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Masked Raiders – Part 2

The Wedges

Indi Bar, 21 Jan 2022

After a brief hiatus The Wedges are back in the live environment kicking it out loud and heavy.
As a five member unit these astute musicians fill out the sound with a keyboard/guitar and vocals/guitar duo adding to the bass/drums/guitar lineup. It was also the drummer’s last gig with the band and did not miss a beat.
With no musical boundaries restraining them they stretch from symphony metal to grinding riffs and ripping solo’s. The connecting factor being music to bang your head and shake the hair.
With an enigmatic front person in Molly, the five piece combine musically and make a compelling statement for live rock music. Judging from the audience reaction they are already building a dedicated following.
Check out their web page for up and coming gigs to catch a bit of this special original rock experience.

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