

Playing songs for their releases to date (Onto The Storm, Higher Passage) it was a mix of the young and old and all to the high standard of the Band of Missfits experience.

A meeting of styles ranging from indie rock to rocking country this band has soul.

Their next live outing is Badlands Bar 26th July so do yourself a favour and get on down.

NOTE: All Pix Sets via Facebook
Mirrors In The Arcade

Apologies to Mirrors At The Arcade as I stuck around for one song.


Feedback is these guys are another band of gifted song smiths and the first song backed that up that assertion.


Sadly however these old bones had to get home, thereby putting the Old into “On for Young and Old”.


 I’m looking forward to checking them out another outing.

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