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Green Machine – Part 1

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Amplifier Bar, 29 Jan 2022

Playing a set of original compositions the first band of this evenings proceedings took the Amplifier Bar early bird audience by their tail feathers and shook them around.
With a singer/keyboardist that had as much swagger as Jagger and a guitar shredder licking up the chops it was a dynamic show built on energy. Dare I say this was the Satisfaction duo.
Solid bass and drums tied it all together, under writing the Guarantee.
In total you had this unit living up to their audacious moniker. Even Electric State vocalist Rob Viney was enthused to join them for the last song on mic. This was despite the demonstrations of the security who tried to pull him down.
However other performing band members came to his rescue and talk the Security down leaving Rob and Satisfaction Guaranteed to finish delivering the Goods.
And already the Electric State storm was gathering.

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