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Energy Eruption – Part 1

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Milk Bar, 04 Jun 2022

Satisfaction Guaranteed are making a name for themselves with high energy performances that front songs of quality good time rock. Tackling each gig like it’s a headlining stadium show this unit have stars on their shirts and stars in their eyes.
Their singer, and part time keyboard player, is as dynamic as they come. His energetic bounds reminds me of a sprightly Mick Jager delivered with the assuredness of Freddie Mercury. A jumping jack flash who gets around and the puts the combustion into Satisfaction Guarantee’s ostentatious.
But it doesn’t end there, as the blaze is carried through the rip n tear breaks of the clean sounding guitar that explodes. The bass and drums are a law unto themselves as they drive along, building their house of rock.
Hailing from Bunbury catch them when you head south or when they are up in the Big Smoke.
Line up is Ethan Robinson, Tommy Host, Will Gordon and Johnny Rogers but who plays what? Who cares cos they bleed Rock n Roll.

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