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Titans of Rock – Part 2


Port Brewery, 18 Mar 2022

Having previously experienced some of the members of COVIdale in the live and raw, that was enough to entice me to this gig.
With the powerful vocals of Ama (Legs Electric) being by flanked by six string maestro Leon (Ragdoll) and some Big, Bad and Beautiful Bass courtesy Simon (Maverrick Firebird, Psychonaut) I knew this was going to be epic.
And They did not disappoint with the other two members (lead guitar and drums) also being outstanding. In short this was an epic gig with amazing renditions of Whitesnake classics covering the many intonations of Mr Coverdale’s band.
These “Bad Boys” (and Girl) were “Ready n Willing”, and despite “Crying in the Rain”, were begging the gathering to “Give Me All Your Loving”. This was dutifully done but once again they were “A Fool for Your Loving” even if there’s “No Love in the Heart of the City” to be found.
However “Love Ain’t No Stranger” and COVIdale took it “Slow N Easy” as they asked the musical aficionado’s to “Slide It In”. It was a joint case of “Here I Go Again” as we went “Walking in the Shadow of the Blues”. These “Children of the Night” were soon to be on their way and departed into the “Still of the Night”.
If you can leave the 1983 Castle Donnington Cozy Powell drum solo with visiting helicopter (yes I was there) behind in my opinion quite simply the best Whitesnake cover band in Australia, if the not the World – change my mind!
I was blessed to have witnessed Whitesnake on another three occasion (Edinburgh 1984, Melbourne 1994 and 2008) so I can truthfully say, that in my opinion, COVIdale are the Real Deal.

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