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Music Machine – Part 1

Electric State

Rosemount Hotel, 08 Jan 2022

Never to shun the opportunity to play live Electric State if you attended this gig you would find out the reason why.
They are a four-piece unit that have a collection of high energy rock gems that pump it up and rock out. With a nineties sound in the transit lane of “Soundgarden meeting Alice in Chains while having a lemonade with Black Sabbath“ you know to fasten your seatbelt for this musical ride.
With an Ozzy Osbourne madman character on vocals/guitar/megaphone Rob gets out into the crowd conducting roving interviews, on stage megaphone audience forums and cowbell jams while sinuously hammering out top notch rock vocals.
Russ riffs away with infectious, catchy chords and a guitar sound that packages it into a rock boom box. Paul on bass/vocals stamps it out getting the low end bouncing around, while Bill hammers it out tigerishly and tirelessly on the headlining acts kit (the #greenmachine kit is reserved for Electric States top billing gigs – read on).
It's no wonder Electric State won multiple state musical body WAM nominees for various awards. For those in doubt that the words above are a lie the gig photo link below justifies the enthusiasm.
Don’t hesitate to make a date for their debut “Green Machine” CD launch at Amps on 29th Jan.

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