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Titans of Rock – Part 1

Black Rose

Port Brewery, 18 Mar 2022

With their name paying homage to the Gary Moore era Lizzy Black Rose took us on a trip of down memory lane that covered all formations of the legendary Thin Lizzy.
The Brian Roberson/Scott Gorham “Live and Dangerous” classic line up was featured with the opener “Jailbreak” and other numbers dotted around the set list (think Bob Segars “Rosalie”, “Massacre”, “Dancing in the Moonlight”, “Cowboy Song”, “Don’t Believe A Word” and their biggest hit “The Boy Are Back in Town”).
The fledgling trio of Eric Bell, Brian Downey and the Man Himself, Philip Paris Lynott was featured with “The Rocker” and if my memory still holds, a closing encore of “Whiskey in a Jar”.
Phil’s work outside of Lizzy was noted with his collaboration work with Gary Moore, “Out in the Fields” being featured.
The Snowy White line up, complete with Snowy’s walking kicks, appeared with “Chinatown”.
The Gary Moore line up was demonstrated by a sparkling rendition of “Waiting For An Alibi” and, bringing the words to life, “You Can Do Anything”.
The parting line-up of Thin Lizzy that showcased the lighting speed of John Sykes was not left out, with “Cold Sweat” flushing a rush of nostalgia.
Being lucky enough to have witnessed Thin Lizzy on two occasions (the 1981 “Renegade” and 1983 “Thunder and Lighting” tours) I can attest to the fact Black Rose keep the flame of Thin Lizzy alive playing with panache, perfection and Rock N Roll Love.

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