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Levitating Elements – Part 3

Legacy Alive

Convenients, 20 Nov 2021

Levitating Elements – Part 3

Playing the last set of the night it was somewhat sad the room had thinned a little. Legacy Alive demand a great respect as their uplifting, heavy metal guitar rock is dynamic, devastating and destructive to the conscious malady of everyday living.
A ten-song set list featured hard chiselled, melodic gems such as “Firefight”, “The Great Unknown” and “Lucid”. This unit was in fine form with lead finger tapping soloist Jacob at his enthusiastic and passionate best.
This was coming off a long day in the studio with Perth United #2. Also in the studio but not missing a beat was stick twirling Frank bashing the bejesus outta them skins. Curtis was riffing in harmony and taking his solo’s with flair while Owen was pumping the bass like a possessed Pete Way.
New song “Good Ride” was giving an airing and the universe was in harmony as the back row girls with the huge phallic blow up seemed to be getting off to this tune.
“Goodnight” nearly finished us off in style but it was left up “Left Behind” to do the honours.
Keeping the legacy of hard, powerful, guitar rock alive this unit burns up at every gig. Catch them on fire around town while before the summer heat burns out.

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