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Stripper Love Come Down – Part 3

Legs Electric

Charles Hotel, 13 May 2022

Legs Electric kicked off their eight-song set with the dark “Sold Ya Soul” and hooked you the excellent fret board work of guitarist Elana. Operating as a four-piece one guitar unit Elana skills shine with her exceptional work.
As they move into the more up tempo numbers the infectious grooves makes you want to move, nod the head and swing the hips.
Ama’s strong vocals and shining persona boost up the energy with Erin (bass) and Kylie (drums) driving them along.
Legs Electric put in another diamond performance/ Another statement to add to the reasoning they are the leading all girl band rock band playing originals in Western Australia.
Winning over fans when and wherever they play Legs Electric will keep on rocking into the sunset.
And what was more the Stipper Love Come Down Blues were kicked out of the Park.
Many thanks to Ama for the pre-gig Mona Lisa Setlist portrait shot.
Legs Electric are Elana (Guitar), Erin (Bass), Kylie (Drums), Ama (vocals).

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