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Electric Storm – Part 5

Electric State

Rosemount Hotel, 06 Dec 21

The band for who venue’s put up barriers to protect the audience were in a mood to party from the get go. Fresh from playing numerous gigs around Perth town their explosive energy, skill and joy is perceptively positive and easily visible, to the eye and ear.
Early on lead singer Rob descended upon me like a Giant Panada, engulfing a field of bamboo vascular bundles. The thought of sanctuary of the photographers pit was breached, lines were crossed, and so were legs, as Rob performed lap dance number one. No where is Safe!
Soon after Rob was out and about interviewing the audience, serenading event promotor, Around the Sounds leader Andrea, from her lap, Then engaging and inducing the gathered musical consorts in sing a longs aplenty.
Electric States indie-alt-rock inspired riffs (Russ), driven along by a buoyant, bubbling Bill on drums and wrapped in a solid effervescent bass lines (Paul) were cooked to perfection .Tender red blood meat dripping with blood and myoglobin, Just like a tasty Frankinator Scatchard BBQ meat plate.
.Electrc State’s “Green Machine” debut CD is already in the bag, so make sure you get along to the launch at Amps on Australia Day weekend and keep the Electric State Team smiling.

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