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Fond Farewell – Part 2

Bon's Salute

Beaconsfield Hotel, 23 Apr 2022

eaturing a singer with a set of pipes the closest I’ve heard to the legendary Bon Scott tonight’s gig was a bitter-sweet evening as Bon’s Salute brought a final curtain down on a career.
A great selection of Bon era AC/DC classics such as “Livewire”, “It’s a Long Way to the Top”, “The Jack”, “Whole Lotta Rosie and “TNT”.
They even have a Malcolm look alike on rhythm.
Seasoned musicians they played with skill and precision, making their two sets fly past.
The music aficionado’s in attendance reciprocated in kind with the energy waves rebounding. While it was not a packed house as there are Covid19 restrictions in place it was a good turn out for Bon’s Salute Last Stand.
Featuring a couple of guests on drum for a number each they also brought on a young air guitarist who was making all the right moves. Time will tell if he’ll be the next Angus Young or Lemmy Wilson (Melbourne in-joke).
Kudos to the sound and lights bloke who help with the fantastic show. Finally, reignition to the venue and bar staff.
Bon’s Salute may be gone but the Spirit of Live Music Lives On.

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