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Bewitched By The Sea – Part 2

Art of Dysfunction

Milk Bar, 31 Oct 2021

Bewitched By The Sea – Part 2

Back braking heavy rock dipping into a deep blues pool, driven by mad riffs flying on joyful energy fired the night. Heads nodding, hands clapping and whoops of delight set the Milk Bar alight.
Art of Dysfunction are making a name for themselves with their constant gigging around town and their energetic sets. When a large amount of the after set chat is from the Perth music community you know they have to have something.
Indeed the wheels maybe in motion to get some product out on release to the wider music loving society.
A four-piece, two guitar, bass and drums formation they are kicking the bubble and ripping the skin.
Line up : Michael Menna - Lead Guitar, Kyle Haydock - bass and Vocals, Ashley Gallop - Rhythm guitar, Royce Mack - Drums

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