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Early Harvest – Part 2

Art of Dysfunction

Amplifier Bar, 11 Feb 2022

The wicked riffs that Art of Dysfunction create, intimidate, flex, twist and curve are primeval in their virulent groove.
They infect the body and twist the mind with the heavy rock blues intonations.
In an old school four piece formation Kyle leads from the front, kicking those bass runs into shape and growling the vocals like a bear.
Michael cuts and thrusts, ripping and tearing with back breaking solo’s. Galloping the straight and navigating the bends Ashleys feeds the force on rhythm guitar while Royce whacks the kit.
An historic first as A.O.D. played from an eight song set list, deviating at will and where the spirit dictates. Their hard core following appreciating the twisted track.
A hard-hitting band that makes you want to shake and vibrate in unison.

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