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Gidgestock Festival Overview

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Jo & Steve's Place, Gidgegannup, 08-10 Oct 2021

Gidgestock Festival Overview

Set against a stunning backdrop the crafted amphitheatre was a stage worthy setting for any artistic band to have the privilege to play.
All artists volunteered to make the journey and play with no pay. And what a diverse, skilful, soulful, rockin’ and boppin’ line up it was.
Kudos to the master mind Musical Director Jim on making the, at times painful selection to present this musical abundance to this gathering of mixed musical fans of all ages.
The band playing times off forty-five minutes, with an on the hour kick-off was perfect. The weather was challenging going from T-shirt & shorts sun during the day to multi layers and bennie at night. However hillside fires to keep you warm at night while the boppin and jiving on the dance floor are also guaranteed to warm the soul. So come weather prepared are the watch words.
Kudos to the stage sound crew team who ensured a magnificent sound and band change overs occurred at all times during the festival.
To pick out musical highlights is such a hard task as all artists were magnificent. So here goes:-
The Duelling Guitars, Captivating Shapes and Deadly Tales award goes to Ashlea Reale and NY Slim.
The best Celtic Folk Music award does to the Gypsy Lou Music trio.
The most outstanding Activist Pop Rock with a Touch of Welly Trip-Hop award goes to Ewan Buckley & Public Son.
The award for the best Country Rock Story Telling Mob Tales goes to Bradley Hall and band.
The best Young Guitar Rock Band to Open A Festival Main Day award goes to Ezra Tide.
The award for the best Acoustic Rock Voice and Band award goes to Gathering Heart.
The best Fun Band with a Local Boy award goes to Bughunt (no surprises there).
The Best Dressed Cover Band with Tunes to Sing and Dance award goes to no other than The Flares.
This one was a close call but best All Ages Band That Play Something for Everyone award goes to The Wildcards.
A no brainer here as the award for the Best Musical Director Fronted Hot Trio with a Voice That Makes You Cry award goes to none other than the JimJam Band.
Following up with the best Blues Bad Boy Boogie band award goes to (get your head out of the phone) Stumptown.
A tough call here but the best Classic Singalong Dancealong Cover band award goes to Moonlighters.
A close call but coming in for The Best Young Rock Guitar Trio band award is no other than Troubled Kin.
Back to the roots and the best Hard Rock Community Activity band award goes to non-other than Electric State.
An easy one here as the best Reggie band award goes to The U-Nites.
Another challenging award to decide a winner but the best Alternative Singalong Dancealong Cover band goes to Costal Drift.
The best Original Foot Tapping Groove Rock band award goes to the magnificent 46 Brigade.
We weren’t sure about this award but here goes – best Cover Band to Fall Asleep To award goes to the excellent Chain Reaction.
Another close call here but the best Young Original Indie with an Amazing Voice award goes to those crazy Moth Street Artists.
A special Sunday Morning category here as the Best Music to Drink Coffee Too award goes to Michael Day.
The best Young Uplifting Rock Band award is presented to the Mitchell Martin Band.
The final award finds a tie, so the Best Missed Musical Act award goes to a three way joint presentation of The Dirty Stop Outs, Robert Graham (camping neighbour) and the Steve Hendby band.
Last award round up is for the support staff, So best Festival Volunteer Crew award goes to the Gidgestock Festival Volunteers, best sound stage crew award goes to the SAE Qantum, Ben Axon, Zak Johnson and Nikolai team, best Festival Music Director award is of course Jim, the best Charities to Benefit award finds a joint first place with the Gidgegannup Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade and the Leukaemia Foundation taking pool position, the best Festival Boutique award goes to the Kookaburra team.
Lastly the best Festival Site award goes to Jo and Steve.
As you can see Everyone’s A Winner at the Gidgestock Festival.
Individual performance reviews are available on the Ausland181 Facebook page.
See Ya Next Year,

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