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Winter Fest. – Part 4

Ashes of Autumn

Rosemount Hotel, 15 Aug 2021

Winter Fest. – Part 4

Ashes of Autumn are running hot and destroyed the Rosemount with a sharp set that got straight to the point. Kicking off with “Supernova” the steam rolled the gathering who lapped up every droplet.
“Burn” keep the heat up on full. Their energy is overwhelming and with their intensive gigging is reflected in the smoothness of the hard-edged songs. “Minor Issues”, their new single was sixth in the set with “The Time” (new song?), “Refuse to Break” and “The Enemy” being the preceding compositions.
“Shelter” followed on with, I think, “Whispers” finishing the powerful set.
Mel’s vocals were full force thought out and the instrumental unit whipped it hard. Click on the links below for info on the band.

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