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Early Harvest – Part 3

Ashes of Autumn

Amplifier Bar, 11 Feb 2022

Making a welcome return following some summer storm disruptions Ashes of Autumn erupted like a volcano, delivering their new single, the aptly title “The Time”, as first song in their slot.
The fire had been light and went on to “Burn” with the frenetic rock roaring like a Mount Vesuvius. Five piece stomping guitar rock, fronted by a Pagan like Goddess form, Mel’s powerful vocals summon the Rock Gods and Goddess spirits from near and afar.
Mat’s diligent fretboard work adds deft touches of light and shade with a flick and a twist.
‘Need to Know’ leads into the psychotic, chaotic “Whispers”. The moving “Minor Issues” feds the emotional “Refuse to Break”.
Bryn and Jeremy combine in the rhythm machine with the latest member of the clan, Chris, powering the drum beat into the explosive “Supernova”.
“Enemy” and “Shelter” completed their set to a reception that raised the roof.
Another of the Hot Bands around town Ashes of Autumn burn like Perth’s summer heat.

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