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Deep Water Sex Position – Part 2

Electric State

Milk Bar, 10 Sep 2021

Deep Water Sex Position – Part 2

The unexpected is always the expected when it comes to the madcap gig adventures of front man Rob.
As well as possessing a mighty pair of lungs and a voice with melody Rob is the preverbal “man on the move” with unrehearsed dance moves that leaves the crowd gasping.
This time Rob picked up the tripod camera of the Hunter Bros film maker extraordinaries and performed a neat two-step Pas de Chat. No holding back Rob was out in the crowd do interviews and sing-a-longs, no one was safe.
Janice the megaphone was brought out in all her glory. Rob even performed The Civic BBQ pack redraw and lucky blue 84, along with Bohemian Crash’s voice, Haylee, were invited up for a megaphone threesome to close out the night.
All backed up by the thunderous rocking of the Electric State band members (Russ, Bill, Paul), including Rob, pumping on anthems such as “Light It Up”, “Fed by the Algorithm” and “Just Blood” to mention a few favourites.
All the was left for me to wonder did I really see Rob Halford’s Head floating in space at some point in the set.

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