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Metal DownUnder – Part 3

Icarus Lives

Milk Bar, 02 Apr 2022

With the preceding acts already setting a high benchmark. during their atmospheric intro Icarus Lives appeared to summon up the Heavy Metal Gods and Goddess. They received Their Blessings as the third billing musical unit at the Metal Downunder Gig musical played a rip snorting set.
With their high energy riffing, female lead vocals, furious drumming, melodic speed solo’s and bad ass bass they resonated with a NWOBHM layer foundation supporting eighties thrash peaked by nineties grind and stomping rock of the new century.
Icarus Lives and the full metal package.
Aria Scarlett, twin lead guitar attack of Cameron Michael & Cohen Dennis and the thundering rhythm section of bass player Chris Ayling and drummer Naomi Treacy.

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