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Rock Out – Part 4


The Aardvark, 11 Dec 2021

With the seventies sounding rocking chords of “Initiate” ringing out Seawitch were let loose and off the chain. Led by a gyrating, swinging and pouting Fiona Horne, who seemed to metaphorise back to the nineties, was on song with vocal and whirling moves.
All four tracks from the outstanding debt ep were given a run through with the band sounding good. Unfortunately at some point the demons of technical difficulties stepped in.
Being the professionals they are these were overcome allowing the remaining new compositions to rock out. With the Tony Iommi tones Spiff was bridging the valley while the rampaging bass from Brad dug in the supports leaving Matt to hammer the rivets in.
Fiona’s new hair shone out in the light, leaving it a Dark Night when they bowed out after the closing song. By the resounding cries of the dedicated and new followers they are bound to back.
Line up: Fiona Horne of Def-FX fame (vocals/guitar),her partner Dave (Spiff) Hopkins, formerly of The Hellmenn (guitar), Brad Miller (bass, 16’s), Matt Hamilton (drums, The Secret Weapon).

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