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Stripper Love Come Down – Part 4

Electric Mary

Charles Hotel, 13 May 2022

Electric Mary are a composite heart and soul rock band giving it all, giving it hard and playing it fast.
With Rusty’s outstanding rock gnarled and emotive vocals fronting the unit they are a winning machine. The outstanding fret board work of Brett Wood in unison with Pete Robinson dished out pulverising riffs and electric strike solos. Brett changing a string mid-song with the band not missing a beat highlighting the skill level of these seasoned performers.
The bare foot bass drive machine Alex Raunjak binds, pushes and pulls the guitar team. The Man at the Back on the Stix Attack, Spyder, put in one of the most powerful displays of drumming I’ve seen in recent years. With a spot on sound the use of drum fills and integrated percussion was outstanding.
With a twelve song set list drawn from their rich five album/five EP recorded history the music aficionado’s hauled them out for another encore to finish the night.
Returning to Perth after a five year absence Electric Mary put in an outstanding hard rock n roll performance. Their energy drove me in the merch desk where purchases where made to reciprocate the Thanks for blowing off those #stripperlove Come Down Blues.

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