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Energy Eruption – Part 3

The Volcanics

Milk Bar, 04 Jun 2022

The venerable Volcanics exploded with a sixty minute set of hard driving, edgy rock. Propelled by twin guitar sonic riffs by Tommy and Greg the Ledge, the boom blast knocks you against the wall. The kinetic energy of singer Johnny then pulls the audience towards the stage as the heavy and humble bass (Levi) and drums (Alex) crunch starts the semi tribal rock stomp.
With five albums out, stretching back to 2007, there catalogue of music to smash and grab from is a comprehensive expression of their art form.
Tonight’s show revealed The Volcanics are still at the peak of their game as they rocked into the night and left the Milk Bar music aficionado’s happy and sedated until their next fix.
The Volcanics are:-
John Phatouros (vocals)
Alex Megaw (drums)
Tommy Hopkins (guitar)
Levi Caddy (bass)
Greg Hitchcock (guitar)

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