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Music Machine – Part 3

End of Fashion

Rosemount Hotel, 08 Jan 2022

Never having seen or heard of End of Fashion before I was shocked and startled by then end of the first song. By the end of the set I had entered into a mode of blissful, festive and jubilant discovery.
Being unaware of their reputation the full house demonstrated I was yet again behind the eight ball as this four-piece powered through a gigantic set of high energy rock-pop dancing in the dark quality compositions.
They have an unclassifiable sound but the two guitars/bass/drums/vocals melt and mould into a combination of spontaneous and impulsive musical delight.
Playing a roughly eleven song set with a three song encore End of Fashion rocked, danced, and jived the Rosemount into a sweaty, hot frenzy of prenominal two X chromosomes variety.
Another outstanding Music Machine night from the gift that keeps on giving, Perth’s musician community.

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