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Titans of Rock – Part 3


Port Brewery, 18 Mar 2022

Ballbreaker play Bon Scott era AC/DC with guts, flair and outstanding skill. With a bonnie scot lead singer leading from the front and back, Kath’s vocals are perfect for the job. It’s left up to her mighty musician partners in crime to serve up the sweet rock goods in style.
It’s a perfect package with Krissy (Angus) strutting and flashing mad solo’s. Selina (Malcolm) builds the framework with those rockin riffs and occasionally rip’s.
Jade (Rob, Paul, Mark, Cliff) keeps in tight laying down those lines with Lauren (Colin, Peter, Phil) driving it hard and on time.
With the courtyard of the Port Brewery (formally Railway Hotel) resembling a Rock N Roll casualty ward the fans lapped it up as the High Voltage sounds Walked All Over You.
Special mention must be made of the great sound and light show for all of the bands. But there was more!
At the bequest of those madcap Rockaria Heads, guesting as DJ’s for the night, and leading the chants for more Ballbreaker returned to follow their encore (“Whole Lotta Rosie”) with a epic version of “Highway to Hell” that featured Jon (Black Rose) and Ama (COVIdale) sharing the vocal duties.
Want a night. If you wanted Rock n Roll Blood You Got IT! (just like the real thing Edinburgh 1982, Castle Donnington 1984, Melbourne 1991).

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