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Devilskin, Perth Areana, Sun 03 February 2019


Devilskin, Perth Areana, Sun 03 February 2019


Bursting forward, from out to their burrows, the tunnel of Hades, the winding labyrinths of fire, blood and steaming mists of time came the twisted delights of Devilskin.

To get under yours and flay the skin and breaking craniums with their delicious noise evoking the  spirt of the Never Never these boys and girl played the audience like their toys.


With a female powerhouse vocalist, two red beared gremlins but her side and drummer who has sold his soul for the fountain of Youth it was a rampage of pumping metal and grinding chords.


Too easy to say tones of Evanesence hammered and shaped into a to a pumping stomping extreme Celtic Frost but the deathly tones that closed the mesmerising set left me there.


This fiery band of Hellraisers from Land of the Great White Cloud certainly left the gathering throng well and truly warmed up and foaming at the mouth for the main set of the evening.

Hopefully this will not be their last trip over the Tasman.


 Slash with Myles Kenndy and the Conspiritors

There is only one way to describe this night. It was like a Spiritual Experience of the Sixth Dimension, the coming of Gods to walk the lands, the spirit of Hendrix and Zeppelin rekindled, the fire burning bright and conspiring in the night.

With Myles Kennedy’s (Alter Bridge) powerful rock voice and “one of the boys” stage presence leading a tight rock’n’roll machine in the presence of Frank Sidoris (rhythm), Todd Kerns (bass) and Brent Fitz (drums) this “it” lays the foundation for Slash to move and groove as only he can.

It was during the epic, around ten minute but what seemed like an eternal moment that was endless, guitar solo on “Wicked Stone” that Slash transcended into the Flame. My world was shaken as the “Rock Bottom”-esque Micheal Schenker-esque sounds metamorphosed and the Spirit was rekindled.


Having first witnessed Slash with the Gunners in 1987 (Hammersmith Odeon, London) and followed accordingly it was during this moment why the status of Guitar God is bestowed on Saul Hudson.

The set list confirmed Slash’s ability to stand tall and proud as a song writer and musician post Gunner’s with only “Nightrain” being included in a strong, strong, strong slab of molten guitar rock.

A church was built in Perth Arena and the congregation that gathered would have made Bon proud.


There was Sound, Drums, Guitar …. And There Was Rock !!! 

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