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Roses in Bloom – Part 2

Delilah Rose

Lyrics Underground, 22 Jan 2022

Delilah Rose is back, rolling out her vibrations and vision into the spectrum.
Starting with unexpected, Delilah and her band marched out in formation, masked up and in step. With dancing moves they unveiled themselves for the gathered musical afficionado’s to see them in their musical raw.
Delilah’s band are a mix of long-time collaborators (Nici Bull aka Midnight Francine guitar/backing vocals/rhythms) and a hand picked bass/guitar/drums trio.
The Legs Electric duo of Alana (guitar) and Erin (bass) brought the Rock Star quotient into this country rock set of new compositions from Delilah. With a much seen face (Jess) in the drumming scene on the drum stool this quintet gelled into smooth music machine. A few minor hiccups with Delilah’s tunning box could not knock them off course.
With the gig also being the unveiling of new songs from Delilah’s forthcoming album release it was a privilege to be present. Mention must also be made of the burlesque approach Delilah took to here on successful on-stage costume changes. Bringing her vision into the light.
From the rapturous reception Delilah is on a winner with this foot tapping, hip swinging songs amalgamating into a burlesque undulating country rock show.

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