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Jetting Out of Covid19 – Part 3

The Superjesus

Railway Hotel, 25 Sep 2021

Jetting Out of Covid19 – Part 3

Jetting into WA to celebrate the twenty-year anniversary of the “Jet Age” by the third night of their wicked WA tour the after burners got switched on.
Led by the Sarah McLeod (vocals, guitar, musical compare, sing-a-long conductor, walkabout tour guide) her irrepressible and unrestrainable energy reverberated with the gathering, unleashing the Great Spirit.
Alongside Sarah, her three amigo’s (Jason-guitar, Travis-drums and long-time left hand man Stuart-bass) together have jelled into a sublime musical groove that delights. Musical rock gems are mined from their collective, fertile minds and sown in the night air.
The harvest was reaped and brought home with the solid fan base receiving the musical offerings with gratitude, benevolence and rapture.
With the “Jet Age” album being played in its entirety in the first set and encore, there was little time left for other classic tracks. “Stick Together” was the stand alone set list number. Surprisingly the Gin Blossoms “Hey Jealousy” was covered. However not a surprise for The Superjesus members as it’s the one cover they all agree to love.
The gathering demanded one more song, and the Superb Superjesus responded with a stinging hot version of “Down Again” that rounded off the gig.
With more jumps that a Mexican Bean fair this show had it all.
With my energy reserves depleted I gave the “Superjesus Mechanise Last Stand” (where Sarah rounds off the show and delights with a fan meet and greet) a miss.
Alas the obligatory Sarah/Superjesus tattoo photo will have to saved for the next time the Superjesus come to town. Let’s hope it’s not too long in the offing.

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