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Levitating Elements – Part 2

Art of Dysfunction

Convenients, 20 Nov 2021

Levitating Elements – Part 2

With the Convenients stage area now full, and the audience well and truly warmed up co-headliners Art of Dysfunction kicked in and kicked off with the twisting, turning and pounding version of heavy blues infused head thumping rock.
Being totally immersed in their mad riffs and back breaking solo’s I lost count of the number of songs they consumed. Indeed the song titles flew through my mind and so I have nothing to offer here. Except for the fact a lot of the Perth rock community are waiting for releases to hit the air waves, and the die hards amongst us, are demanding a CD release to whoop and wallop along to.
A.o.D (Kyle-bass, Michael-lead guitar, Asley-Rhythm guitar, Royce-drums) were having bad ass fun up on stage. At times Michael even astounding Kyle with his rips, while Royce and Kyle got their sweat up driving the sound along.
Another killer set from these rocking dudes. Miss them at your peril.

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