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The Superjesus

"Sumo" Twenty Year Anniversary Tour, Amplifier Capitol, Perth, San 03 November 2018

The lights dimmed as the mesmeric beat of “Down Again” heralded the messianic movements on stage as the monophonic forms that are The Superjesus rose up.

The Rock was Rolled away as they materialised on The Capitol stage before the packed congregation on a Saturday night in Perth.


Celebrating the twentieth year anniversary of the Stu-pendfous Riffing Rock and Sonic Mayhem release tantalisingly titled “Sumo”,

The Superjesus have taken to the Roads, Highways, Byways and Islands of this Large Land of  Desquamate Destiny to spread the Word and Celebrate the indestructible desideratum that is “Sumo”.


The High Priestess was celebrating in style.

And who has more fun than Sarah McLeod on stage?


Leading from the front Sarah rocked out in style with Her vocals soaring to the heights, taking the besotted and transfixed followers to the moon and back.

​Ably  supported by original left hand man Stuart Rudd (bass), reunited guitar slinger Jason Slack, with the Man at The Back on the Styx Attack Travis Dragani bringing up the rear but not missing a beat, even when a styx slipped out of the sweat filled grasp of this muther-fcuker beat machine.

With a seamles movement he plucked another one up and keep on going, Lound and Proud.


This was a two set affair. Set one being an adrenalised run through of the entire, back breaking riff a mania that is heavily interwoven with heavenly melody, “Sumo” track listing. All that needs to be said is "It was DONE!!"


Raw, Wild and Recklessly Fun.

Sarah’s banter, wardrobe malfunction, coincidentally following a sweet, sweet rock riffing serenade of extreme stage right, and more rip roaring rocking out maintained the energy levels throughout.

Set two opened with Sarah demonstrating Her keyboard touch on a revamped version of “Second Son”. Pre “Sumo” material of “Strips of You”, Holy Water” and “Blisterment” were rocked out.


It was “Enough to Know” that that if you “Confide in Me” then your spirit will not be “Ground” down.


Have faith in a ”Secret Agent Man” and if we all “Stick Together” and never, ever give up you will get through the “Love and violence” and to try to escape “Gravity”.


But like a Superjesus tour it always pulls you back to The Source.

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