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Nannup Music Festival #29 02 to 05 March 2018

Another Nannup festival, a plethora of magnificent artists/bands, workshops, venues and performances, together with what seemed a limitless abundance of musical talent there was something for everyone to discover at the 29th Nannup Festival.


It was impossible to cover every one but here are some of the acts that I was privileged to come across.



                                                                        (click on buttons for review's, pix via Facebook)

Ralway Bell - Amphitheatre, Fri 02  March

Festival Opening Act Rockin It Up Nannup Country Style

 The Maes- Amphitheatre, Fri 02  March

Twisted Folk from The Maes

 Terrah Guymala- Amphitheatre, Fri 02  March

Musical vibes Indigenous style rockin the night waves

 Stevie Jean- Amphitheatre, Fri 02  March

NT Youth flying high with her brand of soul rock and a voice that kicks it skywards

 Wayward Johnson and the Adjustment - Nannup Hotel, Fri 02  March

Wayward Johnson keeping it real and bringing us back to earth with The Adjustment paying country rock’n’roll.

 Timothy Nelson - Tigerville, Sat 03  March

Stellar songwriter Tim Nelson with a plethora of top class musicians turning it on and turning on the Tigerville gathering on a sunny Saturday arvo

 Kallidad - Tigerville, Sat 03  March

Nannup regulars of this decade, purveyors of death flamenco metal whipping up a tornado of good time hip swinging energy in Tigerville pavilion.

 Harry Hookey, Lucky Oceans, David Hyams - Town Hall, Sat 03  March

Acoustic ballad songwriter in bad company but extraordinaire musicians.Acoustic ballad songwriter in bad company but extraordinaire musicians.

 Little Georgia - Town Hall, Sat 03  March

Little Georgia rolled the Town Hall with their energetic folk rock shortened set.

 Jordie Lane - Amphitheatre, Sat 03  March

Jordie Lane prompting new wares in the shape of Glasselland acoustic rock sound scape.

 Swamp Thing - Tigerville, Sat 03  March

Powerful deep swamp blues that reached out and grabbed you by the throat. Rockin blues that got the packed Tigerville to move on down.

 Southern River Band - Tigerville, Sat 03  March

The Southern River band brought their brand of southern country rock’n’roll to the Tigerville with frenetic unstoppable energy.


A packed venue rocked out to SRB and the amazing rip roaring guitar playing skills of Callum Kramer. 

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