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Koke Fest Two - Midnight Mules / Band of Missfits / Silent Deeds / Ashes of Autumn / Jackson Koke  

Rosemount Hotel, Perth, Sat 22 August 2020

A Big Live Music event was planned to launch Jackson Kokes new single, Axe II Grind.


And a big night of outstanding live acts it turned out to be.

Kudos to the organisers Karlifornia Infirri and Big Tommo

The Midnight Mules

The high standing The Midnight Mules hold in the Perth live music cycles was justified by the number of music aficionados arriving early.


Making sure they didn’t miss out on the hard rocking melodies they weren’t disappointed.


The Mules kicked and butted their way through a set in style that just seemed to fly past.


An excellent way to kick off the proceeding's.

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Band of Missfits

Next up the Band of Missfits set off in unexpected style. Opening the set with a cover, Radioheads’ “Creep” and operating as a three piece.

It was a masterful version. Kym then joined the band for their own compositions starting off with “Higher Passage” before going into “Shot Down”.

Each tune is an outstanding combination of strong musical skills led by the compelling vocal talents of Kym Redmond.

Starvation” and “Oceans” were also featured before a new song “Crickets” was played.

The excellent set closed with “Empty Valley” from the “Higher Passage" release.

Contact the band to get information on how to get their CD releases.

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The Silent Deeds

The Silent Deeds are a three-piece centring on high energy rock with a funk edge.


Playing with power and vigor it was a whip lash of a set, beautiful in it’s execution.


The momentum was not only sustained but built on.

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Ashes of Autumn

Having heard the name but not the sounds, and never having witnessed them live I wasn’t sure what to expect with Ashes of Autumn.


Once set up and tuned up they unleashed a raging maelstrom of voracious energy that was unrelenting and unrepentant. It exploded in non-stop aural and visual action.

It was unceasing on both fronts with the powerful, strong vocals fronting the power of tight rock-punk-indie unit that fused into a volcanic flow of integrated rock.

It was all over to soon and I didn’t quite know what I had been hit with.

NOTE: All Pix Sets via Facebook
Jackson Koke

The reason why all had gathered was for the release of Jackson Koke’s first single, “Axe to Grind”.

Front man Karlifornia Infirri indeed had an axe to grind with band break ups and personnel conflicts.


However he stuck to his dreams, moved on and lives to Rock them out.


With a stable, solid band putting in impressive performances around the town and beyond, the time had come to get the single recorded and out in the the stratosphere. It’s launch being the driver behind tonight’s event.


Jackson Koke have a eighties LA rock style and they do it loud and proud.  Kicking off with “Cesspool City” then “We Gotta Move” kept it rollin. Next could have been “Don’t Know Its You” which crashed into “Ballard of the Drunk”.


Unfortunately Karl wasn’t on top form suffering from a cold but that that didn’t stop him from rockin out, nor did it quieten the band. “Hellevator” and “Love Machine” were hard and mean.

Life’s ain’t no “Easy Street” and can give you an “Axe to Grind


So all that was left was for Jackson Koke to do was to carry us off on a rousing rendition of “Highway Star”.


What an amazing night.

It will be repeated but three times over in six weeks when Perth Rocks blows the Civic apart.

NOTE: All Pix Sets via Facebook
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