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Stripper Love Come Down – Part 1

Art of Dysfunction

Charles Hotel, 13 May 2022

The Dysfunctional Ones youthful energy and love of playing shines through in the live environment.
With a two guitar-drums-bass/vocals line-up their interpretation of heavy rock blues delivers a twisted, primeval, toe kicking sound scape. Augmented with back braking solos and fret board action where the owners barley control their fingers here is another up and coming band breaking out in the Perth music scene.
A small but dedicated flock of early birds made in in for the Rock Party kick-off and were respected by lead voice/bass Kyle. They responded by lining stage front.
A perfect way to flush away the #stripperlove come down blues. Word is a debut CD is being recorded with three tracks down. Sounds like another antidote is in the post.
Art of Dysfunction are:
Michael Menna - Lead Guitar
Kyle Haydock - Bass and Vocals
Ashley Gallop - Rhythm guitar
Royce Mack - Drums

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