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14th Aug to 20th Nov 2021

Opening band, The Harvest Trail were tail blazers for this prestigious event and laid a rock hard solid foundational path of in-your-face thrash for the rest to follow.
A four-piece displaying excellent musicianship that was to be the connecting theme of the event.
Well received by the early birds that were starting to flock.

Stormrider Festival – Part 1

The Harvest Trail

Milk Bar, 14 Aug 2021

Midnight Furnace were next up and had a metal sound reminiscent of eighties NWOBHM with a thrashy edge. 
A driving force piece they moved the day along building the structure with sonic sounds and got the heads banging.

Stormrider Festival – Part 2

Midnight Furnace

Milk Bar, 14 Aug 2021

Following on from the previous band Icarus Lives maintained the heavy metal theme with a more melodic twist. The first five piece of the day their resounding thunderclaps and ripping riffing fuelled the fire.
With a new female on vocals, Aria, rocked with Kiss size boots as they ripped through a fantastic set the got the heads nodding in approval.

Stormrider Festival – Part 3

Icarus Lives

Milk Bar, 14 Aug 2021

Legacy Alive cut like an arrow through the air waves nailing their set to the walls. 
Jacob on lead guitar/vocals scythed and shredded, ably supported by left hand man Curtis also taking a share. A big drum sound from Frank drives LA along at speed with Owen giving the bottom end a fluid run.
A solid wall of metal riffs, interlocked with solo’s that sting and burn, reinforcing the Stormrider Festival.
Their enthusiasm for their art is unbridled, coming across in their energic movements and playing on stage. 
With the early birds flock building up they responded in abundance with applause and cheers resounding and rebounding around the Milk Bar.  
With new release “Existential” out on all streaming channels Legacy Alive left the stage flying high.

Stormrider Festival – Part 4

Legacy Alive

Milk Bar, 14 Aug 2021

After the energic vibrations that had stirred up the universal metal sounds Woewarden were like the primal scream of life. 
Grinding metal riffs, a big, bold and bountiful bass the cathartic vocal screams were a healing focal for the those that gathered at their alter. 
Heinken beer was sacrificial offering to the Death Metal Gods and Goddess with the Final Frontier of Metal crossed, there will be no coming back. 
Like chicks escaping the nest the Woewarden are sure to be flying forever.

Stormrider Festival – Part 5


Milk Bar, 14 Aug 2021

Cold Fate are a never ending fountain of head banging thrash metal. With the amazing drumming, driving a red hot riffing metal wall of guitar and bass, the vocals prow the stage with keenness. Cited influences are Metallica/Megadeth/Slayer/Kreator/Overkill.
With a fourteen year history this five piece are living proof Heavy Metal never dies.

Stormrider Festival – Part 6

Cold Fate

Milk Bar, 14 Aug 2021

Perth legends of the power metal scene Silent Knight built an unyielding wall of musical titanium. 
Astounding skills by a band on the constant move this original five piece is very much made in Australia, raising a fist for original metal.
An eleven year history earning them a high standing in the metal scene in Australia and worldwide.

Stormrider Festival – Part 7

Silent Knight

Milk Bar, 14 Aug 2021

Chaos Divine are a mind-bending amalgam metal, rock styles that are expertly executed.
With complex rhythms, at point akin to Rush “Grace Under Pressure” era, growling metal vocals and progressive metal aura surrounding them this WAM award wining unit sealed off the night in style.
Their power version of Toto’s “Africa” has to be heard to believe the transition.
A divine chaos indeed.

Stormrider Festival – Part 8

Chaos Divine

Milk Bar, 14 Aug 2021

A single girl with a guitar opened up the Winter Fest. Event with heart warming songs with soul. 
Kat Wilson evocated the early birds to settle and sink into the musical vibes.
A master choice for the opening act. Check out the links below.

Winter Fest. – Part 1

Kat Wilson

Rosemount Hotel, 15 Aug 2021

Upping the tempo with some foot tapping swinging folk country rock. 
They got the heart beat clapping along with pictish vocals intwined with stylish guitar sounds, pumping bass and driving drums.
Another name to keep on eye on.  Check out the links below.

Winter Fest. – Part 2

Green Pools

Rosemount Hotel, 15 Aug 2021

With the opening refrains Trent Jean exploded into action and light up the stage with his dynamic performance from the got go.
With his infectious energy comingled with fingers in the air uplifting pop rock in the rich view of Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsten et al.
It was an inspiring stadium rock performance that left the Rosemount breathless. Check out the links below.

Winter Fest. – Part 3


Rosemount Hotel, 15 Aug 2021

Ashes of Autumn are running hot and destroyed the Rosemount with a sharp set that got straight to the point. Kicking off with “Supernova” the steam rolled the gathering who lapped up every droplet.
“Burn” keep the heat up on full. Their energy is overwhelming and with their intensive gigging is reflected in the smoothness of the hard-edged songs. “Minor Issues”, their new single was sixth in the set with “The Time” (new song?), “Refuse to Break” and “The Enemy” being the preceding compositions.
“Shelter” followed on with, I think, “Whispers” finishing the powerful set.
Mel’s vocals were full force thought out and the instrumental unit whipped it hard. Click on the links below for info on the band.

Winter Fest. – Part 4

Ashes of Autumn

Rosemount Hotel, 15 Aug 2021

Bringing the curtain down on an inspiring ten year or so life Axe Girl banded together one last time.
Upbeat punky pop rock party music with front singer Addison maintaining the pictish vide and inspired the full house to get their grove on.
With keyboards supplementing the sound scape with synth’s integrating with the jagged guitar and bass. The drums drove the unit along to bring the end to a stellar career.With keyboards supplementing the sound scape with synth’s integrating with the jagged guitar and bass. The drums drove the unit along to bring the end to a stellar career.
Check out the links below.

Winter Fest. – Part 5

Axe Girl

Rosemount Hotel, 15 Aug 2021

A master class in deep blues was presented by Tony Papa-Adams (vocals) and the other blues soaked members of this five piece unit. 
Drawing on the spirits of the likes of Otis Redding, the Allmand Brothers and Freddie King they fused into the ultimate blues-based rock band.
During the final song they transcended into a Rolling Stones amalgamation and in a sublime moment that seemed to last forever they themselves became the spiritual keepers of the blues flame.
Check out the links below.

Winter Fest. – Part 6

Old Blood

Rosemount Hotel, 15 Aug 2021

Fronted by the Master of fuzz tone heavy blues rock guitaring, Dom Mariani, this five piece (with guest) squeezed onto Rodney’s stage and rode the sonic waves like a tiger.
Playing two sets they featured classic Datura4 tracks (think “Evil People”, “Run with Lucy”, “Blessed is the Boogie”, “You Be The Fool” et al), new material from the forth coming release that blew it apart (missed song titles, set for release in 2022) and some choice covers (opps missed titles).
Dom was style on vocals/guitar as always, with Warren and Stu building the thunderous bottom line on drums and bass respectively. 
Bob stroked the Hammond with soulful spirt and with Joe laying down  sizzling slide it was hot. 
Special guest Papa Howie (?) on harmonic blew along and filled the sails for the rumbustious, exuberant voyage of boisterous demon blues based rock.
While the first set laid the foundation by the second set close this unit was cooking. A glorious rendition of “Pissing Up the Wall” climaxed the night as the packed house rocked and partied on.
The power of Datura4 grows.
Click links below.

Demon Blues Express


Rodney’s Bait and Tackle, 21 Aug 2021

The solo performer with guitar always is taking a strong step of courage to get up and perform. Vinnie Rose took the challenge up with spirit and shared that spirit with a bunch of uplifting sing along songs that warmed up the early bird gathering.

Hungry for Gigs – Part 1

Vinnie Rose

Beaconsfield Hotel, 27 Aug 2021

Although defiantly on the heavier side of rock their integration of indie-heavy-thrash-progressive rock sounds means they are the rock fans delight.
With a solid metal foundation on all sides the lively front singer/guitarist with flowing locks and bare mid-riff invokes the spirit of Led Zeppelin breaking down the boundaries of musical genres.
Like the preceding acts the musical skills continue to astound with the exploring instincts of youth continuing to expand the musical hemisphere.
Be on the look-out as they play around Perth town.

Hungry for Gigs – Part 2

Calypso and the Sun Demon

Beaconsfield Hotel, 27 Aug 2021

Although defiantly on the heavier side of rock their integration of indie-heavy-thrash-progressive rock sounds means they are the rock fans delight.
With a solid metal foundation on all sides the lively front singer/guitarist with flowing locks and bare mid-riff invokes the spirit of Led Zeppelin breaking down the boundaries of musical genres.
Like the preceding acts the musical skills continue to astound with the exploring instincts of youth continuing to expand the musical hemisphere.
Be on the look-out as they play around Perth town.

Hungry for Gigs – Part 3

The Wedges

Beaconsfield Hotel, 27 Aug 2021

Physically and musically bringing the weight to the show Kobashi are a band on spiritual quest. 
What that quest is a question that four piece Kobashi will know when they get there. Then, and only then, They will be able to share a deeper insight into the liberating duality of the physical, thinking and spiritual forms.
Until then they invite all that attend Kobashi gigs to journey with them and get slapped into the face with the metal arm of Kobashi.
Heavy metal thrash that incites a mosh pit gathering at the front were the musical menu being severed. And they served up double helpings with mash on top. 
Kobashi !! Are you with them??

Hungry for Gigs – Part 4


Beaconsfield Hotel, 27 Aug 2021

Four-piece High High Altitude Hebrews took to the stage, giving it all. With speed metal thrash being the cards that were dealt they won with a royal flush.
Connor the Shred KIng was dynamically supported with Dane (guitar and vocals) and Sam (bass and vocals) flexing their musical muscles and moves flowing into one.
Lachie (drums) drives them along, furiously pounding the beat and smelting the musical ore.
A successful high lining show and a great night of rock entertainment.
Post Script: Since this gig the band has had a name change to High Altitude Heretics.

Hungry for Gigs – Part 5

High Altitude Hebrews

Beaconsfield Hotel, 27 Aug 2021

Scatterback brought the Funk into House, going off the grid to feed the demons. Giving it all this three-piece put their souls up for sale, gave the rock a knock with their appealing riffs, buzzy bass and driving drums. They sold the early birds flocking that this joyous gathering on their first-rate musical moves.

Deep Water Sex Position – Part 1


Milk Bar, 10 Sep 2021

The unexpected is always the expected when it comes to the madcap gig adventures of front man Rob.
As well as possessing a mighty pair of lungs and a voice with melody Rob is the preverbal “man on the move” with unrehearsed dance moves that leaves the crowd gasping.
This time Rob picked up the tripod camera of the Hunter Bros film maker extraordinaries and performed a neat two-step Pas de Chat. No holding back Rob was out in the crowd do interviews and sing-a-longs, no one was safe.
Janice the megaphone was brought out in all her glory. Rob even performed The Civic BBQ pack redraw and lucky blue 84, along with Bohemian Crash’s voice, Haylee, were invited up for a megaphone threesome to close out the night.
All backed up by the thunderous rocking of the Electric State band members (Russ, Bill, Paul), including Rob, pumping on anthems such as “Light It Up”, “Fed by the Algorithm” and “Just Blood” to mention a few favourites.
All the was left for me to wonder did I really see Rob Halford’s Head floating in space at some point in the set.

Deep Water Sex Position – Part 2

Electric State

Milk Bar, 10 Sep 2021

Coming on with Jancie Joplin vocals and Stevie Nicks moves the stage presence of Bohemian Crash’s singer (Haylee) burns the stage. Supported and escorted by the jumping jack flash of guitar (Chris) ignites stage right, energetic drumming from (Stewart) with stage left badass bass (Jeff) ties it all together to combine a rock swagger that “Makes A Move” and puts the “Rhythm Maker” “On Display”. Following the “Master Plan”, “Hold On” cos their “Coming Home” to “Rock n Roll”.

Deep Water Sex Position – Part 3

Bohemian Crash

Milk Bar, 10 Sep 2021

There’s no better way of closing out a high energy night by bringing the masters of high energy metal rock riffs. Ragdoll picked up the gathering by the scruff of the neck, bounced them off the wall and brought them to stage front.
With a classic backlog to choose from they mined some gems and brought them out to glow in the dark. Staining the memory cells as they flew without a setlist but “Shine”, “Foot to the Floor”, “Rewind Your Mind”, “Playing God” were featured along with a new composition. Closing out the night with the magnificent “Rust” it was a class performance.

Deep Water Sex Position – Part 4


Milk Bar, 10 Sep 2021

The melodic tones of Georgia warm up the venue for the early birds. Playing a mix of originals and covers Georgia was the first satellite of the night.

Jetting Out of Covid19 – Part 1


Railway Hotel, 25 Sep 2021

Flying through their set like an eagle 46 Brigade got the audience grovin in their seats. Their foot tapping, high energy, friendly rock won over a bunch of new fans as they sweated it out as the Devil got bums out of the seats.

Jetting Out of Covid19 – Part 2

46 Brigade

Railway Hotel, 25 Sep 2021

Jetting into WA to celebrate the twenty-year anniversary of the “Jet Age” by the third night of their wicked WA tour the after burners got switched on.
Led by the Sarah McLeod (vocals, guitar, musical compare, sing-a-long conductor, walkabout tour guide) her irrepressible and unrestrainable energy reverberated with the gathering, unleashing the Great Spirit.
Alongside Sarah, her three amigo’s (Jason-guitar, Travis-drums and long-time left hand man Stuart-bass) together have jelled into a sublime musical groove that delights. Musical rock gems are mined from their collective, fertile minds and sown in the night air.
The harvest was reaped and brought home with the solid fan base receiving the musical offerings with gratitude, benevolence and rapture.  
With the “Jet Age” album being played in its entirety in the first set and encore, there was little time left for other classic tracks. “Stick Together” was the stand alone set list number. Surprisingly the Gin Blossoms “Hey Jealousy” was covered. However not a surprise for The Superjesus members as it’s the one cover they all agree to love.
The gathering demanded one more song, and the Superb Superjesus responded with a stinging hot version of “Down Again” that rounded off the gig.
With more jumps that a Mexican Bean fair this show had it all.
With my energy reserves depleted I gave the “Superjesus Mechanise Last Stand” (where Sarah rounds off the show and delights with a fan meet and greet) a miss. 
Alas the obligatory Sarah/Superjesus tattoo photo will have to saved for the next time the Superjesus come to town. Let’s hope it’s not too long in the offing.

Jetting Out of Covid19 – Part 3

The Superjesus

Railway Hotel, 25 Sep 2021

Set against a stunning backdrop the crafted amphitheatre was a stage worthy setting for any artistic band to have the privilege to play.
All artists volunteered to make the journey and play with no pay. And what a diverse, skilful, soulful, rockin’ and boppin’ line up it was.
Kudos to the master mind Musical Director Jim on making the, at times painful selection to present this musical abundance to this gathering of mixed musical fans of all ages.
The band playing times off forty-five minutes, with an on the hour kick-off was perfect. The weather was challenging going from T-shirt & shorts sun during the day to multi layers and bennie at night. However hillside fires to keep you warm at night while the boppin and jiving on the dance floor are also guaranteed to warm the soul. So come weather prepared are the watch words.
Kudos to the stage sound crew team who ensured a magnificent sound and band change overs occurred at all times during the festival.
To pick out musical highlights is such a hard task as all artists were magnificent. So here goes:-
The Duelling Guitars, Captivating Shapes and Deadly Tales award goes to Ashlea Reale and NY Slim.
The best Celtic Folk Music award does to the Gypsy Lou Music trio.
The most outstanding Activist Pop Rock with a Touch of Welly Trip-Hop award goes to Ewan Buckley & Public Son.
The award for the best Country Rock Story Telling Mob Tales goes to Bradley Hall and band.
The best Young Guitar Rock Band to Open A Festival Main Day award goes to Ezra Tide.
The award for the best Acoustic Rock Voice and Band award goes to Gathering Heart.
The best Fun Band with a Local Boy award goes to Bughunt (no surprises there).
The Best Dressed Cover Band with Tunes to Sing and Dance award goes to no other than The Flares.
This one was a close call but best All Ages Band That Play Something for Everyone award goes to The Wildcards.
A no brainer here as the award for the Best Musical Director Fronted Hot Trio with a Voice That Makes You Cry award goes to none other than the JimJam Band.
Following up with the best Blues Bad Boy Boogie band award goes to (get your head out of the phone) Stumptown.
A tough call here but the best Classic Singalong Dancealong Cover band award goes to Moonlighters.
A close call but coming in for The Best Young Rock Guitar Trio band award is no other than Troubled Kin.
Back to the roots and the best Hard Rock Community Activity band award goes to non-other than Electric State.
An easy one here as the best Reggie band award goes to The U-Nites.
Another challenging award to decide a winner but the best Alternative Singalong Dancealong Cover band goes to Costal Drift.
The best Original Foot Tapping Groove Rock band award goes to the magnificent 46 Brigade.
We weren’t sure about this award but here goes – best Cover Band to Fall Asleep To award goes to the excellent Chain Reaction.
Another close call here but the best Young Original Indie with an Amazing Voice award goes to those crazy Moth Street Artists.
A special Sunday Morning category here as the Best Music to Drink Coffee Too award goes to Michael Day.
The best Young Uplifting Rock Band award is presented to the Mitchell Martin Band.
The final award finds a tie, so the Best Missed Musical Act award goes to a three way joint presentation of The Dirty Stop Outs, Robert Graham (camping neighbour) and the Steve Hendby band.
Last award round up is for the support staff, So best Festival Volunteer Crew award goes to the Gidgestock Festival Volunteers, best sound stage crew award goes to the SAE Qantum, Ben Axon, Zak Johnson and Nikolai team, best Festival Music Director award is of course Jim, the best Charities to Benefit award finds a joint first place with the Gidgegannup Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade and the Leukaemia Foundation taking pool position, the best Festival Boutique award goes to the Kookaburra team.
Lastly the best Festival Site award goes to Jo and Steve.
As you can see Everyone’s A Winner at the Gidgestock Festival.
Individual performance reviews are available on the Ausland181 Facebook page.
 See Ya Next Year, 

Gidgestock Festival Overview

See Awards

Jo & Steve's Place, Gidgegannup, 08-10 Oct 2021

Young, up and coming Mitch Martin and his Band opened the proceedings. With their accessible guitar pop rock beat tunes they got the feet taping and warmed up the early bird gathering.
With a nine-song set they lifted up flock of onlookers and listeners. Their online hit song “Be Myself” got an airing and got the feet tapping and hips swinging. 
Playing as a four piece (missing keys/guitar) and not the usual five piece they still maintained a full sound.
Kudos for the sound, lights and stage courtesy The Scene.
Full Lineup: Aaron Birch - Lead Guitar, Emma Gushlow - Bass; Mitchell Martin - Vocals and Guitar, William Luo - Keys, Percussion and Backing Vocals and Riley Sutton - Drums.

End of Season – Part 1

Mitchell Martin Band

The Scene, 24 Oct 2021

Maintaining the upbeat bob of the preceding act, a powerful voice with sassy buoyancy got the Scene Shed bouncing and swinging in the preverbal aisles. 
With sharp shooters at her side firing from their musical hips, the five-piece Claudia Tripp fronted country rock outfit were primed and ready. They delivered with style and were greeted with shouting smiles.
A ten song set list featuring seven originals and three hand picked covers they upped the tempo as the sun faded on the horizon.
Claudia’s lastest single, “To Far Gone”, is a pearler so get on board today and give it a spinning download.
Kudos for the sound, lights and stage courtesy The Scene.

End of Season – Part 2

Claudia Tripp

The Scene, 24 Oct 2021

Ashes of Autumn smashed it up at the Scene’s end of season party. Vivacious singer Mel gave it her all in a viciously emotive performance flexing those almighty lungs with a hurricane force intensity. This unit was cooking, driven on by a new drummer, guitars flying in a dangerously low rock formation, sparking musical fires in a hard rock indie heaven.
Ashes steamed in with set opener “Supernova”, a hard hotting rocker. From then on the pace does not slacken on iota with singer Mel giving it all. 
Being personally touched herself, it was a poignant moment was when Mel dedicated “Refuse to Break” to those thinking suicide and letting them know there is another way. This was one of many instances where this five power unit fused into molten tripping sound machine. 
After an immensely strong eleven song set the filled Scene Shed would not let them go. On they came and out came a surprise, with the Bass Man with the Plan taking on vocals for ELO’s “Don’t Bring Me Down”.
An audience favourite judging from the echo sing along resounding in the Shed.
A classic set of hard rocking indi goodness brought to you by those behind The Scene. 
Kudos Gentlemen for sound, lights and stage.

End of Season – Part 3

Ashes of Autumn

The Scene, 24 Oct 2021

Mystic and complex, gentle but solid rock strokes, Skygazer are not your normal three piece. A perfect choice to open this Helloween 2021 gig. They have you on your toes in anticipation, waiting for them to explode in musical wild abandon.
They make you wait, teasing you with complex, almost classic music with a heavy electric feel. Then they launch into space in unexpected moments.
For those of you who expect the unexpected. 
Line-up Daniel Mazzarol - Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Keyboards Mason Tate - Guitar Perry De Gennaro - Drums/Percussion

Bewitched By The Sea – Part 1


Milk Bar, 31 Oct 2021

Back braking heavy rock dipping into a deep blues pool, driven by mad riffs flying on joyful energy fired the night. Heads nodding, hands clapping and whoops of delight set the Milk Bar alight. 
Art of Dysfunction are making a name for themselves with their constant gigging around town and their energetic sets. When a large amount of the after set chat is from the Perth music community you know they have to have something. 
Indeed the wheels maybe in motion to get some product out on release to the wider music loving society.
A four-piece, two guitar, bass and drums formation they are kicking the bubble and ripping the skin.
Line up : Michael Menna - Lead Guitar, Kyle Haydock - bass and Vocals, Ashley Gallop - Rhythm guitar, Royce Mack - Drums

Bewitched By The Sea – Part 2

Art of Dysfunction

Milk Bar, 31 Oct 2021

A classic heavy rock five-piece line up put in an original set of seventies era sounding compositions that sounded fresh and alive. 
A nine-song set list kicked off with some “Voodoo”, but “Priestess” was “Relentless” cutting it down to “Bonemutha”. I had the feeling I was being “Hunted”. With all the “Burning” around, a “Bloodline” developed that led to “Zadiani”. Coming out of the dark the “Wolfy” finished us off.
A feisty singer backed by ready and able musicians Beltane Fire delivered at this Helloween gig”
Line-u[ Soda Lee – Vocals, Danny Krash - Guitar, vocals, Terry Pugh 'Dr. Doom' - Hammond, synth, piano, Lee Cleaver – Drums, Leigh Miller - bass (Jason Argon is currently in the UK)

Bewitched By The Sea – Part 3

Beltane Fire

Milk Bar, 31 Oct 2021

Conjuring up the Good Spirits and Tormented Souls Fiona Horne brought her magick to the Milk Bar. Fronting the forceful four piece that is Seawitch, and down to nine operating fingers, the gypsy witch was mesmerising. This was a vintage hard rocking performance from a seasoned band full of vigor that know how to summon a captivating sound from their essential tools of the trade.
From the compelling opening rock riff of “Initiate” Seawitch demonstrated they are a full force rock love machine. The four opening anthems, taken off the recently released Seawitch EP, were followed by an equal number of similar explosive numbers (“Witch Forever”, “Esbat”, “Force”, “Dark Knight”).
This was an enthralling and powerfully urgent set that made for a Happy Helloween.
Line up: Fiona Horne of Def-FX fame (vocals/guitar),her partner Dave (Spiff) Hopkins, formerly of The Hellmenn (guitar), Brad Miller (bass, 16’s), Matt Hamilton (drums, The Secret Weapon).

Bewitched By The Sea – Part 4


Milk Bar, 31 Oct 2021

Floating in and out of instrumental holdings the multi-talented six piece swinging members of Clove segmented their music offerings with love and affection. The early birds that had gathered accepted their musical contributions and swayed to the gentle musical rhythms.

Head Banging Folk – Part 1


Mojo’s Bar, 19 Nov 2021

Mysterious Frank Fish Tank swam around the Mojo’s stage, pulling at the heart strings with their persuasive country folk musical tales. With tales of folky country flavours they won the gathering mod of musical aficionado’s over, with the hallowed venue responding with spontaneous bursts of applause.

Head Banging Folk – Part 2

Franks Fish Tank

Mojo’s Bar, 19 Nov 2021

Core three piece the Wrecking Train fronted by Lincoln MacKinnon rocked up the airwaves with a more electrified sound. With a female,  fourth member joining on swinging sax it was a rich, full blooded sound spear headed by Lincolns emotive vocals and six string guitar.
Energetic emotions were lifted higher by the frenetic rhythms and Lincoln’s picturesque shapes.

Head Banging Folk – Part 3

Lincoln MacKinnon & the Wrecking Train

Mojo’s Bar, 19 Nov 2021

Resplendent in black Claudia Tripp came out swinging with her four piece band and keep the train rolling. With toe tapping, bubbly rhythms even when singing about heat break and drinking (“I Only Miss You when I’m Drunk”) Claudia’s unit got the full house moving and grooving. 
An eight song set featuring six originals and two choice covers (Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” and Tom Cochrane’s “Life is a Highway”) Claudia’s band were moving at speed, throwing shapes and ripping it up.
With recent release “Too Far Gone” still streaming well. the latest release “Phantom” was giving an airing too.
Make sure you catch Claudia next year or else you’ll be left at the station.

Head Banging Folk – Part 4

Claudia Tripp

Mojo’s Bar, 19 Nov 2021

Starting off his set with deep folk blues soul shaking up the room Dan and bass, drums, second guitar/vocals gun slinger moved the energy up a notch. The deep blues became black and metamorphized into flowing head banging, sweaty rock. The full house got their sweat up and shared the sexy, safe space passion with adrenalin on the rise it was a glorious climatic end to this explosive set.

Head Banging Folk – Part 5

Dan Howls

Mojo’s Bar, 19 Nov 2021

Being my first visit to the Convenients grab and go store I made a purchase at the counter and stepped through the swinging doors into the rabbit warren venue. The stage area is cosy, and with a bar full of cocktail delights, cheerful in the extreme.
Kicking off with the rock photographer’s theme song, Radioheads “Creep”, with the Band of Missfits playing as a three piece I knew I was in the right place. Bassist Lee Matheson taking the duties of vocals on and leading a sublime version.
Being called in at the relative last-minute Band of Missfit’s stepped up, and with “Creep” finishing up lead singer and guitarist Kym Redmond, stepped in to join her band on stage.
Kym flexed her vocal muscles, being amongst the ever-growing band of powerful female rock vocalists Perth has on offer, and fired up with the EP title track “Higher Passage”. Guitarist Jake Bignell was in fine form with dazzling solo’s and ripping riffs. Paul Smith on drums laid down a solid sound. Another six original songs followed (“We Rush”, “Shot Down”, “Nothing At All”, “”Starvation”, “Crickets”, “Oceans”) with their legendary version of “Joellen” being given a run.
Finishing the set with “Empty Valley” and to rapturous applause the Band of Missfits certainly warmed up the growing flock of early birds.

Levitating Elements – Part 1

Band of Missfits

Convenients, 20 Nov 2021

With the Convenients stage area now full, and the audience well and truly warmed up co-headliners Art of Dysfunction kicked in and kicked off with the twisting, turning and pounding version of heavy blues infused head thumping rock.
Being totally immersed in their mad riffs and back breaking solo’s I lost count of the number of songs they consumed. Indeed the song titles flew through my mind and so I have nothing to offer here. Except for the fact a lot of the Perth rock community are waiting for releases to hit the air waves, and the die hards amongst us, are demanding a CD release to whoop and wallop along to.
A.o.D (Kyle-bass, Michael-lead guitar, Asley-Rhythm guitar, Royce-drums)  were having bad ass fun up on stage. At times Michael even astounding Kyle with his rips, while Royce and Kyle got their sweat up driving the sound along. 
Another killer set from these rocking dudes. Miss them at your peril.

Levitating Elements – Part 2

Art of Dysfunction

Convenients, 20 Nov 2021

Playing the last set of the night it was somewhat sad the room had thinned a little. Legacy Alive demand a great respect as their uplifting, heavy metal guitar rock is dynamic, devastating and destructive to the conscious malady of everyday living.
A ten-song set list featured hard chiselled, melodic gems such as “Firefight”, “The Great Unknown” and “Lucid”. This unit was in fine form with lead finger tapping soloist Jacob at his enthusiastic and passionate best. 
This was coming off a long day in the studio with Perth United #2. Also in the studio but not missing a beat was stick twirling Frank bashing the bejesus outta them skins. Curtis was riffing in harmony and taking his solo’s with flair while Owen was pumping the bass like a possessed Pete Way.
New song “Good Ride” was giving an airing and the universe was in harmony as the back row girls with the huge phallic blow up seemed to be getting off to this tune.
“Goodnight” nearly finished us off in style but it was left up “Left Behind” to do the honours.
Keeping the legacy of hard, powerful, guitar rock alive this unit burns up at every gig. Catch them on fire around town while before the summer heat burns out.

Levitating Elements – Part 3

Legacy Alive

Convenients, 20 Nov 2021

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